things to do in your leisure time from cowboy riding to fruit-picking.

I Ellen (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Ellen. Paige and Audrey are shopping for baby gifts for Paige’s sister who has had twins and . . . well it's all terribly complicated but you'll laugh your pants off anyway. I Inside Story: The lady Guns (BBC l ) ‘).3()—l().2()pm. The cameras follow four women who have entered itito the traditional male domain of huntin'. shootin' and fishin'. ‘Shirl the Whirl'. a dynamic blonde in her ()(ls hasjust shot a female deer and her calf. 'Poor babies. but it's a job that has to be done.‘ she sympathises. ‘lt's been a marvellous day.’ I American Gothic (Channel 4)

l()—l lpm. Radio talk show host Melk Kirby approaches Lucas for help in bringing his show to telev isioti. When Lucas refuses to help. Mel vows to ruin him. Meanwhile. a depressed Caleb decides he wants to give Merlyn a second funeral by throwing a party for the dead. I T In The Park (Scottish) ll.35pm»l2.35am. More highlights from the musical event of the year with sets from Beck. Shakespeans Sister. The Prodigy. Teenage Fanclub and Radiohead.


I The Oprah Winirey Show (BBC 2) LIS— I .SSpm. ()prah reveals some very unlikely victims of homelessness in a show entitled ‘Nobody Knows I’m Homeless‘.

I Sir (BBC 3) 7.3()--Xpm. Martin Jarvis. Leo Mc Kern arid Susannah York read extracts from letters sent to The 'linu's. illustrated by newsrcels. stills and headlines. A peturhed Arthur Conan Doyle. complaining about the side-effects of war. wrote: 'Is it not possible to hold in check the vile women who at present prey upon and poison our soldiers in l.ondon.' I The Street (BBC 2) s-s.3t)pm. Ktt‘sly Young travels the highways and byways of Britain sorting out the problems of everyday people. in this episode. she and her team of experts clear tip piles of dog shit from a Herefordshire village. Who said being a TV presenter was glamorous'.’ I Secret History: The Voyage or The St louis (Channel 4) 9— l()pm. Moving documentary about the last ship full of Jewish refugees allowed to leave Nazi Germany and the way in which the western world promptly turned its back on their fate.

I Men Behaving Badly (BBC I)

9.30— IOpm. Gary and Tony bugger up their chances of getting laid yet again. Which isjust as well for the women in their life. Last it) the present series.

I Atletico Particlt (BBC l) l()-—l0.3()pm. Jack is still unsure about whether his wife. Karen. is playing away from home in this Ian Pattison football comedy drama.

I Monty Python’s lite DI Brian (Channel 4) l0—l l.45pm. Banned it) Glasgow. this irreverent comedy about a reluctant messiah whose life has some parallels with that of Christ gets a TV showing.



Responsible for generations of students chanting 'Always look on the bright side of life' constantly.

I Adult Bicki: I’m A Prostitute And Proud DI It (Channel 4) ll.45pm-l2.3()am. More suckers. eager for their fifteen minutes of fame. face an aggressive atid hostile crowd in the all-new. harder- hitting. Ricki Lake human-cannon-fodder show.

I Animated 2: Guns, Sex And Mousetraps (BBC 2) midnight—l2.3()am. Violence and how it is represented is the theme of tonight's three animated films.

I War Walks (BBC 2) 8-8.30an Military historian Richard Holmes takes viewers on a guided tour around the site of the battle of Waterloo.

I Friends (Channel 4) ‘).3()—|()pm. Dramatic developments occur in Ross and Rachel’s relationship. Meanwhile Chandler regrets asking Monica to help him lose weight.

I Chicago Hope (BBC l)<).3()- |(). ISpm. More highly technical operations mixed with heart-w renching drama from the hospital surgeons.

I Takeover TV (Channel 4)

ll.()5—l l.35pm. Adam Buxton presents more camcorder footage of the weird and the wonderful. including the exploits of [)1 Ajax. alternative supermarket pastimes and. well . . . what Friday evening would be complete without Norman Sphincter's talking buttocks. which. this week. are impersonating Chris Evans.

I London Shouting (BBC 2)

ll. IS-l l.5()pm. Alan Parker. Urban Warrior and full-time spartist. gets a show fora spot ofchat. music and reportage on youth culture.

I The White Room (Channel 4) ll.35pm— l 2.40am. Radcliffe's guests tonight include Paul Weller. Suede and Elvis Costello.

I Oasis By The Sea (Scottish) I2.25—l.25an). Get in the mood for the

vv cekend‘s Balloclt activities with this footage of the Manes playing the Southend Cliffs Pavilion it) April |‘)‘)5. I D.D.A. (Channel 4) l2.4()—2.2()am. Examination of 70s punk culture on both sides of the Atlantic. which includes rare and raw footage of the Pistols' US tour.


I ER (Channel 4) 9—9.55pm. Greene and Ross treat a girl with heart problems while Benton tries to save the young victim of a shooting.

I Dancing In The Street (BBC 2)

9. lS—IO. ISpm. By the mid-70s a degree of complacency seemed to have crept into the music industry. Best exemplified by sprawling concept albums. mind-numbing drum solos and bloated. dull FM playlists. middle-aged spread had hit the business and needed to be eradicated. Along comes punk just in time to save the day. sort of. includes interviews with Jonathan Richman of Modern Lovers fame who has just played the central belt.

Merit nedclttte Is your genial host In The White Room , Ghenneid. Fri 26 and Frl 2

.1 i


Eating out: sex and food are two oi the pleasures In Eat Drink Man Woman. Channel 4, Sat 3

I Paul Merton - The Second Series (Channel 4) 9.55—l().30pm. Merton has decided to expand the kiosk into a legal advice centre and cafe. Unfortunately. he seems to be spending tnost of his time talking to a wasp . . . when he's not entertaining King Edward VI) or listening to the Pope ask for planning permission. I Eat Drink Man Woman (Channel 4) l().3()pm-l2.5()am. Sensual art house movie that touches on the relationship between food and sex. From 'l‘aiwanese director Ang Lee who also directed The ll’r't/r/i/tg Banquet and Some xlml .St'lliibi/ilt‘.

I The Blob (Channel 4) 7~8.3()pm. Classic 50s B-movie starring Steve McQueen as a teenager who helps save small-town America from an extraterrestrial invader by using his trusty carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

I Thieves like Us (Channel 4)

I l.|()pm~2.2()ani. Robert Altman's remake of the )949 film. 'I‘ln'v /.fl'(’ liv Night. stars Keith Carradine as a young criminal involved in a doomed romance while he and his seasoned crin) pals carry out a series of bank robberies in Depression America.

I NB (Scottish) 7—7.3()pm. The Scottish arts listings programme details the hip and the happening on the Scottish arts scene. I Classic Gooper (Scottish) 8—8.30pn). Vintage Tommy Cooper footage pulled out of the cupboard for the benefit of all concerned.

I A Big Slice Di Jo Brand (Channel 4)

9— l()pm. Wielding her sense of humour like a cake slice. Brand explains in detail what she'd like to do with Robert Redford. how to make a man feel inferior with a female condom and why the Queen should feel lucky that all she got was an arm around her it) Australia.

I The Maroons (Channel 4) I l—l l.3()pm. The Latin Nig/rlx season continues with this look at the explosive situation in Suriname. where the Maroons. descendants of black slaves. are waging a guerilla war against the government and the Asian multinationals who have environmentally disastrous designs upon their hard-won lands.


I War Dries: Itnocitbaclt (Channel 4) 8-8.30pm. A drama-documentary made by ex-prisoners who have spent a total of twenty-eight extra years in the prison system due to failings in the parole system. This programme is damning in its consideration of the adtninistrative cock- ups which lead to such injustices.

I Benny And Joon (Channel 4) l0.30pm— l 2.25am. Oddball romantic comedy starring Johnny Depp.

I Watching The Detectives (Channel 4) l2.25»- l .2511”). from Sam Spade to Marlowe. the world of the fictional private eye continues to fascinate. but what are the real investigators actually like'.’ This programme focuses oi) Peter Clark as he searches London and the Costa Del Sol for stolen boats worth millions of pounds.

I Ellen (Channel 4) ‘)—‘).3()ptn. lillen inteferes in her friend's love life when she intervenes over a one-night-stand that happened becatlse of a meeting at her bookshop.

I American Gothic (Channel 4)

l()—-l lpn). Sheriff Lucas Buck may have corrupted the local priest. Father Tilden. but he still has to deal with the miraculous activities of the dead Merlyn in her attempts to grab the soul of Caleb.

I T In The Park (Scottish)

l().4()—l |.4()pm. More highlights from the musical bash in Strathclyde Park.


I Top or The Pops (BBC l)7_7.3()pm. The best chart soutids beamed into your living room so that you car) watch the rock star antics of your favourite muso without having to put tip with smelly toilets at a festival.

I How To Get Ahead In Advertising (Channel 4) 10—) l.45pm. Bruce Robinson‘s witty and mordant black satire or) advertising and consumerism stars Richard Ii. Grant as a brilliant advertising executive who grows a boil on his neck that develops into a second talking head. I Adult Ricki (Channel 4)

l l.45pm— 12.30am. The all-new risque Ricki tackles the thorny question of whether or not parents should let their teenage kids have sex at home.

I Steptoe And Son Bide Again (Scottish) I l.l5pm— | .()Sam. More grimy tales of junk and degradation to get the laughter glands going.

I Beavis And Butthead (Channel 4)

l— l .ZSam. It's not big. it's certainly not clever but it is quite funny. sometimes.

Beavte and Butt head like, suck. man. But), huh-huh. huh, etc. channel 4, Thurs B

TD The List 26 Jul-8 Aug I996