Royal Lyceum Theatre company I 03"“ Gay Commercial Scene Worker MARKETING ASSISTANT a _ Ehwm _ .x _ AP4 05,885 - 07,625 5ng EnmUSiaStics energeuc and Selftmouvatéd ompany When app'ylng for Gay Men's Health is an exciting, voluntary sector. community based individual to assist in the planning and imp ementation one of the jobs HIV prevention initiative covering Edinburgh and Lothian.The Gay of the marketing strategy for one of Scotland’s leading . C°f“',“°'°"' scene wake" w?" be P‘" °f ‘9'“ wh‘d‘ 9““ a . O . , d advefllsed hate, holistic approach to enpowering and supporting gay men around issues producmg theatre companies. To organise an don’t forget to of “mm, and HWWDS ' ' ' v' n contribute adm‘msuatFFhe group bOflGng ser Ice 21, d , , . th The successful candidate will be a gay/bisexual man with an to the Prows‘on Of an excmng and effecuve Informauon ment'on at You ' appropriate qualification and/or relevant knowledge and experience of SBI’ViCC. Salary: £9,500. saw in The HIV prevention work with gay men. . _ . The person appointed will be expected to support and develop HIV ' . 3 . 4 b . . . . Please,") W730." 0:16.10“, Slmc‘f()':i:: ; 1278"!“ Prevention initiatives on the commercial gay scene in Edinburgh deSC'lP’mn- C 05‘"8 a'eforapp “3“ - )' including recruiting. training and supporting a team of volunteers.

Knowledge of peer education/community development models of working would be an advantage.

G lbisexual men from black/eth ' ' d I Glasgow Sculpture Studios 3 © S A ED) “33:43pm "'C minority groups are encourage

require a part-time

Development Consultant to Jobs Exempt under Section 7 (2)(e) of the Sexual Discrimination Act I975. assist with marketing and Closing Date for applications 26th July I996. rcscqrch' ch‘blc commumcm res Interviews planned for week commencing l2th August I996. bl" “kc.” u.) average one day .u . For application pack write to Itelephone: gjck‘; “‘c 1l'.5 fir1“0l;gfdf;"‘g Are you unemployed or in a rut? as, "we Hm... do a e or app ica an s: . . Fiirtherinl'o l'romGlasgow EH3 "DU Sculpture Studios. 24 . . o . . . Craigmoni Street. Glasgow (320 Jabs ava'lable In AUStralla, If szelpione'o'? 2” 5995' d h | 9BT, This is a readvcniscmcm . you wou i to spea to someone regar ing t is post p ease ask UHItEd States, New Zealand, for: GaryWilson. co-ordinator. on the above telephone number.

and previous applicants need Gay Men's Health seeks to promote equality of opportunity and

"0‘ WW”! Canada, India, all of Europe and quanmmke, many other countries besides.

MIStCIOI’ Pictures I Artistic acts of strange '

COMPOSERS WANTED Work Permits, Visas and Immigration eiilei‘laiiiinenl and film/video shorts sou glil for festival FREE" TUITION TO work under the arranged° Iagol'rilc 7714’ BUNK“ (VII/l Native speaker. experienced uidance of a . . C" 3”" AUEUSI I |—.3 l. Free language teacher. offers classes prgofessionaI film For details send.2 x 25p stamps t0. rehearsal space. Contact Matt in business or conversational composer jobs Abroad, Worldmde House, Broad Street, Esudiélll. nu! (ill/w MW, (0. 3., pm“, Individuals. groups ° Port Ramsgate, Kent, CTI l BNQ. “6 ‘m' WC'CW‘Cd-

telephone 0131 681 1845.

To compose soundtrack

material for short . . I . . “mm” “"“5' “test Lo'i‘i l I A N \'()l.7'l‘ll 'l‘llliA’l‘RlC 523:5 “323%? '" Require a DRAMA WORKER/CO-ORDINATOR Q“ gr W “i M and culminate in a live (FIT. 1 Year contract) Salary £14, 000 . everyflims "1 hem presentation of films and The post entails the setting up and running of a training project for J P'US "WTOPI‘O"e soundtrack music at The unemployed young people. The post holder will be part of a staff team running technique. Queen's Ha"~ Amateur Britain’s lar est and most d namic outh theatre. and non'°'355ica' Closing date 22nd July. Interviews Zarly Auguyst. Car essential. For an information pack please 'ntrOdUCtory course composers of all ages are ieiepnone; 01506 431727.113 above peer is timed by'lhe Nam Lottery Charities Board, 500mm, lasts 6 weeks, starts especially encouraged. . . wed in Juiy. This project is part of the We are also currently recruiting experienced development and Private tuition also education programme of (car owners Preferred) availabIe the Scottish Chamber Previous applicants welcome. Orchestra and The (30 hours p.w. - £240 p.w. + expenses) 13 week and 22 week contracts. Contact 0'3' 445 I390 Queen's Hall. Closing date 22nd July. Interviews 9th August. For inlorrnation pack telephone: 01506 431727 ‘0' further details-

For further details, please send SAE to: Alison I Actress socks Prince or

McDonald, Education Officer. summer/autumn show.

Looking for a career in the exciting world of theatre and the arts?

The queen's Ha" Competent singer and musician. F“ C u Kuhn“ off of cumsma 5, Ed": we ’8 playing age l7-30. Contact ' e o ege, in ' y ers an exciting range we Ruth Close 0 l 796 472 I96. “z, 3 S programmes whether you want to be behind the scenes or -' :35“ 1:2 I ;. 32' 8e. 0 NC Theatre Arts (Techniml) MAJOR FESTIVAL """""" " Y o I-lNCPromotionsandEventlemsemem - HNCAris Admktistradon' FRINGE VENUE 0 HNC/DActingandPexformanoe‘ see k5 - HNDArtsManagement’ , - HND Promotions and Events Management experienced '5'»:th Gate/bar eta” ..................................... .. rwmvmcww .................... .. The A No on on“,

for duration of festival.

St. Brycedale Avenue, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 IEX .29.!!980 °'W°"‘* , ; , r 0800 413280 ' ' . FAX: (01592) “ms

. ‘.. .;.-’

Please contact . 0151 226 6550

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