liery Welluzdeivee late the past at 9%.!!! a"! 9.4:.

I heme Jeremy Healy.

I Occupation DJ. producer and writer.

I Home London.

I Age 32.

I So what's Mr iiealy’a story then? He first appeared in the public eye as a dreadlocked singer in the chart duo Haysi Fantayzee. They released an album but then split due to musical differences.

I he doubt he not into only their? Too right. he was soon DJing at London's infamous Circus and Subterranea.

I out he kept or) writing music? He‘s probably written more songs than any other DJ you've heard before. After leaving the band. he established himself as one of Britain‘s best jingle composers. working on such advertising campaigns as Levi‘s. British Airways. Pepsi, Kodak. Gillette and Citroen.

I out what about, aheie, ‘proper music"? He also underscored and produced music for the obscure Duran Duran film Arena. One of his more enjoyable projects though was producing the music for fashion shows by his favourite designers Katherine Hamnett. Vivienne Westwood and the great John Galliano. He loves his clothes and is well known for being the dandy of the club circuit.

I All that kind at music isn’t very daecey thoth Granted. but he was responsible for the ‘89 Acid House hit from E-Zee Posse ‘Everyting Starts With An E' and Outrage's ‘Tall And Handsome‘.

I So what about his Ming thee? He DJs all over the shop including dates in Singapore. Hong Kong. Australia. Ibiza and in the British clubs Progress. Up Yer Ronson. Miss Moneypennies and Renaissance.

I What kill oi Stutt does he plafl Jeremy says with no shame that he plays records that no other DJ would dare to include in their sets. mixing up the most pumping club tunes with cheesy chart fodder.

Jeremy Healy DJs at The Tunnel. Glasgow. on Sat IO Aug.


before midnight). Easy -goirrg llll\ of disco. ftirrk and chart dance.

I Romp at Archaos. llpr))~3.3().im £5 (£4). Big turie parry night in this massive venue playing an essential selection from DJs Geoff. Jason and Mahauua.

I liub a Dub at Blacklriars Underground. 8.30pm—midnight. Free. R.A.D. will) static pre-club vibes

I Shag at Fury Murry 's. llpii)--3an). £4 (£3). Across-the-hoard (not of party choorrs with Craig J. and James (L.

I Siam at The Arches. lt) 30pm ~3am. £7. World fainoUs DJ and prtxluction duo Stuart and Orde providing the best in deep electronic dance. 9 Aug. Stevie Donaldson joins Stuart or) the decks while Orde takes time off for his honeymoon.

I Velvet Booms 9pm--late. £6 (reduction before l0.3(lpi))) Acrossthe-hoard nus from DJ Alar) Ronald.


I Archaos at Archaos. llpni—3 30am. £8 (£6). A garage and house lill\ for a busy. moderately dressy crowd.

I Arena ltl.3()pi))--3.30mi). £7 Adrian Rennie is joined by Dave 'l‘arrida every week plus similarly technocsque guests I Bar 10 ‘Jprn—inidnight. Free. Husy hard house pre-cltih with Nick Peacock.

.I The Cathouse l lpnr--3arrr. £4 (£3.50)

Two floors of rock w ill) margaritas 5(lp. Gold Bier and vodka llll\ £l before midnight.

I Classic FM at Fury Murry 's. l().3()pr))-.3an). £5 (£4). Irrdie-pop/iridrc- dance shenanigans from .llili Dow me and the gang. Upstairs in the new room Far} ‘s presents Twister: the best of liritpop and toolin' (50s ltits.

I Cleopatra‘s llprn--3ani. £(i. Mainstream commercial vibe.

I Club 59 Rocks) 's Bascrrient. l(.)pi))»-2.3()airr. £5. Martin and Will); of Rub a Duh playing the best and deepest from the underground. Uni; of .llrml 's top ten clubs of l‘)*)5.

I Club Apt at The :‘spartnient. llpm~3anr £7. DJ llob .leffrrcs with funky soul. ltip hop and house c\cn sexier than on Friday.

I Club x l Iprti 3am. £() (£4) Clay club with upfront dance tunes lt'()tt) l).l Suaie Gav. Drinks promos

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art (downstairs). ll‘iprrrvlatc. £3 Andrew Divine with an eye to the past and a vision for the future. Retro. soul. house. jungle. etc.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). ltl 3(lpr))--3aii). £3 (£3.50). Long-established indie night with a friendly vibe. Tomorrow's hits today.

I Easy Street .ii The (“CA Cafe liar. 9.30pnr—ntidniglrt. DJ Gordon Allan with a hoUse/dub pre-club.

I The Garage ll).3()pi)) ~3an). £3 (£3). lt)pr))--l lprti. £4 (£3). I lpm- midnight. At) honest to goodness top night out with

-charty dance sounds downstairs from

Dave Ross and alternative sounds in the attic.

I Knucklehead at (ilasgow School of Art (upstairs). ltlpni-late. £3 (£3.50). Residents .l'ilk'es and Hutch back will) ‘weird shit toiack yer body to. Detroit style. hi-tecl) Chicago ftrtrrte lunk sly lee. I Moio’s ()pin-midrright. Free. DJ Nick bringing you the renowned Moro \ the: retro stuff with a ‘)()s feel arid ()(ls stuff with a retro feel. l’re-club.

I Mundo latino at The Corner Bar. ‘Jprir—rnidriight. Free. Club Havana presents salsa. rnererigue. lambada aitd Latin tau. front the award-w inning D] Jan. l’re-club.

I October Cate b’pirr- close. Free. House and garage DJs Mark arid Jason plus drinks promos. Pre-club.

I iiat Trap l().3()pin--3ai)r. £3. Three - floors of rock. Studio One: The Rat House. 90s rock; Studio Two: Don't Ask For Prslt with DJ Christine doing requests; Studio Three: Happy. Happy Joy. Joy.

thrash arid shirt) with DJ Al)

I lied: llpm-3an). £6 (£5). A packed night specialising in rrrairistr'eaitr dance. funk. rap and house. lritirirate. smart arid friendly.

I Stasis at R.G.'s. Spin—midnight. Free. DJ Tosh with deep house and garage for the Saturday warm up session. Pre-club. I Sub Club lt)..‘i()prir-5ain. £8. ()n the crisp of celebrating ten years of quality Subby clubbing Harri and Dominic continue to pi'o\ ide one of the few top original house nights in Glasgow.

I Tonka at The \‘olcano. (lino-2.30am. £5 (£3). Colin Walker (New York Alliance) playing underground New York house. Loadsa capers including Skalestric. caged dancers. free fruit. rnasseirr. casino and light show.

I Triumph at The Tunnel. I(l.3()pn)--3arn. £6 (£4). At) epic voyage through Italian and UK house. presented by Colin 'l‘cyeirdalc and Stem-n McCreer'y. in Room Two Kevin McFarlane offers tip a different \ the with a wide mix of soul. look and dance classics ll) Aug. Renaissance are back again featuring .lcrerny Healy and lair) (‘issia See l’hactfile.

I Velvet Rooms ‘)pii)~ late £7 (£5) (reduction before ll).3()pn)). Across-the- hoard ltli.\ with DJ Skud.

I Whisky Bar 9pm—tnrdrnghl. l'r'ee. ()scar (Sul‘ Club) with funky underground litlilsc‘.

I Wild at (‘otton Club. l lpin~3ai)). £6 (£4 students). Commercial dance and pop. £| drinks promos


I 4th Dimension at The Baby (ii-amt. 0pm midnight Free Andy Young plays (an. lira/.(lian. soul fusion and funk Drinks Pl'i'illltis‘.

I The Apartment llpni- 3am. Late night liar \ the w ith Mel Barr.

I Area 51 at Nice n' Sleazy ()pnr—late. Tecnnorsh night with local guest DJs. Pres clrrl).

I Boogiemania at The Attic.

Itifitiprii -3anr. £2 (£l ). DJ Graeme with a varied llll\ of club classics. Drinks promos.

I Bubblelicious at Reds. llprn—3aiti. £5 (£3 i. (‘Itih classics and a touch of soul plus all (h‘iliks Ll all night.

I Danny’s Barby and his Tranny at The Rat Trap. l().3(lpi))-3arn. £3. 'Welcottie to the BBQ will) Danny 's i))i\'.'

I Fuddruklrers at Cleopatra‘s. l().3(ipr))---3.Allan). £3 (£2 with ticket). Disco. pop and ()()s party vihes.

I Get Sorted at the Calhouse.

!()3(lpr))- lain. £3 (£l.5()/f;‘ee before

I l.3()prii,i. Indie/alternative vibe in the new Cathouse witl) margaritas 50p. Gold liter and \odka tlll.\ U.

I lnterpol at Nico‘s Spit) close. Free. l’atil Caw ley from Phar ()tit playing "easy listening and cosmic iau'. Halt-price Martinis and cheap cocktails Pie-club.

I Loaded at l-‘ury' Murry 's. llpin—3aiii. £3. All spirits plus llll,\L‘l' 99p. Ports of (‘oor‘s £l 5D. litrrys stalwarts Craig and hit) w itl) retro guitar-based tunes to wind up the weekend.

I Program at lien} is Mayonnaise.

llpni— 3am. .\'cw house and techno night tron) Martin (‘olins' (UK Gold and l-rrctron) and Scott inner and Peter Walker of(ilasgow techno hand Bios. All drinks “.35.

I liat Trap Ill.3()prn-s3an). £2. Bands in Studio One. Julie Andrews After Gig Piss l'p in Studio Two.

I Shirley’s Temple at A i'chaos.

llpiti 3.3(lairi. £5 (£3). A trippy mix of camp theatricals and hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston and Bob.

I Soundclash at Blackfriars l'nderground. ‘Jpnrurnidnight. Free. .loeski arid Android .ltlili forces with Rub A Dub's big Mere every week with an electro hip duh liop sound system. Drinks

it")? fi’s‘T‘“ ; (ammuniauequecuunnefif (leek '

I Club lieveee The inimitable DJ Jazz continues to show why he has been awarded best Latin DJ and Club Havana best Latin Club night yet again. The fun starts at Maxaluna i where the tables are pushed to the ' l sides and the whole place comes alive with lambada. salsa and merengue. Then it’s across the road to Reds until 3am, for those who haven't gyrated their pelvis enough already. Maxuluna and Reds. Tue [3 Aug only.

I Noumea The relationship between Renaissance and The Tunnel gets ever stronger with another monthly guest night. Later in the year The Tunnel and Renaissance will open a massive new club venue in Nottingham designed by Tunnel owner Ron McCulloch. Tonight though, Renaissance regulars Jeremy Healy and lain Ossia keep the links alive. See Phactfile. The Tunnel. Sat IO Aug only.

I lied Cell The fleet-footed techno individualists who brought us Science, Aquaplanet and UK Gold concentrate their attention on this night to make it one of the deepest. darkest underground club nights in Scotland. Twitch from Pure has now been added to the rotating resident roster alongside Mark Ryal (playing weekly). Richard Grey (Vapourspace) and Dominic (Subby Saturdays). Tire Sub Club.

Thu rsdays.

prorrros. I Short Fuse at The Whisky Bar. 8pm—close. Free. The Woods brothers with retro soul and funk. Pre-club.

I Sunday Mass Bar Miro. 330-4 lpri). Free. Dempster. Lee. Caldwell and Keenan are your saviours for an afternoon and evening of trip hop. tripno. jungle and house.

I Sunday Service at Maxaluna. ‘)pr)r--midnight. Free. Ali (Paradise Island) and Colin Walker (Tonka) taking weeks about playing a pubbier version of their club nights.

I Suck My Disk at Mojo's. c)prir-inidnight. Free. 'One basement under a groove' with DJ Kenny digging out the best 8(Js underground dartce tracks. Pre-club.

I ‘lechnomania at The Rat Trap. lt).30pm-3an). £3. ‘Del and the boys from Paisley invade.’

I Velvet Booms ‘inn—late. £2 (reduction before l0.3()pm). Across-the-board mix from DJ Alan Ronald. £l all drinks.

I Volcano l lpi))~2.i()an). £3. Filling the gaping hole left by Aquaplanet. Cris Biguzzi plays deep Artierican house and techno. Rolling Rock and vodka mix

2: I .So.

The List 9-l5 Aug l996111