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The Killer In You

Misgivings abound with regard to Alibi

Attraction’s The Killer In You, a new \ play set in the murky world oi the phone box sex industry. The subject alone would put many oii. liape victim Mandy places a card in a phone box oiierlng sex, but only to a violent man. ‘Mandy wants to bring out the killer in you’, runs the ad.

Writer lain Jenkins, a iormer journalist, chose to go a step iurther by placing his own cards in a string oi Soho phone booths. All in the interests oi research, oi course. ‘It seemed like an interesting idea to mix journalism and theatre,’ he explains. The result? Hundreds oi answering machine messages and a catalogue oi violent

iantasies which the men concerned wanted to act out with ‘Mandy’. All have been incorporated into the play. Jenkins arranged tor a iemale iriend to meet the man who sounded most ‘violent’. These exchanges are also included. ‘The result makes the iictlon more immediate,’ he says. The idea was to target a younger theatre audience, reared on cinema, TV and Tarantino. ‘lt [The Killer In You] gives the same kind at sensation in theatre.’ Jenkins claims.

in a society where thousands oi women lace male violence every day, Jenkins denies advertising ior violent men in the name oi entertainment is in bad taste. ‘What we’ve done is no more than many investigative journalists do when checking out a story. The play is like a metaphor ior ordinary modern relationships. Someone who is damaged will tend to go on and damage someone else.’ (Stephen ilaysmith) The Killer in You (Fringe) Alibi Attractions (Venue 51) 226 4412, 12-31 Aug (not Suns) 9.45pm, £6 (£4).

Thane again: Macbeth at Ravenscraig overlooking the beach. and hear the witches‘ prophecy in a glade. Arnisenko‘s Minsk

Riv/turd III. and a host of other companies. it promises to be spectacular.



The Scottish play will again be popular this year. posing a dilemma which

‘We‘re not doing a nice twee heritage recreation.‘ says Lilley. ‘it's not the

Theatre will take over inside the castle. whipping up the heat with their

highly visual. emotional style. Bring an umbrella and leave those high heels at home. (Marc Lambert) I Macbeth (Fringe) Demarco Foundation In File. Ravenscraig Park. Nr Kirkcaldy. Fife. 557 0707. 8—H Aug. (not Sun). 8pm. £I5 (£7.50).

sort of production where the audience just sits and observes. We‘ll be submerging them in the world ol‘ the play.‘ Following a promenade sequence. mostly in English. where the audience will watch the battle l'rom fortified coves

one to see‘.’ If you‘re feeling adventurous Anthony Lilley and Richard Demarco‘s Ravenscraig Castle gig in File is the one for you. Featuring Valery Arnisenko‘s Belorussian troupe. who gathered rave reviews last year for


The Killer In You: dialling up real-lite violence






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