Oil—MPETITIONS Artificial Eye

Happy birthday to Artificial Eye. They've reached the grand old age of twenty and to celebrate they're giving away twenty copies of their best - videos to one IUCky reader. This is not so much a chance to augment your video collection as to get a whole new one. Needless to say. the movies are all top notch and while we don't have space to list them all. here‘s a few to whet your appetite: Trap Bel/e if Pmrr 'I’m’. the first ever video release N by Artificial Eye; Cyrurm De Berger-rut. the best selling foreign film ever; F urerr'ell Mr Cmrr'ubr'ne'. My Life As A Dog; Three Colours Red and. here‘s one for those afflicted with schoolboy humour. Clerks.

To get yer mitts on the vids answer this:



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price of one to see loel

I i l C Li [TC Coward's arm» sprun- %' t truism“ Julyatoptn. i

illl ‘LlllV "0m brine a con of this '89 along on the night.

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True lforth Tours are offering readers the chance to experience the popular and spooky Mary King’s

Close tour in Edinburgh running from 20 July to 8 September. The first five readers who phone the booking line on 0131 624

Who directed Short Cuts. one of the movies being given away?

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

U.) D III-l D > lull >— I.“ —l < O LL '— I <

Answers on a postcard by Thursday I August. Mark them: EYE COMP, The list, 14 lligh Street, Edinburgh, EH1 TTE.


I- 3-? u.r § . c 5 Electric are releasing what is widely seen as 762.4! ""0""9 a“? MVP” ‘CPPSMV” "i" 93°“ 0 h «‘5: Almodovar's triumphant return to form movie “0'3" 3 "99 Pa" 0‘ "en‘s- m G? 3 on sell-through at £l2.99. A powerful and bitter m '5 5: sweet melodrama combining Almodovar‘s >- S familiar irreverent humour with newer and more E E Z 95’ engrossing themes. The Flower Of My Secret _ RI a as concerns Leo. a secret writer of pulp fiction. and

u- E 8 her battle against the booze and a writer‘s block r. o 35 E from hell. To make matters worse. her husband h m g 3; doesn‘t love her anymore and her friends and . . . . on smut“, 13 July "on "a". “do”. “I 8 E. farnrly are too wrapped up in their own problems to lend any support. .A knrght in shining mama.“ in Edinburgh a“ Glasgow "I" gm 2 : armour rs needed desperately but the one that turns up rs. well. just a little unorthodox. “no” a 'm cannon." “an” as m 0' m. a E We have five copies ofthe vrdeo to grve away to the readers who can answer this: w" La "Ovulation “a.” m “km” W". I .3 Name four other Almodovar films. day. Take this coupon along with you.

Get your answers to us by Friday 26 July. Mark them: FLOWER COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EIIT 1TB.


E l a: : a: E E The Arches Theatre Company in a 5 g : Penguin have just released two debut novels by young writers association With ."W “on is ‘me'ing "’0 a 15 E : that demonstrate the best of new gay fiction. William Sutcliffe‘s “film's {07 the 9"“ 0‘ one to 3“ sea" :3 ’5‘ . New Buy wittin charts the turmoil of Mark and Barry. two sixth 0 case! 5 CPCk'A'an’e 0301’] alum 7'0", 53 m g g : form schoolboys who are desperate to get into somebody. “WONG. Glasgow, 0" a"! day lint" "'9 Show 9"“ z r: : anybody‘s pants. possibly even each other‘s. although neither 0" sunday 21 3"." ("Chilling Ell/33W Brine ""5 _ g : z, y will acknowledge it. Emma Donoghue's novel. Huml. relates the “mo” 0' "’9 “3' along 0" m9 "‘9'". = § : ' story ofa lesbian couple‘s relationship over thirteen years in the _ a g r ,. aftermath ofa fatal car accident. 2‘ a S ‘3: : We have ten copies of each book to give away to the readers 2. z u g : ' who can answer this: 2 “J E What are the dates for the Lesbian and Gay Pride week this year“? a- .E‘ : Let‘s have your answers by Monday 29 July. Address them : PRIOE COMP, The List, one”: c“ on. u” “I”. o, u. “on m. 3 l 14 m9" smmv “WNW”: 5'" "E- ivhole magazine and present it to the relevant hex

office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to


U) r u_J : retiree admission. 9 h E. ' COMPETITiousmniyoneentryperpersenper G g E : competition. If you are entering more than one Q g g g : Monday IS July sees the release of Flux Trux 2 on top dance label. EX P. F /tr.\' Trux I set companion, you mg m "I, on. analogs, but u o ‘g g : the dance floors and the cntrcs‘ keyboards aflame with its superb selection of rare and in” m. gm. M you; m. “up... '4 N 2 g 2 : classic techno tracks. Flux Trux 2 looks likely to do the same. The cream of the current [o'ch 3. may“ to ma any, Cummings x 2 E E : musical. innovators have contributed tracks that are guaranteed to trigger a nerve-frying an op” to a" 0“ mlqu (am up. .9. “18in q E g , adrenalrn rush. The album contarns eighteen gems from artists such as Leftfreld. DJ Hell .IcoMI-nm‘ grim), Io responsibility can he : g 13 g : and the Sabres Of Paradise. We have an exclusive Flux Trax bomber jacket. T-shin. “cum by m (,1qu prizes which cannot be I— E a ‘i : record bag and key ring torch to grve away to the reader who can tell us this: gum.“ in. to unforeseen chemo“. Te x 8 ‘3 ' Name the duo better known as Leftfield. PM... P “3' 0' “Pm! Pm P.“ P m u m = “4 : throenrpetitien Winners, stating which issneis)

d . yo't'rr answerEs‘t'o by mnefiay 3i July. Mark them: FlOX COMP, Tire List, mm n. my".

' g l m g 1 o


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