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The New Macs Are Here !

8/1 .ZGb/CD/Modem/L 2 cache

Performa 6320 £1,728.43 mm 8/1.ZGb/CD with 15" display

Power Macintosh 7200/90

8/500/CD £1,291.33 lnclVAY Power Macintosh 8200/ 100 8/1.ZGb/CD £1,702.58 hclVAY PowerBook 5300

8/500 £1,726.08 Incl var PowerBook 5300cs

8/500 £2,172.58 he] var

Wide range of software, accessories and CD-ROMs.

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. so The List r2-25 Jul 1996

media and technology

Wired for work

Hold your calls, switch to voice mail. bleep your bleeper and page your pager. Maybe the modern office has come a gadget too far. says John Henderson.

The drive for increased office efficiency and creativity forges on at a worrying pace. Surel y we all work hard enough as it is‘.’ Not according to technobuffs who. dissatislicd with video conferencing and the humble PC. are busy devising ever more

0n the Btu: The leith’s cheeky ad campaign scores In Cannes

fiendish ways to squeeze rrrore otrt of office-workers. At the Xerox laboratories in Palo Alto. California. there's a security card system that not only lets you through doors. it also tells the boss which part of the building you're in. so he or she knows that your fag break lasted over an hour. And don‘t think you'll be able to dodge their call if you‘re away from your desk. At St. Luke's advertising agency in London. the staff wear portable communicators. Apparently such innovation allows for greater freedom and flexibility in the ‘virtual‘ work place. as no one is tied to a particular physical area. It does seem to be advertising agencies who are pioneering these practices. but as one disgruntled punter recently corrrplairrcd in ad-industry mag ('mrr/uugn. all it really means is that everybody can decarrrp to the pub with an Apple Powerbook and a mobile phone and call it creative.

lrn-Jooks strike gold in Cannes

A Scottish success in Europe'.’ This can't be right. Yet The Leith Agency. Edinburgh. has pulled off a major feat by scooping a gold lion at the 44th Cannes International Advertising Festival for its lrn-Bru ad campaign. Lucie Georgeson. TV production assistant at The Leith. displayed both delight and surprise at the award.

‘We didn‘t enter very rmrch this year because with it being an international festival. a British sense of humour doesn't always come across.‘ she says. ‘It obviously did this year. although it still came as a surprise.‘ So much so that The Leith were only able to be represented by their MD who happened

to be holidaying 40 miles from Cannes.

The agency‘s winning campaign came with a three-part entry of ads carrying the straplines: ‘lrn-Bru keeps me young and beautiful. unlike my daughter"; ‘Run chaps. it's the old lady who drinks lrn-Bru.‘ and the decidedly risque ‘lrn-Bru can't make you pregnant. but it can make you frisky.‘

The project was essentially aimed at our

neighbours down south where lrn-Bru is quaffed in lesser volumes than in Scotland. TV. radio. Tube and bus-stops were all utilised and the hard work has paid off with a glittering prize sitting proudly in the board-room. (Brian Donaldson)

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the lowdown

Games . Web Sites . CD-ROMs

The lastest multimedia releases are reviewed.

Dungeon Keeper (PC CD-ROM £44.99)

At last. a game for those who enjoy watching Jerry swallowed by Tom and Jean-Claude Van Damme beaten to a pulp. The ridiculously delayed Dungeon Keeper is a novel spin-off from traditional dungeon exploration games. and lets you play the bad guy. Having designed the most dastardly labyrinth. your task is to use monsters and traps to thwart the most valiant attempts of any would-be Sir Lancelots. This is a great game. but it‘s hard to hate these characterless knights as nruch as Road Runner. (John Henderson)

Creatures (PC CD-ROM £39.99) Creatures is strange. You get six eggs on a disk. out of which hatch Noms strange dog-like animals. These grow and develop their own ways of behaving. Be nice to them and they‘ll be nice to you. Abuse them. and they can become psychotic. When old enough. they breed. creating Noms with their own behavioural patterns. After several generations. you could end up with the Brady Bunch. or the Addams Family. This is the first use of neural network-style artificial intelligence on a PC. and it‘s too spooky not to have a look at. Cue 'l'rr'r'lig/rr Zone music. (JH)

SFX-CII (Pearson New Entertainment £36.99) Readers of SFX magazine will recognise the blend of sci-fl related reviews. news and features, with the bonus of Kim Newman's ‘personality colurnn' and some poor quality. outdated trailers for Hackers. Judge Dredd and Twelve Monkeys. Using trendy graphics and inter-activity. this adds moving imagery and imitating. looped sound to copious amounts of uneven. sometimes ill-infomred text. Sadly. the confusing interface makes it difl'rcult to find what you want: I spent over an hour tracking down the arbitrarily scattered film clips. Competitiver priced but needs work. (Nigel Floyd)