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MIS'I‘ THEATRE (20M |)/\NT mm»: IH‘QIHHU, polund The European Capital for Culture for the year 2000

g 1 mp e1 Based on the short story by Nobel Prize Winner lsaac Bashevis Singer. Performed in English. 5,; ~ from Kantor's , I Cricot Theatre bnngsthe universal human condition to life.

Singer's impassioned narrative art

' . "‘-';., ’r‘lv combine wuththe ,. excellentcast . ‘41,

“Touching, stunning, superb" Chicago Sun 10-31 August - 9pm (21.00)

Moray House Studios, 37 Holyrood Road - Venue 169

'l‘ B NF“ LU D () W'Y

FROM krultuw, polund The City where Art is Religion


A visually stunning production directed by one of Poland’s leading directors. Superb cast delivers an exceptional and unconventional interpretation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

-‘ ‘1 ééyi'r"w.-~ 55%43UfiL-Q‘1

Moray House Studios.

12'25 AugUSt ' 6305"" (1830) 37 Holyrood Road ~ Venue 169


UK ltAth) ) H U T S U L S YEA B ‘, if}; The play isafascinating and

unique insight into the mystic folklore of Hutsul's vibrant musical culture. Presented as a

celebration of a year in the life of a small village in the remote corner of South West Ukraine.

, Moray House Theatre, Canongate/St John's St. - Venue 167

Box Office: 0131 556 0102

GOLDEN (jA'l‘l’) 'I‘H BA’I‘IH) luev, UKRAINE

Fiodor Dostoyevsky's


“Beautiful, heartfelt,

“A privilege to see... what drama is, or

ought to be”


chillingly theatrical”


“Brilliant, unmissable" THE LIST 12-26 August - 6.35pm (18.35)

Hill Street Theatre 0 Hill Street - Venue 1

Off The Herb Productions presents


"II comic genius for the 90’s” The Guardian

"This man has funny bones”


"What ever you do don’t mis

Evening Standard

Thurs 22 Augusta 8pm

\ r3 yr——- .——-. ,-«‘ -»\ \\ a i g. , .r' i. [i’ ‘\ \)i "

2 , tr :1 ,\_ I, .1, t ma

.. ___.(-\', /f._4 _.4 \_./

0131 357 2590

or Fringe Office

0131 225 5138


il‘:l'r ' ll " "I' "'l

till TI Ker-I Pumice: mm:

“The funniestiemale comic Ill Bl‘lllilll tntlay"

Daily Mirror

Winner “club Act [it The Year" British comedy Awards

Willi MARK lAMAlifl



and snecial Guests

Sat 24 Aug 11.3mm! PlilYIllIllSE

013! 557 2590 nit-Insulin 013i 226 5138

The List 26 Jul-8 Aug l99615