5 II A ND Working for equality of opportunity

ARTS SERVICES MANAGER . d . a £1 6,000-21 7,000 B I'm 6 P ABSA. the national association promoting business support for

the arts. is seeking an experienced professional to manage its

An U n sponsorship advisory services to the arts in Scotland. S/he will be

self-motivated. highly organised. computer literate (database and c. p.a. depending on experience and word processing) have excellent communication/presentation

skills and the ability to work as a member ofa small team.

qual'flcaflons GLASGOW For further details and application form send A4 SAE (26p) to

Peggy MacLeod, Director, ABSA Scotland, I 00 Wellington

BBC Scotland Presentation Announcers operate both radio and television continuity mm Glasgow 02 6P8 N0 Manual”, agencies plum

studios and are required to take complete control of the output. In their role as news readers and announcers on BBC Radio Scotland they establish the voice of the station and play an important part in the promotion of its programmes. Assanaregistaedchammo.2uotoiansuwesmbememnloppaunesnw.

Application deadline: 7August: Interviews: 12 & I3 August

Both the radio and the television facilities require self-operating announcers and you

must be able to operate a wide range of production equipment Whils‘ Performing ca'le' often under considerable pressure. An appropriate and versatile microphone voice is a pre-requisite and the ability to write creative and imaginative scripts is essential. You

will also be able to demonstrate an awareness of Presentation‘s role and your own

editorial maturit . , . y We need a studlo engineer for our 24 track

Previous operational experience in eitner television or radio is desirable. analogue, digital, midi recording Studio. Announcers usually begin their training on radio, but may be expected to progress to television continuity in due course. The job involves weekend working and unsociable Ideally a “clubhead” (3.3, into house, hours on shifts and may be offered on a 12 month contract basis. hiphop techno jungle RnB swing etc

For further information and an application form send an S.A.E. (quote ref. and a working knowledge Of either AKAI 22163/GR) to Personnel Manager Radio, Room 4133, BBC Scotland, or ROLAND SAMPLERS along with QBASE Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow 612 806. Application forms to be PROGRAMMING

{chimed by August 8th. j

Please send your details to:

F t' I Wanderlust Productions: c/o Mstar Ltd, es I MiSl’S 985m“! in Mum" 4 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, EH1 311‘ Applications are invited lrom photographers or artists whose I Artistic acts of strange Work is Phom'rCli‘lCd l‘" 1‘ 9'” entertainment and film/video _ month residency to take place shorts sougm {Or festival 3.1;. E's-1'“ during November I996. Further favourite T/u, Bung” Club

I information by telephone or cabaret. August 1 l_3 |_ Free letter from the European and

rehearsal space. Contact Matt

International Unit. l2 St Giles Rudkin‘ 0", Ohm, MW. 013' 'I'h ' ° ' Street. Edinburgh. Tel: ()l3l 556 53()4_ e LlSt ls currently IOOklng for 469 3825. Applicants should be ' ' ° living and/or working in mouvated people to J01“ our Edinburgh. The deadline for street selling team this Festival. WWI" 0‘ “PP'K‘NW‘S.” 3' If f August I996. This pl'OjL‘Cl is part of twinning links between you eel tl:lat you have Edinburgh and Munich and is the enthuSIasm to sell developed between the City of . . . Edinburgh Council's European The Llst durlng [he Edlnburgh and International Unit. City Art F , a1 . b J l . . Centre. Arts Outreach and estlv wnte u 1v1n a Fotot‘cis. d t. t l I); y E t g I Administrator and stage I Artistic acts required of all a 11116 e 6 one [111m er 0: management required for two varieties for the popular Fringe y p Glasgow to West End of events The Jam Packed Employe's are Th. “3t Festival Sal” Tm, London tours by new theatre Culmrers. Aug l6 and 23. becoming lflcmaSlngly company. End August-mid Contact Nicky Griffiths. 013! m. “8" December. High-Doh Theatre. 669 8432. Craigmillar Arts aware the bes‘ 14 "I'll Street, 30 Glasgow Street. Glasgow Centre. Expe:ses paid. applications Edlnhutglt C II! 81R. I Jugglers, runners dancers. a“ 1m I Auditions for the Festival human mannequins. fire receive lend m come all . l Fringe play. Dead Serious are dancers. and all types of from readers 0' or c .. now being held. Call Ol3l 556 entertainers required for. one-off Mlno on ' 0575 for Information. , club night. early September. Tel: me L’s! 013i 556 0697.


82 The List 26 Jul-8 Aug 1996