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{3; The list’s at-a-glance guide to the jg; highlights oi the iortnight ahead.

THE CLOTHES OFF OOH BACKS is a celebration of Robert Burns in the fortn of a kinetic sculpture; more specifically. in the form of embroidered and painted garments. which hang from a series of washing lines. On display as part ofGlasgow Fair. the exhibition is part of a long-term collaboration between three professional artists Duncan Brown. Sheila Faber and Renee Arnswaldt and a growing number ofconnnunity arts groups. Currently. these include Woodlands Multicultural Centre Elderly Group. Paisley Young Quilters. Govan After-School Group and Barlinnie Prison Arts Project. among others. ‘Literature is for everybody.’ explains Sheila Faber frotn her Paisley base. ‘The washing lines and drying green represent a suitable domestic setting. More than |()() people have contributed their time. energy and materials so far. and we're trying to turn it into a yearly event. It unites us in our differences and celebrates the diversity ofculture within the nation. This is the unique appeal of Burns‘ poetry.‘ So what will all these disparate groups come up with? The answers. my friend. are blowing in the wind. (Andrew Burnet) ,. .y The Clothes (Ii/()ur Bar/ts is at Glasgow (Irt'wtjor t/te Glasgow ' l-‘air l’t'stii'al. l-‘ri l2-Sun 2/ Jul. "

I I Music: T in the Park Without a

_ it doubt this is the biggest musical event ,1 x . j of the year in Scotland. There are over . ~. 9 r ' . .. .4 80 bands playing. from the freshest

"MA Imam“. has” enjoyed the same postopu’p new talent up to tnegastars so famous Fiction career boost as John Travolta, Bruce Willis and m‘" "my ca" remember me '3“ ""‘c

Samuel L. Jackson, even though she was Oscar- tth "IPth <10th t0 the Witter-“hop t0 nominated. lleither ol her subsequent two films - buy it Pint 0t. tttitk- As it‘ that wasn't Beautiful Girls and A Month By The lake - made it to enough there's street theatre. circuses cinema screens in Scotland, and Gus Van Sant’s critically (plural. mind you). a cinema. a huge battered Even Cowgirls Get The Blues didn’t exactly variety or grub and in {am memes so break her into the mainstream. However, in The Truth much ,0 do that two dayS will not be About Cats And Bogs, Thurman has her most accessible enough

role to date, starring as lloelle, a gorgeous model who helps her neighbour Abby woo an English photographer, Cyrano de Bergeraostyle. ‘Abby is very insecure about her appearance, and lloelle is deeply insecure about her

See running order and times. SIraI/tclyde Park. Sal l3/San [4. I Theatre: Sl'lllllllg Souls First play by

mind,’ says Thurman. ‘They exchange these gilts of leading SCOtS Playwright Chris conlidence to each other. Through the process, both ot Hannan to be premiered in his them let go at their unhappiness.’ llothing’s as simple as homeland for years. this final boy'mnts‘flit' anymm’e- (“all Mtitt'lt'rtl'll production by Ian Brown for the The Truth About Cats And Bogs goes on general release Traverse Theatre Company Should be 0"F”19J”" among the theatre's highlights at the


See preview. Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue 23—Sat 27; then at Fringe.

I Music: The Sex Pistols The ‘Filthy Luere’ tour gobs its way into Glasgow. Yes. it‘s a cynical cash-in and they can hardly claim to represent the voice of rebellious youth nowadays but at least they‘ve had twenty years to learn how to play their instruments.

SECC. Glasgow, Tue /6.

I Books: Dog Eat llog Edward Bunker has been a bit of a bad lad for tnost of his life and hopped from reform school to prison with hardly a backwards glance. Still. all his time in the pen left him ample opportunity to feed his voracious appetite for reading and stimulated his own interest in creative writing. His new book is an intense tale of nerve-stretching criminality which could be seen as semi-autobiographical. He also played Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs an mirroring life?

See preview. Dog Eat Dog is published by No Exit Press at £l2.99. The List Is own Alan Morrison will be doing a Q & A with Bunker at the Cameo. Edinburgh. Tue 23. 7pm.

MUCH AOO ABOUT HOTHIHG is one of Shakespeare's most sophisticated comedies. as this picture of London-based theatre Company lllyria goes to show. With a reputation for making the Bands

comedies entertaining. the company specialise in outdoor performance

(though they present M(l('l)(‘lll in a bricks and mortar setting at this year's Edinburgh Fringe). Mllt'll llt/(t. meanwhile. can be seen at Glasgow Fair. where Shakespearian ribaldry will roam free throughout the Green.

Mitt'll Ado About

Nothing is at Glasgoit' Fair: Glasgoit' Green. Tue /6 Jul.

The List 12-25 Jul 1996 a