V I saw you this lovely Monday morning. Hanover Street #37 to Infirmary. Thanks for the light. You: nice guy. short red hair. Me: friendly HWU girl. Were you flirting too? I hope so. Box No U/283/I.

.V I saw you gorgeous dark- haired artist outside National Gallery. Sunday l6/6/96. Me. jeans. while vest. talking to my friend but looking at you. Can I have a closer look? Box No U/283/2.

V I saw you first July I995. after your bold List ad. Happy anniversary you lovely man and thanks for all the fab limes Stu. Box No U/283/3.

V I saw you Cal. Insomnia. Glasgow 2 I/6/96. We met. I smoked your cigs. you bought me coffee and I didn't even get your phone number. Stupid me! Please contact Gill!! Box No U/283/J.

V I saw you Fiona in the Garage (25 June). You wore army top. I refused to smile. The patients may not like me but do you? Write soon. Brian. Box No U/283/5.

V I saw you I l/6/96 Glasgow to Falkirk High. 6.30pm train. You: with friend. wet hair. blue Coloured clothes. tie. Me: with friend. brown hair. not Scottish. heading for Edinburgh. Please write!!! Box No U/283/6.

V I saw you Michael on the underground. Sal IS/6/96. Again Cessnock I7/6/96. I230 as arranged. Can we meet again? Call me. you've got my number. Neil. Box No U/283/7. O I saw you Napier. Sighthill. Lisa-Marie? Blond sweetheart. Me: tanned and attractive. ' similar specs. Hey you know who! Chatted a few times. Usually not shy. bttt you are so sweet. Please write. Box No U/283/8.

V I say! you in Squire's twice. A few Mondays ago then Monday 24th June. Said hello outside. this time your friend asked about Club ‘X'. Next time. let's talk. Box No U/283/9.

V I saw you Brechins bar. I

I5/6/96. Long blonde hair. tartan shorts or was it underwear'.’ Let's meet for dancing and tequila. Box No U/283/l0.

V I saw you sexy. ftnmy bald man. who helped me find my way Kelvingrove Museum. Now help me Iind a way into your uniform. Sexy. lost student. Box No U/283/I l.

V I saw you Glasgow Tank Girl fan. Can we have a beer? Please write soon. Box No U/283/l2. V I saw you in Princes Street. Waterstones and Virgin. ()ne hot afternoon (25/6/96). You: tall. blond. checked shirt. Me: blond. blue shirt. tie. Both carrying Waterstones bags. interested? Box No U/283/I3.

V I saw you in the Canny Man. Saturday 29th June. 8pm. You: blonde in pink and pearls. Me: tall. slim. dark in denim and cord jacket. Let me get you alone. Champagne? Box No U/283/I4.

V I saw you often Cafe Lucia at festival Theatre. with suit and lie. manager material? Me into lithe. enigmatic redheads. Me dark nights and Latino offerings from similar aged boy. Box No U/283/l 5.

V I saw you in Livingston last Sunday evening and gave you a lift to the roundabout. Did you ever find Edinburgh? Box No U/283/l6.

V I saw you delivering The List 27/6/96 in Grassmarket. You: long curly hair. Me: female and curious. not tall. dark and handsome. Box No U/283/l7. V I saw you Mambo Club lS/6/96. You: from Leeds. tall. dark in denim. Me: red dress. Want to dance? Box No U/283/18.

V I saw you outside Yale's. You a barefoot blonde. Me definitely eau de nil. Let's get provincial some time. Box No U/283/l9. V I saw you on a beach in Portugal but that was only in my dreams. Your sweet pea is in love with you always. Be my floppy pig again. Babe. Box No U/283/20.

Edinburgh EH1 115

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the roe LEFT-RAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week.

If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies. but do write

the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.


The List Classified, - 14 High Street or at the coil

350 Sauchiehall Street I GLASGOW o1 2J2 F

V I saw you Insomnia Cafe. 4am. Me girl in red by piano. You tall. dark waiter. mauve T- shirt. beautiful smile. I'd love to know more. Sleepless too? Box No U/283/2 I.

V I saw you Sophie at va. Sorry about the windscreen incident. How about dinner one night and I can explain. Box No U/283/22.

V I saw you Dougie. and fear my Ilaunate's inappropriate telephone manner has put you off. I apologise. for you must think the worst of me . . . I can explain everything. Friendship still possible? K. Box No U/283/23.

V I saw you Me waiting with my rucksack for a bus in Union Street. Aberdeen. You and your guitar passed me by. We smiled and said hi about a month ago now. Box No U/283/2-l.

V I saw you Wed 26/06 approx 7.30pm. You Partick tntderground to Safeway: I'd just been. We smiled. looked. smiled. looked . . . looked. My neck cricked. let's talk. dinner. Chablis? Box No U/283/25.

V I saw you Saturday I5/6/96 in Hanover Street. Me. Ilustered and laden with rhubarb. You said you liked my dress. Box No U/283/26.

V I saw you in Central Station then Argyle Street. 26/6/96 around l0.2()am. You. gorgeous. Lost? Blue shirt. hair tied back. Me. ‘dopey' guy with no traffic sense. Disrupt my equilibrium. Again please. Box No U/283/27.

V I saw you Bay Tree Company. Hanover Street. Tuesday 2nd. lunchtime. You dark. curly hair. carrying mini brown leather suitcase. Me dark jeans. jacket. glasses. You're gorgeous. Fancy a drink? Box No U/283/28.

V I saw you Psychic Centre. Cessnock. I/7/96. You black (?) curly/wavy hair. while cricket jumper. driving white Micra. Me shaven head and heard. Did you hear what you wanted (shells)? What's our future? Box No U/283/29.

V I saw you foxy chick without silver rucksack. Glasgow/ Edinburgh. 7.30am bus. Save money and stay over some time!! Box No U/283/30.

V I saw you Dillons. Argyle Street. 5.40pm. lst July. Long black hair. black shoulder bag. shiny black boots. I saw what book you bought. naughty girl! Let's read it together! Box No U/283/3 I.

V I saw you walking down Union Street. l5/6/96. 4.30pm. You short girl with dark hair. You smiled at me then bummed a tune as you passed. Please get in touch. Box No U/283/32.

V I saw you at Glasgow Airport. 25/6/96. You: lovely Sco‘ish with white paper in your hands. Dr? Me: average dago. Liked my specs. drove me home. We kissed goodbye. Thanks. Box No U/283/33.

V I saw you Kudos. 6/7. Me

fair hair. checked shirt. light jeans. You sat by mirror. we smiled as I bought drink. You left after broken glass!! Don't break my heart. Please write. Box No U/283/35.

V I saw you Club X. 23/6/96. Be-kilted Celt: we discussed our mutual tastes in facial hair and then you disappeared. Drop me a line. Box No U/283/36.

V I saw you Gatwick Airport. Tuesday 2/7/96. 8.50pm. Air UK flight lo'Glasgow. You white shirt. rucksack and picture tube. reading lire/ling Slum/(ml. Me. grey suit. sat in front of you. Let's meet. Coffee? Box No U/283/37.

V I saw you working in ()ddbins. Bruntstield. You dark hair and eyes. Me bubbly girl with Titian locks. Ask me out before I have a drink problem! Box No U/283/38.

Blond (new in town) Scottish origin, European outlook, would like to

meet men and women with a taste for the better things in life. Blond

exterior disguises a pas- sionate dark heart. The new Blond Beer from Caledonian is available on tap in Ryans and The Bailie. Day and night.

V I saw you listening to band outside galleries. Sunday 7th July with friend. You kept looking at me and I wish we‘d talked. Want to go for a drink sometime? Box No U/283/39. V I saw you Cream. 29/06/96. You: checked shirt. hoop earring. Robbie lookalike. Me: picking up bottles. pink shirt. You said ‘hello‘ as l wiped sweat from my face (charming!) What's your name? Answer! Box No U/283/40.

V I saw you We exchanged glances outside Real Foods. Brougham Street. Tollcross. Edinburgh. It was really nice. Let’s really meet. really soon! Box No U/283/4I.

V I saw you Iguana. Sunday night. 7/7/96. The blonde girl near the door with three friends. one a zebra. Lots of eye contact! Me with my Buzz Lightyear frisbee. Box No U/283/42.

V I saw you Craiglockhart Hill. sun bathing. Sunday 16 June. 5.30pm. You in a state of undress. me state of distress (with wee dog). Let's sunbathe together somewhere quieter! Box No U/282/l I.

O I saw you Vicky? Birthday party at the Cabin. Again at Jon‘s party in Partick. We talked then you kissed me goodbye. How about a hello kiss? Box No U/282/12.

V I saw you Cafe Kudos. Monday 10th June. You: wearing glasses. with friend. Me: same. Were you looking? I'd like to meet you properly. Box No U/282/l3.

V I saw you 9.30am Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street train. I3/6/96. You: beautiful girl with long blonde hair. dressed in blue with grey T-shirt (got on at Falkirk?) Me: guy in T-shirt. scruffy. across from you. Box No U/282/ 14.

V I saw you in Edinburgh's Flip. l7th June. You have glasses. short hair. ripped jeans and you bought American mail clothes. We've exchanged glances and I'd like to know more! Box No U/282/IS.

V I saw you Sat 15. 2pmish. Princes Street Gardens. opposite esplanade. You: white shorts. dark hair. Me: shorts. T-shirt. checked shirt around waist. l was waiting for a friend. You were watching me as I looked back walking away. Box No U/282/ 16.

V I saw you sunbathing in the Meadows. 2pm. 16 June. reading The Eagle Has Landed in your spotty bikini - fancy a gamble? Box No U/282/I7.

V I saw you Again! Yes. it's you. Jim. that beautiful polo geezer. You walked passed Cheynes hairdressers on 15.6.96. Did you see me? I hope so: I have an obsession! Box No U/282/l8.

I saw YOU

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