I HEW PICTURE HOUSE North Street. St Attdrews ()l334 473 509. [0]. Cinema I: Circle £2.30. Stalls £2 (Child/(MP £l.50); Cinenta 2: all seals £2.30. Closed Sunday. except dttrittg school ltolidays. 1. Twister (PG) 6. ISpm (ttot Sun). 7.50pm (Sun ottly). 8.20pm (ttol still).

2. The Hunchback DI Hotre Dame (U) 2.30pm (Fri. Mon. Wed ottly). 6.20pm (itot Sun).

The Cable Guy ( l2) 8pm (Stilt only). 8.25pm (ttol Stilt).

I ROBINS liast Port. l)ttnferntlitte. Programme information: 0l383 623 535. Credit Card booking: ()l 383 624 898

(4— l0ptti). £3 (cottcs £2). No concs Sal evening. Mott. all seals £2.

1. Twister (PG) l2. l5pitt (Itot Stilt). 3pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.

2. The Truth About Cats And Dogs ( t5) 6.30pm. 8.50pm.

The Hunchback Di Hotre Dame (U) noon (ttol Sun). 2. I0pnt. 4. l0pm.

3. Mission: Impossible (PG) I2.3(tpnt (not Sun). 3. l5pm. 6. l5pm. 9pm.


I ARC Titcltlield Street. Kiltttarnock. 0l563 537288. £3.50. Student: £2.70 (Mott—Thurs). Child/()AP: £2.40.

Kingpin ( l2) Fri—Suit: 4.45pm. 9. ISpItt; Mon—Thurs: 3.30pm. 8.40pm.

The Hunchback or Ilotre Dame (U) Fri—Sun: l2. l5pm. 2.30pm. 5pm. 7. I0pttt; Mott—Thurs: l2. l0ptn. 2.20pm. 4.30pm. 6.35pm.

Mission: Impossible (PG) Fri—Sun: l2.05pttt. 2.25pm. 7. l0pitt. 9.35pm: Mott—Thurs: lpttt. 6pm. 8.30pm.

Twister (PG) Fri—Suit: l2. l0ptn. 2.45pm. 6.45pm. 9.30pm; Mott—Thurs: l2. l0pnt. 2.45pm. 5.40pm. 8.30pm.

I EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()ld Coach Road. East Mains. East Kilbride. 0l3552 6|(XX). ID] [if]. £4 (£2 cottcs‘). Secrets And lies ( IS) Fri 26. 8pm. Things To Do In Denver ( l8) Thing I. 8pm.

I KELBURRE Glasgow Road. Paisley. 0l4l 889 36l2. [D]. £3.60 (£2.50 before 6.30pm. all day Mon/Tue attd students all perfs.) Child/()AP £l.60 Family ticket available.

1. Twister (PG) Fri/Sat: 2pm. 5. l5pm. 8.30pm; Sun—Thurs: 2pm. Split. 8pm.

2. The Hunchback DI Notre Dame (U) l.30pttt. 3.50pm. 6.05pm.

Mission: Impossible (PG) 8.10pm.

I MAGNUM Harbourside. Irvine. 0|294 27838I. Restaurant. Bar. [1)] by arrangement. [E]. £ I .90. Cltild/UB40/ OAP 90p.

Twister (PG) 2.30pm. 6pm. 8pm.

I UUEUK Burtts Statue Square. Ayr. 0I426 979 722 (0I292 284 244 Visa/Access. l—7pttt). [D](cittetttas 2. 3 & 4 only). Bar. £3.90 (£2.90 before Split). Child/OAP/Sludent/UB40 £2.90 (£2.30 before Split). Reserved superior seats £4.50 (£3.50 before Split). Saturday lales £4.50. Morning shows £2.30. Monday: £2.30 (superior seals £2.90). Fantin ticket available.

Twister (PG) I0.30attt (ttol Sun). Ipttt. 3.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm. I Ipttt (Sat only). Mission: Imposible (PG ) I. l5pm. 3.45pm. 6. ISpm. 8.45pm. I l.l5pnt (Sat oMy)

The Hunchback Dt Hotre Dame (U) I turn (ttol Sun). l.30pnt. 4pm. 6. l 5pm. The Cable Guy ( l2) 4pm. 6.30pm. 9pm. The Rock ( I5) 8.15pm. ll.l0pnt (Sal only). Muppet Treasure Island not Sun. I lattt. Desperado ( I8) Sat ottly. I l.3()pltt. thNntD)l30mn How And Then (PC) not Stilt. |0.45attt. I UDEUR Townhead Street. llantilton. ()I698 283 802. [l)](cinentas 2 & 3 only). £3.60 attd £3 (Adults before (tpltt/Child/ ()AP/Sltldenl/UB40 £2.(t(l/£2). All seats £2.2()/£|.85. all day Mon. 1. Twister (PG) noon. 2.45pm. 5.30pm. 8. l0pnt. 2.Mkshnflmpmswm(M3)ntumn 2.55pm. 5.35pm. 8. l5pm. 3. The Hunchback Dt Hotre Dame (U) l.l()pttt. 3.35pm. 6pm. The Cable Guy ( I2) 8.25pm. I UCI Clyde Regional Centre. (‘lydehank ()l4l 95l I949 (recorded information: ()l4l 95l 2022). ll)]. .»\ccess/Visa/Atttex booking litte: 0990888 990. 24 hours (service charge 30p per ticket). £4 (£2.75 before 4pm) Child/()Al’: £2.50. TwisterlPG) ll.20am. l.l0pttt. l.50pnt. 3.50pm. 4.30pm. 6.40pm. 7.l0pttt. 9.20pm. 9.50pm. midnight (Fri/Sal only). Rainbow (PG) l2. I0pttt. 2.30pm. The Hunchback Dt Hotre Dame ((1) I l.50ant. l2.30pttt. 2. l0pitt. 2.50pm. 4.35pm. 5. l0pm. 7.30pm. Mission: Impossible (PC) I .3()pltt. 4.10pm. 4.50pm. 6.50pm. 7.40pm (ttot Thurs). 9.30pm. l0.l0pitt. l2.l0attt (Fri/Sat ottly). The Truth About Cats And Dogs ( l5) 4.45pm. 7pm. 9. l0pttt. The Cable Guy ( l2) 2.40pm. 5pm. 7.20pm (not Wed). 9.35pm. Kingpin ( l2) 7. I5pnt. 9.55pm. 12.25am (Fri/Sal only). The Rock ( l5) 3.30pm. (tannin. 9.40pm. I2.30am (Fri/Sat only ). Happy Gilmore ( I2) l.2(lpltt. How And Then (PG ) 2pm. Muppet Treasure Island (U) I laltt. From Dusk Till Dawn ( l8) Fri/Sal only. I2. I 5am. Trainspotting ( l8) 7.30pm (Wed/Thurs only). ll.50pttt (Fri/Sat only). I UCI Olympia Mall. liast Killtride. 0|3552 49622 (recorded information: ()l3552 49699). [D]. Access/Visa/Atttes /S\vitch booking line: ()990 888 990. 24 hours (service charge 35p per ticket). £4 (£2.90 before 4pm). Child/()AP/l '840: £2.50 all day Twister(PGt IIaItt. |.05pttt. |.40pm. 3.45pm. 4.25pm. 6.20pm. 6.30pm. 7.05pm. 9.05pm. 9. I5pnt. 9.40pm. 9.50pm. ll.45pnt (Fri/Sal only). 12. l5altt (Fri/Sat only). The Truth About Cats And Dogs ( l5) l2. l0pnt. 2.30pm. 4.50pm. 7. l5pm. 9.30pm. The Hunchback Di Hotre Dame (U) l|.55attt. l2.25pnt. 2. l0pnt. 2.45pm. 4.30pm. 5.05pm. 7.20pm. The Cable Guy ( I2) I l.3();IIII. I.S(tpnt. 4.05pm. 6.35pm. 8.55pm. ll.30pnt (Fri/Sat only). Kingpin ( l2) 4.20pm. 7pm (Itot Wed). I0pnt. From Dusk Till Dawn ( l8) Fri/Sat only. midnight. Mission: Impossible (PG) I l.()5am. |.30pnt. 4. ISpnt. 6.50pm. 9.25pm. I l.55pnt (Fri/Sat only). The Rock ( I5) 6.45pm. 9.55pm. Muppet Treasure Island (U) I l.40attt. 2pm. Trainspotting ( l8) 7.30pm (W‘d only). I l.50pnt (Fri/Sal only). Babe (U) Sal only. |0.30ant. I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street. Irvine. 0l294 279900. £3.20 (Child £2.20; ()AP Sun—Thurs only £2.20). Family ticket available. The Hunchback DI Hotre Dame (U) 2.40pm (ttot Sun). 7pm (Sun only). 7.30pm (not Stilt). Rainbow (PG) l2.50pnt (ttot Sun). Spttt (Sun only). Trainspotting ( I8 ) Fri/Sal only. 9.30pm.

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Al Pacino

“A definitive achievement... arguably better than

the original"

Derek Malcolm. Tllli (iL':\Rl_)lr\.\

“It’s on my list often

best films ever made" may MAIL

Francis. Ford Coppola’s Masterpiece

Robert De Niro



The Godfather Part |



£3 cover charge,

funky late bar

vibe with dancing to a mish mash of all

types of music

11pm 3am


£7 cover charge.

(look out for dj oscar and his mish mash crowd of djs, on the last thursday of every month.

mcs and music open

full club vibe

with icon funky dj graham wilson now raising

the roof to a capacity crowd

get there early!

saturday £7 cover

house, soul, 70$ beautiful set of

sunday £3 cover.


the apartment is its drinks properly. centre of town and has thrown parties

most of the big bands visited glasgow.

rent the apartment whatever the reason. includes dj and tickets.

the apartment -

glasgow gl 3aj - tel

charge. super talents of bob jeffries. and hip hop to a


again with most drinks only £1.25.

air conditioned. smack bang


23 royal +44 141 221 6381

advice to

witness the bob mixes

happy creatures.

vibe and

a late bar music cool

serves in the for have

stars who


exchange square

The List 261uI-8 Aug I996 33