The team who brought you Fever Pitch give a preview of their new. Edinburgh Fringe-bound comedy about punk and two men who’ve survived both rusty safety pins and the demise of their band Total Shit. Stars Steven North of TV's fire-fighting drama Lam/mt 3' Burning, whowas the frenzied football frenzy fan in Fever Pitch. I “m THEATRE l2l Reniield Street. 332 l846. [Access: ST. Facilities: WS. G. Help: AA] Th ll! m Story Mon l2—Sat 24 Aug. 7.30pm; Wed/Sat mat 2pm. £5-£8.50. The laughter. the tears. the music . . . and the man in the bunnet with the corny jokes. He played the Pavilion for fifteen years. five months a year. twice nightly. six nights a week. and now the man they (mysteriously. some might say) referred to as Sexy Lexy is back in his old home in this tribute show by Russel Lane. 1 The only question still to be resolved is: who's sexy enough to play sexy Lex McLean?

Tue 27 Aug); - S;

J’acceee: Veronica leer is in the dock In Cmunlcado’s French courtroom drama Portrait or A Noreen at Cumbernauld

Theatre. then Traverse Theatre,

Thurs 8 Aug - Sat 10 Aug 96

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BUDGIE I The Helicopter


I commune THEATRE Kildrum. CumbernauldLQle 732887. [Access: PPA. L. ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

Portrait Of A Woman Thurs 8-Sat l0 Aug. 7.45pm. £7/£6 (£4/£3). Edinburgh-based Communicado Theatre Company present the English-language premiere of Michel Vinaver’s play. based on the true story of French student Sophie Auzanneau who was tried for the murder of her lover back in the 50s. Crime of passion or cold- blooded murder? You be the jury.

Being Frank! Thurs lS-Sat 24 Aug. 7.45pm. £7l£6 (£4/£3). Ol' Blue Eyes extravaganza starring Cumbernauld Theatre's artistic director Simon Sharkey as a club singer who's got the old crooner under his skin. The action centres round The Singer's last performance at the Stardust Saloon a golden opportunity to sing twenty of Frank's greatest hits. See picture caption on page l()7.

Cole Porter’s


Mon 12 Aug' Sat 17 Aug 96

Vth a swell party this is !


You might be thinking, ‘The theatre’s not really for me’. But just look at the range of shows The King’s has to offer. We stage everything from big West End musicals to Comedy and Contemporary Dance. And when the curtain goes down we like to think you’ll go home feeling like you’ve been treated to a Royal Command Performance of your very own.


Comedy is listed by date. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days belore publication. Comedy listings compiled by £ilie Carr. For detiais oi all events in Edinburgh, see Festival coverage on pages 2-94.


I Comedy At Macsorley’s Bar Jamaica Street. info: ()i4i 22i 0l98. 9pm. Free. A night of stand-up with Raymond Mearns. Billy Bonkers and Gary Hagen. You drink beer. They tell jokes. Seems a fair deal.


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{08113} List 9-l5 Aug i996