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Eden CourtTheatre, lnverness, starts a Highlandwide Youth Theatre Project for teenagers. Over the next 4 years a number of workshop practitioners and youth

C O m m e production directors will be engaged, ' (initially on short term contracts) based in . -- i Portree,Thurso, FortWilliam and lnverness. . Strathdyde Gay & Lewlan . When annlvlnn fl" serving the surrounding communities. Drama SWItChbqard 15 01m)ng for Vomnteers one of the Iohs skills are the focus of the project but there to tram as elther Counseuors or advemsed he”! will be opportunities for other performance, . . , . pEfrlenders; If. you feel you fit the do" “Mget to stage management and video-making skills to blll then we (1 like to hear from you. mentian that [you be taught. . saw 't In The 'St' For background information and Call 0141-332-8372 any evenmg questionnaire contact: between 7 and 10pm for further 5“? 0”“ 5:5; ng'grfifigfi 355:3? Rd' . f t. d l. t. d t .1 I Artist’s Residency in Munich "Vemess- - e- - 1n orma Ion an app lca Ion e 31 3' Applications are invited from photographers or artists whose N . . work is photo-related for a one Empowerlng and Supportmg tnonth residency to take place ,, during November I996. Further ' ° KIC need a Who contaCt Us information by telephone or _P£bllsmn . SIAGE MANAGER letter from the European and . . . . . . PERF RMERS for Strathclyde Gay 8‘: Lesbian Swrtchboard i. a 'SII'cr'th') Unp-Jrfi 553168 Controuer :ngucuonoa, 1,3,“an . . . I'CC . .( III lll'g i. C I . rengtered Chanty In SCOtland Nc' SCUO7866' 469 3825. Applicants should be required for fast growing in September, living and/or working in publisher. Need experience - u . , Edinburgh. The deadline for of printing and DTP. Must expenses pad. I: 4* receipt of appliTtiations is 3| be organised and meticulous Comad Km 52 SWincem m August I996. iis project is 'th en t ‘tt n - ° '3 ® _ D I D I B 0 N part of twinning links between grl‘glisegipslg g? e Terrace (F5). ‘9 :v “KW-wim-‘W'WW Edinburgh and Munich and is‘ Luise Valentin", EDI-"0'45, G3 3UX 0"‘ 43 queendeny St. Lane, i or phone David Harrower - 7 ( C . ‘6 I 7.9"". Pa't’flm9 3"" for Pubucny disir'b‘mon , and lnternational Unit. City Art ESPEgQShSZ6 0141 423 5567. Guy Hollands work In the Glasgow area, Outreach and by August 16. 0141 248 2180. You must be honest, hard-working, reliable and I Lung lla‘s Theatre Company

needs volunteers to work every

w'llmg to work flex'b|e hours' Monday and Tuesday evenings

Wages start from £3. 13 pmr. l'roni September to. November A with peilorniers wrth learning Send your CV to: Direct Distribution, Unit 6, di-‘ilhililit‘s- Ft" "We information please call: All Kerr 0 o 12 Cook Street. Glasgow. 65 am. Fiona Ritchie en 0131 228 Jobs Available Worldwnde ' -- - 8998. m Travel Adventures é WE’ll. AUOITIOH - 7 2 language students to offer Are YOU unemployed or In a I'Ut. \: English teaching summerjobs ’rmn‘o next year in Glasgow. We are a project Ability would iike to W Lyon-based art school and look Jobs available in Australia, hear from CERAM“: Requires enthusiastic for motivated people. CV and . ARTISTS (within the mmmmsnmmm MUS, phmm Sggfiisizxngflwcw United States, New Zealand, Glasgow area) who are be articulate and presentable. ' interested in joining the Excellent ground floor BOX iio 285/Rl1. Canada, India, all of .Europe and creative team WhICh Opportunity! NO SlaCkers or I Actors, stage manage; and GGIIVGTS 0U? intemationany doc“ watcm' photographer are needed for - I recognised arts send 9333 9nd hand Festival Fringe play Dcml ' ' ° ' development programme. WW8" applicatlon- .S‘criuus. Call (HR! 556 0575 for work Perm'ts’ V605 and Imm'grat'on D'G'TAL FAC'UT'ES- 16A YORK more information. arranged, In the first instance send PLACE: ED'NBU'IGH Em 33' I OJs wanted for regular recent slides and your C.V to W135- gleekday niglhftde-t; 0.3}0p&1/.d For details send 2 x 25p stamp; to; as vow an - in ur i. l i . . want" Gibson' varieEly of dance music? from L Jabs Abroad! worldw'de House' Broad Street‘ 31;: Abgry'm l940s to current charts. Interest Port Ramsgate, Kent, CTI I BNQ. °" ' in music essential. Experience ' G'afgow' 61 1w' and own records preferred but 79L 0141 552 2822- not essential. Phone Franck (“324 6|3 209.



114 The List 9-l5 Aug I996