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going to beat the problem.’ a ., , r c S c n T lot that this is a manifesto for vam l

A change. llor is it a Ricki lake-style true life confessional. The simple fact M IS'l‘ TH E A'l‘li l) (20 M |)/\ NT rs, drug use holds heartbreak and F m, M k “mm”, “Gland

II I d humour ine ual measure. ‘lleroin s q The European Capital for Culture for the year 2000

addiction can be bleak and

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The more serious the situation, the

If you are taking a drug [OT a long funnier it can b8.’ Based on the short story by Nobel Prize Winner Isaac Bashevis Singer. Performed in English. time it becomes like a romantic Fleet’s show covers everything from . , ‘t , relationship. You mourn its passing.’ cigarettes to heroin: how he got , Smg‘f" 5 “9m Kamor S

- This honest approach may be started, the depression, the obsession 'mpass'oned . CW.” Theatre nfashionable, but Aussie comedian - and the comedy. ‘When I was "allative 3" . .«’ brings the

reg Fleet knows his subject. Ten smoking lots of marijuana we would combine with the ’9 . " universal human Years In A Long-Sleeved Shirt, the title hold bong olympics with stopwatches excellent cast 5” _ " \l condition to life. f his new routine, is a reference to and marks for artistic impression,’ he 'WWM“ '

is own heroin addiction. recalls. ‘The same sort of humour “Touching stunning superb" Chm 0 Sun M H St d.

‘Drug addicts don’t generally wear T- exists in hard drugs as well.’ (Stephen _ ' _ ' ‘g or," 0"“ _ u "’5’

hirts,’ he explains. ‘lt’s because of llaysmith) 31 AugUSt 9pm (21'00) 37 my 00d Road venue ‘69 he track marks.’ And kicking the Ten Years In A long-Sleeved Shirt,

abit can leave a gap. ‘Whatever bad Greg Fleet (Fringe) Gilded Balloon '1‘ 5 Ar 1‘ n LU DOWY

things there are about the drug, there Studio (Venue 38) 226 2151, $31 Aug, z re things you are going to miss. llntil 7.45pm, £7 (£6).

FROM krultotu, polund The City where Art is Religion


A visually stunning production ' directed by one of Poland’s 3‘ _

leading directors. Superb cast ' , delivers an exceptional and

unconventional interpretation .

of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. 3' A 3 - 4. ‘1...“83

Moray llouse Studlos. 37 Holyrood Road - Venue 169

12-25 August - 6.30pm (18.30)

l{()l.()M'l'l /\ (Il'l'l' 'I‘Il EA'I‘R F. UKRAINE

.. _ r , Greg Fleet: an injection of humour H U r S U 1.1 S A R ~ .. ‘r. The play is a fascinating and in-character moment. ‘Everyone has COMEDY PREVIEW seen characters like that already.

They were done to death on television PI during the 70s. Also, we don’t want to

mock women for being stupid. We just like being weird. Mainly,’ she adds, revealingly, ‘we just base our

characters on people we meet.’ This promises to be eagle-eyed Moray House Theatre. observational humour of the snappiest Canongate/St lohn's St. - Venue 167 ' - - - va'iety’ (camona cum) 1 ' 1 AU USt ' -1 m (1 o1 ) Box Office: 01 1 6 0102 533;”3333;332:332?!" be Planet Pussycat (Fringe) Mel and Sue, 9 3 g 5 5p 7 5 3 55

Pleasance (Venue 3) 556 6550, 7-31

heaving with more female comedians than ever before. Very close to the top fgf/ggf' ’3' 28" 5'20"“ “"55 (301.1)th gA'l‘E 'l‘H tzA't‘Itt:

of the heap, though, you will find Mel and Sue. .

The Surrey-based double-act return for their third successive visit to f2 <13 _ Edinburgh with Planet Pussycat, an all-new character sketch show g. featuring a choice selection of misfits ' e“, and oddballs to cheer the hearts of 4 die-hard fans. The tongue-tied post- feminist academics sound like fun, as Q do leonard and Fergus, two ageing Aylesbury rockers. Mel and Sue feel as comfortable, it seems, portraying men ' , ' as women.

But there are a few over-trodden ~ ‘-' comedy paths that new “file appeaL Hill Street Theatre. 19 Hill Street - Venue 41 ‘We wouldn’t want to do bimbos or dim 30" Office: 0131 226 45522 secretaries,’ says Mel in a brief not- Mel and Sue: bimbo-"88 1°09

unique insight into the mystic

folklore of Hutsul's vibrant musical culture. Presented as a celebration of a year in the life of a small village in the remote comer of South West Ukraine.

Following last year’s ‘woman wins Perrier Award’ shocker (with Jenny

ltttzv, trim/um; Fiodor Dostoyevsky’s




9“ “A privilege “Beautiful. ' to see... what - heartfelt, drama is, or r, i .. e chillingly

. ('3 ought to be” > - _' , . " V '1 , theatrical”


/ “Brilliant, unmissable” THE LIST L 12-26 August - 6.35pm (18.35)

HlL‘ l.l\l ‘le l5 .-\ttg_' I‘th 47