V I saw you as defittite pedestal material . . . cart I polish your alabaster“? Please supply map references for rendezvous. Box No U/284/l.

V I saw you at Luvely. You wearing Dunfermline colours. Dougie. I thitik? Small friend Colin. I sucked your lolly atid want to suck sotne more. Get in touch. Bimbo. xxxx. Box No U/284/2.

V I saw you Mr Bearded. while linen jacket. briefly on 6/7/96. atn. no 5/5l bus Edinburgh. We both had tortoiseshell glasses and smiled. Please reply. Mr Green Linen Trousers. Box No U/28-i/3.

V I saw you Cleopatra's. 8/7/96. You were tall . . . loo tall? I was shy . . . too shy! You: white T-shirt. check trousers. gorgeous dark hair. Me: petite. blond Ittst for life? Box No U/284/4.

V I saw you in Eden: You play bouzouki iii Tusitala. That gorgeous smile of yours sent me onto Cloud Nine. Will you join me? Could be a match made in heaven . . . Box No U/28-i/5.

V I saw you Delmonica's. ll/7. 6pm-ish. You blond hair and musician. We've spoken before but it was enforced. Let's talk again over Chablis? You suit black jeans. Nx. Box No U/284/6.

V I saw you Sick Boy lookalike iii my dream last night. we shared a steamy bath. Are you out there Sick Boy? Make my dream come true. this girl really wants you! Box No U/284/7.

O I saw you David from Inverness. chatted in Subway. I2/7/96 about Hibs. sport! Sorry for my behaviour/ misunderstanding I‘ve regretted it ever since. Contact me and I‘ll give you game golf! Martine (blonde). Box No U/284/8.

V I saw you I2 July afternoon. Next cafe. I asked you about the castle. You asked tne ifl was tourist. Can we meet again soon? Box No U/284/9.

V I saw you ‘Australian girl‘ waiting for a friend. I was painting. we talked briefly. Your friend arrived. you left. haven't seen you since. Wanted to meet you again if possible! Box No U/284/I0.

V I saw you often working ili Marchmonl newsagents. Me: short hair. with shares in Strathmore Water and Diet Coke. You: short hair. smiley eyes. never questioning my obsession please do! Box No U/284/I l.

V I saw you Elizabeth and Duncan’s wedding. You. stunning blonde itt cream dress. Me. kilted geek iti dark glasses. Please write. Box No U/28J/I2. V I saw you at T iii the Park. l3/I4 July. Wishaw boys: John. Andy. Kenny. Derek etc. etc Let's meet again! “Top Hat' and Alison. Box No U/28-l/l3.

V I saw you after the BBQ. Friday 5/7/96. You didn't like my shoes. but I liked your humour. I said I'd call. but don‘t have your number. Yet? Box No U/284/l4.

V I saw you ileecy. combat. outdoor man reading philosophy on Glasgow—Edinburgh train. Me - alternative. attractive commuter. Let‘s escape the rat- race together or have you already escaped“? Box No U/284/l 5.

V I saw you Legend at Strathclyde Park. Cafe Gandolft. Aleiki. Corfu. looking sexy. Can't wait to see you on the beach. You know where?!! Love Horny. x. Box No U/284/I6.

V I saw you ages ago in the CCA bar. You blond (wig?) male (just) and gorgeous. Me. ‘swinging both ways‘. Dinner. dancing. date? Oh yeh. you were distributing flyers. And lit my darkness. Box No U/284/I7.

V I saw you wavy Davie. Be my knight in shining armour. You looked like a giant to me iii Kelvingrove Museum. Bridget the midget? Box No U/284/I8.

V I saw you (and more) under a tree near C hating Cross. Sunday 30/6/96. You English. tne drunk. we kissed and I walked you to where you stayed. Can we meet? Box No U/284/I9.

To REPLY To A Box NUMBER ALL You HAVE ro no is noonsss YOUR LETTER to:

The list Classified, 14 High Street or at the coil

Edinburgh EH1 1'I'E

350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW Gt 2.]!

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the 80x IIutnber cleerty In the TOP [EH-twin contra.

, Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies. but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

V I saw you serving at One Devonshire Gardens. You: gorgeous male with pea coloured tie. Me: gorgeous female with brown glass eye. Let's flamenco on the fire place. Arrivedeci! Box No U/284/20. V I saw you making enquiries

at the Stevie (6. l5. 4/7/96). You:

petite. dark hair. blue jeans. navy jacket. white top. Me: red shirt. navy jeans. talking outside. Want my timetable too? Box No U/28-l/2 l.

V I saw you quite often behind Filmhouse bar. You. guy. skinhead. great Northern accent. Fancy a drink? From another gtty. Box No U/28-I/22.

V I saw you Princes St Gardens. 20/7/96. reading (ice/t Lure - denim shirt. dreads. smiley. I was the shy blotid sitting uphill of you. Were those smiles for me? Box No U/284/23.

V I saw you at T iii the Park. Stuart. you lent me your shoulders for Radiohead and told me to get III touch. but left with a girl your sister. maybe. I need to know. Box No U/284/24.

. I saw you T in the Park. You've cut your hair Dave. bill

you still make my tummy funny.

C.T. Box No U/284/25.

V I saw you drinking outside the Watershed. St Stephen Street. Saturday 20 Aug. Foxy. tall babe in red top. black skirt. dark hair. Tell tne that wasn't your boyfriend. Box No U/284/26.

Deliciously schizo- phrenic ice cool Blond would like to meet anyone prepared to challenge the conventional. I'm a true Scottish character with a decidedly continental

outlook. The new Blond Beer from Caledonian is available on tap in the Railway Inn and the Brewery Tap. Day and Night.

O I saw you this lovely Monday

morning. Hanover Street #37 to Infirmary. Thanks for the light. You: nice guy. short red hair. Me: friendly HWU girl. Were you flirting too? I hope so. Box No U/283/ I.

V I saw you gorgeous dark- haired artist outside National Gallery. Sunday l6/6/96. Me. jeans. white vest. talking to my friend but looking at you. Can I have a closer look? Box No U/283/2.

'0 I saw you first July I995. after your bold List ad. Happy anniversary you lovely man and thanks for all the fab times Stu. Box No U/283/3.

V I saw you Cal. Insomnia. Glasgow 2 l/6/96. We met. I smoked your cigs. you bought tne coffee and I didn‘t even get your phone number. Stupid me! Please contact Gilli! Box No U/283/4.

O I saw you Vinita in the Garage (25 June). You wore artny top. I refused to smile. The patients tnay not like me bttt do you? Write soon. Brian. Box No [7283/5

V I saw you I l/6/96 Glasgow to Falkit'k High. 6.30pm train. You: with friend. wet hair. blue coloured clothes. tie. Me: with friend. brown hair. not Scottish. heading for Edinburgh. Please write!!! Box No lV2b‘3/6.

V I saw you Michael oil the underground. Sat l5/6/96. Again (‘essnock I7/6/96. I250 as arranged. ('an \\ e meet again? Call me. youwe got my number. Nell. Bos .\'o [7283/7 V I saw you Napier. Sighthill. Lisa-Marie'.’ Blond sweetheart. Me: tanned and attractive. similar specs. lley you know who! Chatted a few times. lisually liol shy. bill you are so sweet. Please write. Box No Il/2XS/S.

V I saw you III Squire's . twice. A few Mondays ago then Monday 24th June. Said hello outside. this time your friend asked about (‘Itib 'X'. Next time. let's talk. Box No [7283/9

0 I saw you lireehitts bar. l5/6/96. l.ong blonde hair. tartan shorts ~- or was it underwear"? l.et's meet for dancing and tequila. Box No [9283/10.

V I saw you sexy. funny bald man. who helped me find my way Kelvingrove Museum. Now help me find a way itito your uniform. Sexy. lost student. Box No l_,’/2S3/l l.

V I saw you Glasgow Tank Girl fail. Can we have a beer? Please write soon. Box No U/283/l2. O I saw you in Princes Street. Waterstones atid Virgin. ()ne hot afternoon (35/6/96). You: tall. blottd. checked shirt. Me: blond. blue shirt. tie. Both carrying \‘v'aterstones bags. interested? Box No U/283/l3.


V I saw you III the Canny Man. Saturday 29th June. 8pm. You: blonde in pink and pearls. Me: tall. slitn. dark iii denim and cord jacket. Let tne get you alone. Champagne? Box No U/283/l4.

V I saw you often Cafe Lucia at festival Theatre. with suit and tie. manager material? Me into lithe. enigtnatic redheads. Me dark nights arid Latino offerings from similar aged boy. Box No I'l2‘i3/l 5.

V I saw you ill Livingston last Sunday evening and gave you a lift to the roundabout. Did you es er find lidinburgh'.’ Box No Il/ZSR/lo.

V I saw you delivering The List 27/6/96 III Grassmarket. Yott: long curly hair. Me: female arid curious. not tall. dark aitd handsome. Box No U/283/l7.

V I saw you Matnbo Club 15/6/96. You: from Leeds. tall. dark in denim. Me: red dress. Want to dance? Box No LYNN/IX.

0 I saw you outside Yale's. You a barefoot blonde. Me definitely eau de nil. Let's get provincial sometime. Box No U/283/l9.

V I saw you on a beach in Portugal bill that was only ili my dreams. Your sweet pea is in love with you always. Be my floppy pig again. Babe. Box No U/283/2i).

V I saw you Insomnia Cafe.

4am. Me girl ili red by piano.

You tall. dark waiter. tnauve T-

shirt. beautiful smile. I'd love to

know more. Sleepless too? Box -l’/283/2 l.

O I saw you Sophie at va. Sorry about the windscreett incident. How about dinner one night and I can explain. Box No 17/281/22

V I saw you Dougie. atid fear my llattnate's inappropriate telephone tnanner has put you off. I apologise. for you tnust think the worst of me . . . I can explain everything. Friendship still possible? K. Box No U/283/23.

V I saw you Me waiting with my rucksack fora bus in Union Street. Aberdeen. You and your guitar passed tne by. We smiled and said hi about a month ago now. Box No U/283/24.

V I saw you Wed 26/06 approx 7.30pm. You Partick underground to Safeway: I'd just been. We smiled. looked. smiled. looked . . . looked. My neck cricked. Let’s talk. dinner. Chablis? Box No U/283/25.

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