I SAW ou

U I sou you Cameron. Christie‘s. l8th July. Me: Gill (blue eyes). Bristol. We shared juke box. You left T-shirt at flat. Me stupid. never got your phone number! Please write! Box No U/285/l.

. I can you and we talked and laughed in the Tron bar on Friday. I2th July. '96. You: a handknit Nextjumper. very cute and sexy (like you) and me. a long purple cardi. most sophisticated (like me). You have an epileptic dog. and I have an exotic. emotionally- deprived cat do our pets need therapy or just some tlc. like us? Box No U/285/2.

. law you We followed you and friend up Royal Mile. You: blond hair. blue Adidas jacket. Me: dark hair. wearing denim. You looked lost. I'll help you find your way. Box No U/285/3. . I on you again. crossing the Links. You: waistcoat and Waterstone's bag. Me: blue jacket and briefcase. Will we ever find the nerve to say hello? Box No U/285/4.

0 I “I you Royal Mile. Heart of Midlothian. 22/7/96. .lpmtish). You: short dark hair. fantastic ebony eyes. rucksack. Me: dark hair. chocolate eyes. blue jacket. Schuh bag. You can spit on me anytime. Box No U/285/5.

0 I saw you at station: Waverley. Haymarket. Linlithgow. Dark-eyed. Moto je t’aime pour toujours. What else matters? I'll drive you and keep you; even if my doors don't match. Keep me yours! Box No U/285/6.

. I saw you new guy upstairs at Armani. Short Tin-Tin hair and nice English accent. Thanks for the jeans but next time I promise to leave my mum at home. Fancy a drink? Box No U/285/7.

9 I saw you tall Queen‘s Drive architect. Short written exchange a year ago - you couldn't face my answering machine. Now free and willing to brave yours. Still interested? Please write with phone number. Box No U/258/8.

0 I saw you in Princes Street on Hogmanay. You're blonde. and are you a nurse? You were with a friend. You came to a party but left in an ambulance. Please contact Ilatnisli. Box No U/285/9.

9 I saw you at Waterstone's. Partick. Gale Book presentation but you leftjust before it. You sitting alone. same row. Me with beard. glasses. talking to a friend. Would like to tneet? Box No U/285/l0.

9 I saw you Jaqui. outside Bennet’s then working in Madam G‘s. If single. please write. Woman with long dark curly hair. Would love to buy you that coffee which you declined. Box No U/285/I I.

O I saw you at SECC after Neil Young. First leaving the hall and then by tunnel outside. You had long brown hair and beautiful eyes. I was too shy to come over. Interested? Box No U/285/l2.

. I saw you looking pensive at T In The Park. Sunday. during The Manics. You had red hair and red DMs. l was in black. Penny for your thoughts? Box No U/285/l3.

V I saw you Stravaigan. Tue I6th July. You: dark. white shirt. black tronsers with older man. Me: young. brown hair. sitting with six girls. Exchanged longing looks. Longing to look at it all. Box No U/285/I/l.

. I saw you Robert in the Odeon. 7/7/96 and last summer at the Chaplaincy Centre. Dying to hear your Home and Army rendition again. Love Jessie and Lizzie xxx. Box No U/285/l5.

0 I saw you Big(ish) built guy. approx 5ft l()in. 28(ish). dark hair. nice face. drinking with friends. Edinburgh city centre pub. 20/7/96. Me: spellbound brunette. dragged away. protesting. by well-meaning friends. Please write! Box No U/285/l6.

U I “I you HMV. Princes Street. 20/7/96. You: blonde- haired assistant. helped my friend find ‘Platinum Breaks'. Me: dark hair. shorts and blue T- shirt. Maybe you can help me find my way. Box No U/285/l7. . I saw you Sunday. July 2 lst. County Arm‘s Hotel. North Berwick. You: waitress. about I8. blond hair. wearing tartan skirt. gorgeous. great legs. Me: l9. on holiday. please write to me. Box No U/285/l8.

0 I saw you Annette. or at least I was supposed to. Let’s overdose on fudge cake and talk of Love and Garbage. far off places. and ways It) leave ytntt

lover. Box No U/285/l9.

. I saw you Melissa from Texas at Barrowland. 2 lst July. I wasn‘t the fifteen-year-old! Write soon. Box No U/285/20.

. I saw you Safeway. Morningside. 6.30pm. Mon 29/7. You're Martin. You're lovely. You're German. You like potatoes. l like you . . . ()ur cars passed on the way home twice! Co-incidence?

Htmntn . . . Could we celebrate European unity. . . ? Box No U/285/2I.

U I saw you dodging between charity shops on Dalry Road. 24.7.96. I liked your tight. pale blue T-shirt. Me: white top. purple cords. Oxfam next?? Box No U/28S/22.

. I saw you Claire. the rather upset Scotswoman in party mood in Manchester. In a moment of madness you hurt your leg and let me stroke it better. Let me try it again? Box No U/285/23.

Edlnburgh EH1 11E

‘ro REPLY To A Box NUMBER All. you HAVE 10 no is ADDRESS voun LETTER re:

The llst Classlfletl, 14 Illgh Street or at the 00A 350 Sauchlehall Street GLASGOW o1 2J2

and we will forward it.

Remember to tame the Box lumber clearly In the 1’0? LEFT-unto conu.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. . If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

If i saw YOU

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

Until further notice,I SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

. I saw you Royal Mile telephone box. 22/7/96. We talked (again). Still don't know your name. You‘re cute. clever and sexy. Is your interest only academic? Call tne after Berlin: let’s be friends. Box No U/285/24.

V I saw you on Slob a’Choire ()dhair. 20/7/96. You: owner of purple rucksack. pinkish top atid white Renault. Me: sunbathing in red and white stripped T- .shirt. Let’s tneet tip somewhere slightly less remote. Box No U/285/25.

O I saw you CC Bloom‘s. Saturday 27/7/96. You had beads in the back of your hair. We smiled. l. standing at Ladies‘ toilet downstairs. We spoke. You went in. Please contact. Box No U/285/26.

. I saw you chiselled cheek bones. strong shoulders. red Rover. 23/7/96. 9am. Dean Park Street. Let me be your rhinestone cowgirl. Box No U/285/26.

9 I saw you Michela. Milano Centrale binario l9. Phone me and we can enjoy hum/ii um! [in/emu together. Box No U/28S/27.

0 I saw you today and every day on Castle Terrace. You: cute postie with our second post. Me: always a big smile but no bottle. How about sharing one with me? Box No U/285/28.

. I saw you in Bus l I Ill Glasgow at l6pm. 26/7/96. You: orange T-shirt. black trousers. brunette. Me: French tourist looking for Buchanan btts station. I love you. Please join me. Box No U/285/29.

. I saw you muscley. cyclist. sexy. tnoustache. tight silver Lycra. sturdy white helmet. You charging up Hope Street. tne panting in your wake. Fancy a pursuit or a titne trial? Ian. Box No U/285/30.

. I saw you ltot train. Preston to Glasgow Central. Sun

2 l/7/96. sitting opposite. You: green shorts. shoeshine T-shirt. Me: maroon trousers. Michaelangelo T-shirt. Fancy a think smiretitiic? Hm Nu

U/285/3 l. '

U I saw you upstairs at The Chip. Sat l3/7. l0pm. You: with friend. sitting on stools by fireplace. Me: tall. glasses. ()ur gazes locked as I left. Box No U/285/32.

0 I saw you Alan in I)elmonicas on l9/7/96. You smiling in red shirt with work in the morning and a bit of furniture on your pocket. Me with friends and tongue-tied. Second chance to talk properly? Box No U/285/33.

. I saw you Rotunda. 26/7/796. Beautiful. tanned girl iii while with gorgeous legs. I smiled on passing. You left soon after. Was the food that bad. or are you just a fast eater? Box No U/285/34.

O I saw you Club x. 25/7/96. You: handsome. red-haired guy with green/blue shirt. tie and braces. Me: attractive Spaniard. black hair. brown eyes. Would like to meet for a drink. please? Box No U/285/35.

. I saw you across a crowded room. Nye. I994. San lose. You looked gorgeous. Fancied you then. fancy you now. Fancy a dream date at the polo club? [30). No U/285/36.

V I saw you Isabelle and

vv tshetl you'd been here two months earlier. You're a tri- littgual superstar soft lillet'. dropping iii to translate before heading for Havana. Have a good Film Festival. Isabelle. Box No U/385/37.

V I saw you Boris with your walkie talkie in the Filmhouse foyer. Me: your programme co- ordinator in need of intelligent assistance. You: sublime. serene. new screenie. Have a good Film Festival. Boris. Box No U/285/38.

. I saw you Ian Darling. Stephen Fraser. l vault you. You vault tne. We vattlt what you want. See you between print movements. Have a good Film Festival. Box No U/285/3‘).

. I saw you Joe at regular . intervals. Me: your programme co-ordinator in need of hugely popular broad shouldered man. You: ace. Have a good Film Festival. Joe. Box No U/285/4l).

120 The List 9-l5 Aug I996

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