very Fringcy thing to happen. On one of my alternative tours of the Royal Mile we finished at about 4am. People were trying to give me money and I said that I wasn‘t doing it for the money and to put anything into the hat of a homeless guy who was asleep on the steps of St Giles. They put in about £40 and it just amused me to think of him waking up and shooting off to the nearest offre. And good on him.‘

Arthur Smith is in Fl/lv Years On: The Official His/my ()f The Edinburgh Festival at the

Pleasance. 18—26 Aug (not 22).

Arthur Smith

Mel Half of .S'urrev 's surrealist (hm Mel And Sue.

‘The best things about Edinburgh are our audiences. Mamma‘s Pizza on the Grassrnarket. the Arthur Smith tour and harassing the mime artists. jugglers and fire-eaters on the Mound. The worst things are my fetid plimsolls. when Sue had to go to dental casualty at 7am and the question: “now which ones Mel and which one's Sue?"

Mel And Sue: Planer Pu.s‘.s'_\'ear is at the Please/ice. Edinburgh. l4—3/ Aug (not 27).

Mei (ten) and Sue

The world premiere of INES DE CASTRO. Music and libretto by JAMES MACMILLAN. Performed in English by SCOTTISH OPERA. 23-25 August. ‘no composer has made a greater impact on British music in recent years’ Musical Opinion. 11 - 3 1 Au gu st 19 9 6 .

)ames MacMillan’s first full scale opera, a richly theatrical tale of Prince Pedro, heir to the Portuguese throne and his ill-fated mistress Ines. Be the first to see it, call 0131 225 5756. Edinburgh International Festival, 21 Marlget Street, Edinburgh EH1 18W.

Edinburgh International Festival

(Sunday 11-Saturday 31 August)

Telephone and counter booking: (ll 3| 225 5756. Fax: ()l3l 226 766‘). Email: cif@‘ Internet:

http://ys Tickets available in person from:

Edinburgh International ifesllutl Btu ()flicc. 2| Market Street. Edinburgh EIII IBW;

Ticketline. Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. Edinburgh EH2 2LR.


Ticket information

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

(Sunday 11-Saturday 31 August)

'I‘elephone: ()l3 I 226 5257/(ll3l 226 5259.

Fax: ()l3I 220 4205. Credit card sales: ()I 3| 226 5 I38.


ad mi n «1‘ ed fri n Internet: lrttp://' I'ringe/

Tickets available in person from:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. I80 High Street. Edinburgh EHI IQS;

Waterstone‘s Booksellers.

83 George Street. Edinburgh EH2 3E5; Fringe Club. Teviot Row, Edinburgh EH8 9AL: Gyle Shopping Centre. South Gyle. Edinburgh

EH l2 91X:

Scottish Gas Mobile Information Centre. Princes Street Gardens. Edinburgh EH2 2EL.

Venues also sell tickets for shows at that venue.

Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival

(Sunday 11-Sunday 25 August) Telephone: ()I 3I 228 405 I.

Information hotline: 0| 3| 22‘) 2550.

Fax: ()I3l 22*) 550i.

Credit card sales: 0| 3| 467 8855.

Email: infoQI‘edfrlmI' Internet: http://www.edIilmfestorguk Tickets available in person irom:

Filmhouse Box Office. 88 Lothian Road. Edinburgh EH3 ‘JBZ (from Saturday 27 July).

Or by post from:

Cameo Cinema. 38 Home Street. Edinburgh. EH3 9L2.

Tickets tor the tollowing events are either selling last or sold out. In all cases, returns may be available.


Classical Music &

O era

I ank or Scotland Fireworks Concert Princes Street Gardens. 2‘) Aug.

I Ian Bostridge Queen's Hall. 23 Aug.

I Brahms - Three Piano Concertos Usher Hall. 22 Aug.

I Cleveland Orchestra Usher Hall. 3() Atrg.

I Concerto ltaliano Queen's Hall. I3 Aug.

I The Creation Usher Hall. 25 Aug.

I Elijah Usher Hall. 3| Aug. I Fidelio Usher Ilall. I2 Aug. I Benjamin Frith Queen's Hall. 22 Atrg.

I Ourrelieder Usher Hall.

2 l Aug.

I New York Philharmonic Orchestra Usher Hall. I7/I8 Aug.

I The Opening Concert (RSHO) Usher Hall. I I Aug.

I Orpheo ed Euridice Festival Theatre. re—zo Aug.

I Andras Schitt Queen's Hall. 24/26/3I Aug.

I Bryn TerteI Usher Hall. I5 Attg.

I War Requiem Usher Hall. I‘) Aug.

I Thomas Zehetmair Queen's Hall. l7 Aug.


I Scottish Fiddle Music: The Northern Fiddler Greyfriars Kirk. 27 Aug.

Theatre & Oance I Mark Morris Oance Group Festival Theatre. l2 Aug.

I Orlando Royal Lyceum Theatre. I3/I7/ 21 Aug.


I Beggars’ Opera National Youth Music Theatre. George Square Theatre. l2—2o Aug. I The Bible: The Complete Word Ol God Reduced Shakespeare Company. Assembly Rooms. 9—3I Aug. I Bugsy Malone National Youth Music Theatre. George Square Theatre. l3—26 Aug. I Chinese State Circus The Meadows. 9 Aug—l Sept.

I Oealer’s Choice Royal

National Theatre. Fringe Club.

8—28 Aug.

I Jenny Eclair Pleasarrce. 9—25 Aug; Queen's Hall. 23 Aug.

I Lee Evans Playhouse. 22 Aug.

I Harry Hill Pleasance. 9—25 Aug; Queen’s Hall. 24 Aug. I Sean Hughes Queen‘s Hall.

22/23 Aug.

I Phil Kay Gilded Balloon. l8/l9/2o—3I Aug.

I Ardal O’ Hanlon Gilded Balloon. 9—3l Aug.

I Passioniish Trestle Theatre Company. St Bride's. I2—3l Aug.

I Perrier Pick or The Fringe Award Shows Assembly Rooms. 30/3I Aug.

I Plant Hunter Theatrum Botanicurn. Royal Botanic Gardens. 10-24 Aug.

I Portrait or A Woman Cornrnunicado Theatre Company. Traverse Theatre. I I—3I Aug.

I Greg Proops Pleasance. 8—3I Aug.

I Sex And Jazz And Rock ’n’

Boll Iools Holland. Playhouse.

24/25 Aug. I Top Storey Trestle Theatre Company. St Bride‘s. l4—3I

Aug. I Trainspotting Assembly Rooms. 9—31 Aug.


I Bernardo Bertolucci on Stealing Beauty and The ContonnistABC. 21 Aug. I lick Broomiield on Fetishes Filmhouse. 22 Aug. I Jarvis Cocker and Pedro Bohmanyi on Pulp Videos ABC. r2 Aug.

I A Couch In New York Odeon. 25 Aug.

I David Cronenberg on Crash ABC. l3 Aug.

:70 ee/eéra/e our 999/912 yes/fa (1/, . (1127111195, glaze/f an 0/ a aria/y €12 b



I Oragonheart ()deon. ll Aug.

I Peter Creenaway on The Pillow Book Filmhouse. lo Aug.

I Jude Dominion. I7 Aug; GI'T. I8 Aug: Cameo. 24 Aug. I Michael Stipe introducing Road Movie ABC. to Aug.


The following changes and additions to the International Festival programme have been announced.

I Elijah Usher Hall. 3| Aug. Surgery on his shoulder has forced Sir Charles Mackerras to withdraw from conducting the Festival's closing concert. He is replaced by Paul Daniel. I Haydn Ouartets Sr Cuthbert's Church. 26/27 Aug. The Orlando Quartet have disbanded. and are replaced for these concerts by the Sorrell Quartet (26) and the Keller Quartet (27).

I Oyfirgy Kurtag Usher Hall. 24 Aug. This programme no longer features the Orlando Quartet. Kurtag will now perform his work Samuel Beckett: What Is The Word? with singer Ildiko Monyok. for whom he wrote the piece after she spent seven years recovering her voice after a car accident.

Reg. Charity No.5Cooe69a.

The List 26 Jul-8 Aug I99613