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The frontrunners of the 50th Edinburgh Festival begin here . . .


I Orlando Acclaimed actress Miranda Richardson stars solo in the English language premiere of Robert Wilson's adaptation of Virginia Woolf's fantastical time and gender-bending novel. Royal Lyeeum Theatre. /3-/ 7; l9—2/ Aug. 7.30 rm.

Miranda Richardson I Macbeth Everyone s doing The Scottish Play at this year‘s Fringe sweetie. but this production from Poland's Teatr Ludowy looks like being ahead of the pack. Youthful. highly- physical cast: famous Polish director: contemporary political references etc. etc. Moray House Studios. 12—25 Aug. 6.30pm. I Elsinore Quebecois theatrical wild card Robert chage returns to the Festival with the British premiere of this typically extraordinary hi-tech. one-man Hamlet. King Is 'I'lreao'e. l2—l6 Aug. 7.30pm. I Trainspotting Catch Harry Gibson's vivid. no-compromise stage version of Irvine Welsh‘sjunkie chronicle. on what‘s rumoured to be its last ever Edinburgh run. Guaranteed free of watered-down accents and/or dubbing for foreign (ie not local) audiences. Assembly Rooms. 9-3/ Aug. 4.45pm: 7pm. I-ouy Masterson The one-man performance maestro who also happens to be Richard Burton‘s nephew returns with a double whammy consisting of his I994 and l995 sell-out shows. Animal Farm and Under Milk Wood. Assembly Rooms. 9—3/ Aug. ll.45am.

COMEDY I Bill Bailey A man called Bill who's big. hairy. plays the guitar and tells jokes? No it’s not the return of Mr Transatlantic Connolly. it‘s top comedy rocker Bill Bailey. who despite being in desperate need of a haircut. has a good chance of being up there with this year's chosen Perrier ones. Assembly Rooms. 9—3 I Aug. 9pm. I Ariel O’Hanlon The hotly-tipped star of Father Ted whips off his Father ' Dougal robes to reveal the wickedly

1/, -,

off-beat but on-the-ball British Comedy Award-winning stand-up that lays beneath. (Ii/(led Balloon. 9—3/ Aug. 8.45pm.

I Rich llall - Freewheelin' He is big and he is clever. The top US stand-up turned St'ttlltllltl On Sunday columnist is back with every chance of repeating last year‘s krller blend of sharp observation and nrad improvisation. Gilded Balloon. 9—3/ Aug. /()pm (25 Aug. l/pm).

I David Strassnran If you thought ventriloquists and their dummies were the brown and orange swirl y carpets of comedy. think agarrr. Strassman " combines comedy. drama and cutting edge technology to bring you an extended family of not-so-well- behaved puppets who make Enru look like a big girl's blouse. Speigeltent. 8—3/ Aug. [0.30pm.

I Scott Capurro - The Doctor Is On Looks like being a good year for up- front. audience-bating. camp San Franciscan Scott Capurro. A brand new character comedy about a Frasier-style San Fran radio shrink. and naked publicity shots to boot. I’leasanee. 9—26 Aug. 9.45pm.

I Jenny Eclair (Wig 0n, Teeth In) Last year‘s Perrier Award winner is back to contend her title and prove she‘s still the most foul-rrrouthed woman in comedy. This time the wig‘s on and the teeth are in so it looks like you‘re in for a treat. I’leasanee. 9-25 Aug. 9.20pm. Queen Is Hall. 23 Aug. / 0.30pm.

I lederlands Dans Theater Jiri Kylian‘s cream-of-the-dance-world troupe haven‘t been to the UK for over twenty years. Make sure you don't wait another twenty before you see Kylian's exquisite. uplifting choreography on the bodies of his 32-strong team of

Art. Until 22 Sept.

Nederlarrds Dans theater virtuoso dancers. plus a s-parky new ' piece from hotshot NDT dancer and native Brit. Paul Lightfoot. Play/rouse. l3—l6 Aug. 7.30pm.

I Bryn TerfeVMalcom Martinueau Ear- blasting. mind-blowing stuff from the Welsh baritone and the world class pianist as they steam through a selection of operatic works by Schuben. lbert and Vaughan Williams. Us/ter Hall. / 5 Aug. 7.30an

I Kaddish Epic is the only word for this malt-media rendering of 20th century history from Towering lnfemo. that combines stunning music with deeply disturbing images. Assembly Rooms. 9—29 Aug. 9.30pm.


I Glacornettl The man behind the famous bronze walking figure is celebrated in this blockbuster of an exhibition that spans his entire career. Scottish National Gallery ofModet'It




I David Orwellian A chance to learn at the knee of the king of body honor. as he leads his audience. scene-by- scene. through extracts from Ballard‘s Crash. the latest frlm he brings to the screen. ABC. [3 Aug. 6pm. I The Plllovr Book Ewan McGregor naked is one reason to see Peter Greenaway‘s latest film. The fact that the filmmaker's moved away from the cerebral and towards the aesthetic in this sensual. visually rich depiction ofa young Japanese woman's obsession with calligraphy is another. Cameo. [3 Aug. 7.30pm. I Pulp Videos Jarvis leads his way through the Pulp phenomenon on video. with a little help from Steve Mackey and director Pedro Rohrnanyi. What more can we say? Part of the Film Festival's innovative Mirrorball season. the session explores the idea that pop promos can be short film "Masterpieces in their own right. ABC. /2 Aug. 6.30pm.

I Edinburgh Clubs Festival Sterling effort to push clubbing higher up the Festival agenda. At tonight‘s dance- fest. Huggy (Back To Basics) and Stuart McMillan (Slam) whip up deep and funky underground techno in the main roorrr. while Craig Smith (Solefusion) and Colin Gate (Bomba) are in the back room dishing up garage and Nu-soul. Don‘t miss the first night of the first ever Edinburgh Clubs Festival The Honeycomb. [5 Aug. //pm—4am.

"The Circus Of Horrors

I Circus or Horror: The man who brought you the fearless (not to mention well-insured) French ‘chainsaw' circus troupe Archaos returns with a whole new big-top-full of tricks. Mutual mutilation mixed with daring. skill. reckless abandon and a loud. live rock score is the general deal. Not for the squeamish or those who faint at the very mention of Jim Rose. The Terrordome. 9—}! Aug. 5pm (Sat/Sun only); Rpm.

F orjull details ofa/l shows listed lrere consult the Festival index on page 3’

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