Collective Expression: Dizzy Gillespie, photographed by Tom Pietraslk, on show at Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema until Thurs 8 Aug


Adrian Wiszniewski ’l’liurs s Aug-«S Sept. lintitled ‘A man tied up in his own composition'. tlns exhibition of new paintings and prints highlights the recent style developments of this esceptional Glasgow artist.

Eduardo PGOIOlZi Thurs .S -\trg S Sept. A major L‘\lilllilltlll tracing five decades ol collage and printing techniques by tltis influential artist.

I TORRARGE GALLERY 29b l)undas Street. 556 6366. Mon~l"ri I lam—6pm; Sat |0.30am—--lpm.

Elizabeth Reid L'ntil Sat 27 Jul. Recent landscape paintings by artist lilizabeth Reid.

Festival Exhibition Mon 5 3i Aug. Paintings by Tom Shanks. Norma Hansell. Bill Wright and Sheana Stephen. I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 228 I404. Mon-Sun I0ain~tnidniglir Sarah Geddes l'litil Sun 28 Jul. Bold. colourful large-scale works by lidinburgh College of Art graduate Sarah (icddes.

I ZYW GALLERY 7 --‘) Hell’s Brae. l)ean Village. 225 382‘). Daily I lam—6pm. Levan Chogoshvili: Paintings From Georgia Fri 2,—3I Aug. The '/.yw's hand over their gallery space to someone outside the family for the first time with the arrival of this prestigious Russian artist. whose work captures the nobility and heritage of historical Georgia.

I GEORGIAN HOUSE 7 Charlotte Square. 225 2 I60. Mon—Sat l0am--5pm: Sun 2~5pm. See how the other half lived in this elegant lXth century New Town dwelling.

I GLADSTGRE'S LAND Lawnmarkct. Royal Mile. 226 5856. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm. A superb example of home life ill I7th century Old Town Edinburgh.

I HUNTLY HOUSE MUSEUM I42 Canongate. 529 4 I43. Mon-Sat l0am—6pm. Free. Packed with historic artefacts. this museum tells the story of Edinburgh's past and its people.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 529 4 l42. Mon-Sun I0am—6pm.

Free. All manner of archive material and old toys relating to childhood through the

I PEOPLE’S STORY I63 Canongate. 529 4057. Mon-Sat l0am—6pm. Free. The sights. sounds arid even smells of

Edinburgh folk from the I8th century onwards.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND 2 Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mort—Sat

l0am—5pm t'l‘ue until Spmi: Stilt noon-5pm.

Art and Design A brand new gallery dedicated to esploritig how arid why items are made. featuring such w tde-ranging exhibits as art lilton John stage suit. a I‘)70s Afghan coat. a ('liarles Rennie Mackintosh bookcase arid a modern oil can transformed into a lamp. There's also the cltance to step back in time and re-live the fasltions. music and pastimes of the l‘)5()s‘. ()(Is. 70s arid 30s.

Pride and Passion: The llational Burns Exhibition Until I5 Sept. The mam cultural event It] the calendar of Robert Burns bi-centcnary celebrations. featuring manuscripts. paintings. artelacts. imagery arid sound.

I l.;ttl_\ Slitll‘K Close. 52‘) 4‘)(ll. Mon-«Sat—6pm. free. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland's most famous writers: Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.



I MUSEUM AND ART GALLERIES Iliin Street. (IIJI 38‘) 3 l 5 l. .\Itlll Sat l0am—5pm.

Discovering Japan t'uul l0 Aug. .-\n esciting new hands-on eshtbttion e\ploring Japanese society. language. art and design.

St Andrews

I CRAWFORD ARTS CENTRE 03 North Street. (H.334 47-1610. Moll Sal |0am—-5pm; Sun 2--5pm.

Island Artists l'ntil IS Aug. Paintings. prints. photographs. ceramics. jewellery and more by artists and cr'al'tspeople from Shetland. ()rkrtey. l.ewis. North l‘rst. Skye. Mull. Coll. Tiree arid Arran.


I SMITH ART GALLERY & MUSEUM l)umbarton Road. 0| 786 47I‘) I 7. Tue -Sat I0.30am--5pm; Still 2 5pm.

Fe: An Exploration Dl Iron Through The Senses Until | Sept. Organised by the British Artists Blacksmiths Association. this major interactive exhibition features work by contemporary artists from around the world.


Lectures are listed by city, then by date.


Raphael Fri 26 Jill. I2.45pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Ken Hay gives a talk. The Musician’s Table Mon 29 Jul. I2.45pm. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Keri Hay looks at this famous work by Picasso.

Sir William Gillies Wed 3| Jttl. l2.45pm. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Frances Fowle looks at the artist's self portrait. Two Paintings by Titian Fri 2 Attg. l2.45pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Siobhan Dougherty gives a talk on the works of Titian.

Barbara Ess Sat 3 Aug. 4.30pm. Stills Gallery. The American photographer talks about her work currently on show at the gallery. with illustrative video and sound recordings.



I TRADDAIR FAIR Sat 3—Sun 4 Aug, 11am—6pm. Traquair llouse, lnnerleithen, Peeblesshire. £9/l25 (USO/£4.50 in advance). 01896 8307857830323. Once again, Traquair House is the setting tor a least at music, storytelling, theatre and other entertainments which make you ieel glad to be alive. lleir oi Insanity are a trapeze group oi renown, whose show is entitled Time In Motion and includes a 16ft sculpture from The Faceless Theatre Company while stilt walking lans can drool at Creature Features. There are the usual assortment of oddities such as the redoubtable Lady Christobel and her butler, Sarah Slater, the tour guide lrom hell and the many guises at The Desperate Men. A new leature this year will be llugh Arts’ mobile mural in which everyone can participate in the creation of a ADDsqlt painting of the event. Musical delights include Savourna Stevenson, the nation’s foremost exponent ol the small harp, will team up with Ann Wood on violin. Christine llydd and Janet Russell perform both acappella and traditional songs on guitar. For those who preler a leap around, six-piece lolksters Durach and the latin-tinged Salsa Celtica

should sate your appetite.

This section gives details of selected events taking place in and around the Central Belt. Events are listed by area and then alphabetically. For this issue, Days Out covers events until September 5 due to the The lists comprehensive coverage ol the Edinburgh Festival. Days Out compiled by Brian Donaldson.


I LET'S GO FLY A KITE Suit 28 Jul. 2—3.30pm. Visitor Centre. Bowhill. Selkirk. L'l. 0|750 22326. An afternoon in among and. no doubt. high up iii the trees retrieving those stylish paper aeroplanes. Materials are provided for you to make your own kite. Just bring along a kid and

a qurd.

I SHEEP AND WOOL DAY Sun 28 Jul. l0.30am—5.30pm. Traquair House. lnnerleithen. ()I896 830785/830323.

I SHEEP WATCH Tue 6 Aug. 2pm. Jedforest Deer and Farm Park. Mervinslaw. Camptown. £2.75 (ii I .65). ()I835 840364. Legend has it that sheep outnumber humans by four to one in the Borders. Spooky. eh'.’ A guided walk through the park. situated 7km south of Jedburgh. will enlighten you as to the life which the furry things lead.

I TRAOUAIR PAIR Sat 3—Sun 4 Aug.

I lam—6pm. Traquair House. lnnerleithen. £9/£5 (£7.50/£4.50 in advance). 0I896 830785/830323. See photo caption.


I DUNDEE WATER FESTIVAL Sat 3 Aug—Sun ll Aug. Various venues/prices. 0I382 434277 or 0|24I 877883. Eight days of fun and frolics. swimming and

splashing and. who knows. maybe a spot of doggy-paddling and diving. All the watery things you can think of are included such as sailing. canoeing. shanty songs. fishing. windsurfing and water- skiing. All that appears to be missing are synchronised swimming labradors. Maybe next year.

I LIVING HISTORY AT CASTLE CAMPBELL Sun 28 Jul. 2.|5pm. Castle Campbell. Dollar. £2 (IL I .25/75p). The Heritage Events Company presents a programme of history. drama and comedy commencing with A Matter affair/r. an account of the religious debates between Mary Queen of Scots and the Calvinist preacher. John Knox. Riur is a comedy depicting guardsmen on the hunt for Jacobite refugees and begins at 3pm. The final piece is 72; Wear The White Cur/rude. starting at 3.45pm and set in April I746 with the action surrounding an irnprisorted rebel and hisjailer as they look to the future.

I SCOTTISH SPCA GALA DAY Sun I8 Aug. I lam—4.30pm. Scone Palace. Perth. £2.50 (50p). 0| 3| 339 0222. As varied an afternoon as you could hope to find all summer. Escapologist Nick Janson will be attempting. and hopefully succeeding. in getting himself loose from a burning rope attached to a high crane while top dog trainer Paul Turnbull will be demonstrating the skills of both himself and his Border Collie. Nap. As ifthat wasn't enough. you can cheer on more canines in the Husky Races or have a stab at abseiling. And all this fun is for a good cause with funds helping the SPCA who last year received over I30.000 calls for


BC The List 26 Jul-8 Aug I996