llarne Mo' Wax. Background Mo‘ Wax is the brainchild of 2 l -year~old James Lavelle and widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative record labels in the world. Musical eclectism is the name of its game - from Detroit techno artist Carl Craig to French trip hoppers La Funk Mob to Tokyo hip hop star DJ Krush. Picking tip where Def Jam left off. Lavellc is gradually surrounding himself with various l)Js and artists -- graphic as well as musical -- that transform Mo‘ Was from a basic record label into a creative collective.

Videography Several skateboarding videos and graffiti an documentaries (‘Standpipe Siamese And The Adventures ()f Frost' ). plus a lengthy examination of DJ Krush's scratchtastic turntable techniques.

Pick 01 The Fest A close call between the informative ‘l)an And Jared Go Skateboarding and '(inl} The Strong Survive‘ featuring Krush and C. L. Smooth (Jim Byers)

Mu’ ll’iir. l'i/Iu/uxusr'. lir.’iirl)ui;elr. /‘):lii'u. /()/mr: (2/371 Glasgow. 22 Aug. /().3()/ml. ft) ([4). I’m/Inn [lie the [Jilin/rural] .vi'remi/rg. Mu' Writ I)Js .‘lmlreu Parker: I’os/urv' ("Ill ul/u'l'v prawn! 'Dusleil In The NUI’I/I '. u ( lul) (’i't‘lll u! The Hmievi'miil). Ifr/m/mrg/r.

Dan And Jared Go Skateboarding

Name Spike Jonze (real name Adam Spiegel):

Background From skateboarding in Washington DC. to journalism. to photography. to a documentary short on the 'Blind Skateboarding Team‘. to directing the skateboarding sequence in Sonic Youth‘s l()() per cent‘ video. Jonze has become the hippest promo director on the block. scooping various MTV awards for his work with The Beastie Boys. ()h. and he digs skateboarding.

Videography Sonic Youth's ‘IOO per cent'. Wee/.er‘s ‘Undone (The Sweater Song)‘ and ‘Buddy Holly'. Beastie Boys‘ ‘Sabotage‘. REM‘s ‘Crush With Eyeliner". Dinosaur Jr’s ‘Feel The Pain‘. Bir’irk's ‘lt's Oh So Quiet'. plus videos for other groovy ‘street' types Ween. The Pharcyde and MC 9()()ft Jesus.

Pick Of The Fest Pastiche seems to be Jonze's strong point —- The Beasties' 70s cop show car chase extravaganza ‘Sabotage’ and Wee/.er‘s preppy Happy Days appearance for ‘Buddy Holly‘ are both superb. hut Bjork’s all-singing. all-dancing. silver screen spectacular for ‘It‘s Oh So Quict' is one of the greatest music videos ever. (Fiona Shepherd)

Spike erze Shun-reel. Fri /6. (II'II Glasgow. l()..i()/mr.' 'I’lmrs‘ 22. Film/muse. Edinburgh. /()/mi. [6 ([4).

lbrk’s it‘s 0 So lluiet

Name tomato.

Background tomato defines itself as an ‘expcrimental playground’ within which its eight members (two of whom Rick Smith and Karl Hyde -- are in Underworld) can blur the boundaries of traditional design merging music. film. typography and photography. Formed five years ago by six like-minded individuals who classed themselves as ‘outsiders'.

Videography All of Underworld‘s videos from Ref right up to ‘Born Slippy'. a couple of Cocteau Twins videos. including ‘Rilkean Heart'. and various high profile television ads for Nike. ()range and The (immliun. plus the famous opening scenes of Norris/rolling.

Pick UT The Fest A hard-hitting Scottish Road Safety ad featuring a blistering Underworld (‘Cowgirl'i soundtrack. (Jim Byers)

Immrlu. l'i/m/mmr'. Iii/in/im'g/i. 2/ Aug. /U/HII. U) ([4).

Other events in the Foster’s Ice Mirrorball section are:

I Pulp Feeling Called live - teature documentary at 1995 tour - ABC, Edinburgh, 12 Aug, 11pm, £6 (£4).

I REM Road Movie introduced by Michael Stipe - ABC, Edinburgh, 16 Aug, 11pm, £6 (£4).

I Oil Factory - including Blind Melon, Therapy, Weezer, Blur Filmhouse, Edinburgh, 17 Aug, 10.15pm, £6 (£4).

I Walter Stern/Jonathon Blazer - including Massive Attack, Badlohead, The Prodigy, Blur - Filmhouse, Edinburgh, 16 Aug, 10pm, £6 (£4).

I Mike Mills - including Ornette Coleman, Lou Reed, Thurston Moore - Filmhouse, Edinburgh, 20 Aug, 10pm, £6 (£4). Artwork by Mike Mills will be --- displayed during the Festival at FOPP! Records in Bockburn Street, Edinburfir. I The Best Of Mirrorball, Filrnhouse, Edinburgh, 25 Aug, 10pm, £6 (£4).

The List 9- l5 Aug l99615