Oscar for Best Picture. Coppola's extended I Kids ( 18) (Larry Clark. US. 1995) Leo Si'urliiiiil And The Spanish Cfl'f/ War. Edinburgh: philosopher Antonrtt Artaud are seen tltrouglr the gangster epic looks at the life of tire (‘orleone Fitzpatrick. Jrrstin Pierce. Chloe Sevigny. 93 Filinhouse. eyes of one of his disciples. lrirrtself an aspiring fantin before and after tlte events of the first mins. Photographer (‘lark brirtgs a gritty yet hip I The “Ole (U) (Alexander Mackertdrick. poet who's split between Itis wife and Junkie rttovie. De Niro is superb as the young Vito. approach to his portrait of urban youth UK. 1953) Paul Douglas. Alex MacKenzie. girlfriend. The perforittaitces are top notch. but newly arrived front Sicily and making ltis rrtark overdoscd on sex and drugs. Verbally. btrt not 'I‘nmmy KCJI'IM- 93 "WI-<- A l‘ICh AINI'ICH 1"“ li'l'" " d'i'lollm' PW"! 3"“ WI) I‘il'llall)‘

m lhc Land O,- mc [:rcc; h“. m" Michael “malty “prim. (he mm is 3e bleak as n gels, proves easy fodder for the crew of a Scottish succeeds in pulling off the task it sets itself. (Pacino). now fully corrupted by absoltrte power. as 111V positive Jennie spends a day tracking cargo boat in Mackcndlick's lialittg comedy. Glasgow: (ii-T.

extends ltis crime empire. but at the expense of down arrogant 'virgrn surgeon' Telly. Serious wlticlt lacks some of the sparkle of Wlii'iLv I Nelly Et M. Arnaird ( IS) ((‘Iaudc Satrtet. {3.11in and friends, A rnugntftccnl iceucg arc touched on in an unadofncd fashion. (I‘M/(HT. Glasgow: Fiance. I994) littltllulltlcllc BL‘ill'l. Michel achievement. Iidinburgh: liilitthouse. but rt's tip to its to discuss a way to find the I A "an Called Peter (PG) (Ilertry Koster. I'S. Settault. Jean-Hughes Anglade. 105 rrtins.

I Happy Gilmore ( 12) (Dennis 1)ugait. liS. colunone [-‘n‘c; Adam Smith 1955) Richard Todd. Jean Peters. Marjorie Sairtet's first frlrrt alter (.'ii (bear [in Hft'i'l' is 1996) Adarrt Sattdler. (‘lriistophcr McDonald. I Kiwi" ( l3) (Pen-.- and Bobby [ran-cup US. Rantbeau. ll‘) rrtins. A very rare screening of a artotlter delicate yet complex study of human Jtrlie Bowert. 92 mins. A w ould-be ice hockey 1996) Woody llairelson. Randy Qtiaid, Bill fairly dull biopic on Peter Marshall. the Scottish relationships. A woman irt her twenties. unlucky bro. who cart hit tlte lttrck w itlt explosive lOls‘C. Murray. I IS ittiits. Bowlittg's golden hope Roy CIC'PY'M" “h” became Chaplain I“ [he (IS "I I"“'- '“CCI‘ ‘1 'VII'C‘I "I‘lg""‘“c 3"“ lil'cndmlp firtds himself raising hackles on the golf circuit. 31mm,"(ital-who") logcq rm hand when a Senate. Glasgow: GI-T. blossoms when she takes a job ltelpirtg him write Predictable coins'd)’ Ds'l’lx'd UP ll)’ S‘I'IUIC' " hustle goes badly wrong; seventeen years later. . "II", WM". I Isl lw‘x’d.‘ Allc'l- ['5' ll" "WWW"- ldl‘“ Adm" S'll'll“

C'IC'SM w'” "W ‘lClI'FC “I “"“imlcsl SWIM/U“ he's art alcoholic sleazebag. btrt with Aittislt I995) W00d)’ MIC". Mira Sorvitto. Ilelena I Nikita ( 1b") (Luc Besson. Trance. 1990) Anrte Mg,” I‘m. \pm_m.'.\_ cw' CNW1,mmme Am: mmch lshmacl (Quaid) by his Sidt he}. gm 3 Bonham Carter. ()5 rttirts. Sports writer Lenny l’airllaud, ‘l'cheky Katy-o. Jean-Hughes Anglade. Stiatltclyde: I'('I (‘lydebank chance to win back his self—respect at 3 (Allen) artd his busy art dealer wife (130"th Jeanne More-arr, I I4 mitts. The latest exercise in I "lac" ‘Ocm I 15) (Ken Loach. l'K. 1090) corrtps'titioit irt Reno. Bad taste humour hits at (""15") “(101’1 3 him!- bl” Wl‘C" “‘9 kld Slims IO st) Iislt toslt from (iallic iiiui'vriii Ilessort. Frances McDUIIHiInd. Illiiln ('m. lll'ilsl DMIIII. too many easy targets. arid the gag rate isn't as SIN)“ llnll-SIIaIIJ' high IIIICIIIEC'ICC- dad 80¢“ Parillatid stars as a Junkie waif resurrected from Mai Zetlel'llng. IU.‘ Hill“. “"601 lilililll)‘s "KN fast as the l'art'elly 's debut. Dir/rib Aiiil Dumber. 50311111"? 1011110 I'Cal IIIOIIICI' - a "One-((m-brtgltt her dreary e\rstcncc by the enigmatic Karyo. an respected political frlmattakeis takes on the big Dull, unfunny stuff. General release, hooker artd porn actress (Sorvrno). ()scar- agent for the gov ernment's ntttsl secretive

0m. __ lhc “Tm-"y rmccc m NHHtK-m [rig-tam]. . m mt seduction ( [5) (1mm Dub]. [:3‘ winning Sorvirto is the best thing iii the movie. undercover orgartrstaion. and pretty soon she's a When art Anterrcart lawyer is killed. details l‘)‘)3) Linda liiorentirto. Peter Berg. Bill even if her role is rather dubious. btrt Woody‘s a topitotch assassin. But does this make her arty begin to emerge which are nertlter palatable nor Pullman, ||() mine After double-crossing her bit long irt the tooth for his part. Funny. but a more tultrlled'.’ 1idinbuigh: (‘amco

_ m the view of the Birtislt government husband. stealing some drugs sale cash and little tired. lidinbtirgh: l'ilttlhOllSC. Fife: Adam I North By Northwest (PG) (Alfred Ilitcltcock. suitable for public consumption. Loaclr's lrolrng tip iii a small town. Grade ‘A' bitclt Smith. (S. 1050) ('aiy- (itartt. live Maire Sarrtt. James research Itas revealed some unsavotiry facts Bridget Gregory uses her sexual charms to hire I Mission: Impossible (I’G) (Brian De Palitta. Mason. Martin Landau. rm ittins. Quintessential about Britain's record on civil arid human rights. the naive Mike Swale into a plan that will free US. 1996) Tom Cruise. Jort Voigltt. Eittntanuelle Hitchcock comedy -actrottcr w itlt (it'artt perfect arid he's not keeping them to himself her front her troubles. No one handles polished Beait. I 1() turns. l'nlike tlre fondly remembered as the c\cryday admait pitched into a Edinburgh: l‘ilittltouse. pulp like John (Rt’tl Roi-k Wm!) 1)ahl. artd here TV series w lticlt pushed the rtotion of teamwork ficew heclrng espionage ad\cntttre. wltere

I the Hunchback 0t Notre Barrie (PG) (Gary he's got the added advantage of a deliciously this lavishly produced Hollywood thriller is nobody believes his innocence btrt he finds self- Tr'OUsdale/Kirk Wise. l'S. 1990) With the voices nasty performance front Linda l-‘iorentino as a driven by (‘itrise's solo star power As the only worth arid romance along the way. (‘lassic

of Tortt lltilce. Demi Moore. Kevin Kline. ‘Xl femrtte who's more fatale than nrost. Edinburgh: str|'\ ivor of a hit on his espionage team. he races sequences abound. including the crop-dusting mitts. Young Quasintodo is kept prisoner irt Iiilitthotrse. across the world. setting up double bluffs to routine arid the Mount Rushmore climax. rttcdieval Paris's great cathedral by the evil I A little Princess (PG) (Alfonso (‘traioit. L‘S. tltrsh otrt a ntole. Thcie are a couple of dazzling Brilliant entertarnrrteitt. lidinburgh: ('ameo. Judge l‘rollo. btrt when the beautiful gypsy l‘)‘)5)1ileanoi Bron. Liam (‘unningharrt. Liesel set pieces. but they're padded out by yards of I NOW And Then (PG) (Lesli Linka (ilattet'. I iS, Esmeralda comes on the scene. the boy's heroic Matthews. 07 mins. Young Sara is forced to complicated plot. Slick. but cold, (ieireral 1995) Demi Moore. Melanie (iril't'ith. (‘hrrsuna irrstirtcts save the day. Strong vocal leave her privileged life rtt Irtdia for a New York release. Ricci. 'l‘ltora Bitch. 102 units. I-‘our women meet performances. stunning cityscapes. grand .sortgs girls' boarding school when WW1 breaks out. I Muppet treasure Island (PU) (Brian Henson, alter an a gap of felt years arid remember back to and an expertly mature handling of adult themes things turn for the worst. however. when her t's/t‘tK‘ room 1",“ (UH-y. Km in 1mm,” [3,”), their childhood. w hen art ertrgrttatic headstone make this art instant classic with plenty to say father is reported rttissing-tit-action and. (‘onnolly 102 mitts. Young Jtitt Ilawkirts. along Ilts‘\\age set (ill a cltarrt of events that bonded abOUI "10ml hypocrisy. (iClls'l'ill I‘CICOSC- pettitrless. she is subjected to tltc cruelty of with his friends the (ireat (ioitzo arid Riuo The 1116") [USCIIICIZ “I'm 01 I'CIllills‘ Sluml [3t Mi'

I Janos Md The Giant Peach (1') (Henry scltimlmistres‘s Miss Minchirt. A movie with a Rat go hunting for treasure with (‘aptain I‘lint's l’C'lNIP-M I‘I" III" " 3‘ llmur-‘INIUI- Continuing Selick. US. 1996) Paul Terry. Susan Sarandon. sense of real magic arid love ol storytelling. that map. meeting tip on the way with Long John mentor y piece. Sentimental. but that comes with Simon (‘allow. 7‘) ntins. From the director of is beautifully designed arid intelligently acted. Silver (Curry). arid lioI/ie. Kermit. Miss l’igg ' 1116 WWW)- SIIKIIIIL'IMICI “(100" AM- If"

77’" "WW" 3 77wNix/1mm”lie/Orr Cliff-"mm (‘erttralz MacRobert. et a1 as various Stevenson characters. Faithful to (‘lydcbank

comes a wonderfully colourful adaptation of I long Holidays 01 35 ( IS) (Jaime (’arttino. the book. btrt hilarious irt its extraneous details - I The Passion Of Darkly Noon ( lb’i (Philip Roald DJIII'S INIICII-lm's'd "m's‘l- LIVC aCliU" IOPS Spain. 1975) 107 mins. A family from Barcelona especially iii the opening section this is one thlls‘). I'K/(icrmany. '9‘”) Brendan lama: and tails the story. btrt for the most part. it's frrtt on holiday in rural Spairt irt 1930 are forced to time everyone cart enjoy Hollywood's Ashley Jirdd. Viggo Mortensen. l()l mitts. A times with stop-motion puppets. By ttrrrts funny extend their visit on account of Franco's plundering of British literature, (jeneral release disturbed young man from a wiped-out religious and scary. it stays trite to Dahl‘s surreal and invasion. The conflict is seen front a rttiddle- I My lite With Antonin Artaud ( 18) (Gerard cult is cared for by a beautiful woman iii the whimsical vision. See preview and review. class republican perspective. btit is poignant Mordrllat. Fiance. l903) Sami Frey, Marc Barbe, middle of a forest. btit his confusion over his (icm‘l’al I'Cls'flss'. nonetheless. With the short documentary Julie Jezequel. 90 mitts. The final years of poet- scsual desires leads to madness arid riturder.




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