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An unfeasibly large proportion of Scotland’s p0pulation claims to have seen the early Oasis gigs in Glasgow when the band were so small as to be last on the bill. John Williamson wasn’t there and explains why.

On 31 May WW. I was working behind a bar. braving an onslaught of four totally forgettable bands playing to a smattering of their friends

and a few unfortunates who had wandered in off

the street.

I was at The 13th Note in Glasgow. and by a twist of fate (OK then. work commitments). was not at King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut. where as legend would have it. the rest of the population of Scotland must have been heading.

Why would I have wanted to be there‘.’ There was an equally unappealing four-band bill going on where l was and at least I was being paid for overseeing the general mayhem at the Kazoo Club.

Just for the record. the main attraction at King Tut‘s was l8 Wheeler. with support from Bellshill hopefuls. Boyfriend. who were to turn out to be to Bellshill what Northside were to Madchester. Yep. they were that good.

Fittingly. less than 71) of those who claim to have been at King Tut’s on that fateful night were actually there Creation’s Alan McGee was one of them. along with assorted other Bellshill/Creation legends like The Pastels and Teenage Fanclub.

Getting involved with Boyfriend was one of

the less astute decisions of McGee‘s career. but fortunately for him. the bill was supplemented by a fourth band on the bill. Oasis. The Gallaghers had been invited along by fellow Mancunians. The Sister Lovers. on a vague sort of promise that they could scam a slot on the bill. It was their fourteenth gig. McGee’s


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reaction is well documented and marked the start of the fastest upward trajectory of any British band in the last twenty years.

In January I994. now working with Radio I on Glasgow‘s Sound City ")4. I explain. politely. that a double bill of The Boo Radleys and Oasis was hardly going to call for overtime at TOCTA and the Ticket Centre. Radio 1 book the show into the Tramway regardless.

Fast forward to 7 April 1994. Sound City is in


Industrial Estate.

Central/Clydebank will be directed to park at Haldane Park/Jamestown


full swing and of the eleven shows at Tramway this week. the Oasis gig is one of only two that failed to sell out and is by far the slowest selling of all. The legions of fans who swear blind that they were at the King Tut‘s gig last May seem to have been at home washing their hair this evening.

No Way Sis now pull bigger crowds than the Tramway audience that night. but even so. .lo Whiley’s introduction of Oasis as ‘a band who have the hopes of the entire music world on their shoulders and they wear it well.‘ seemed like unnecessary hyperbole. Oasis equalled a half-empty hall. ridiculous volume and the absolute absence of any stage presence. Then as now. Oasis‘s appeal. both musically and as a phenomenon. completely passed me by.

Remember folks: there is no reason to be proud of being at King Tut's on 31 May 1993 you were. after all. probably there to see Boyfriend. 1 would keep it quiet. Enjoy descending on Balloeh. I won‘t be there. and in five years’ time it will be your turn not to believe me.

.lo/m ll’i/liamson is a music promoter; writer and member of the Bis management team.

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Oasis: the King Tut’s era

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