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The Stand local comedy club and their first full- scale Fringe show. But this was stand-up with a moral. as the duo squared up to pit brains against beauty and boobs.

Already Breuer, who so desperately wants to follow in Carrey’s footsteps you can taste it, is on the conveyor belt to comedy stardom with appearances on long-running TV show A Saturday Night live and his own ' " ' ' ' . . sitcom, a Home Improvement spin-off 1"“ 3'0"": ‘3'“ 0' ‘0'“3'3“ "5 P""""’”‘~" "W “’9'” “Had Buddies scanning tom" comgdy are in for a twat lllttcllectual Sililliulli‘r-gls "We a“ 03" Cham'ltt- “'0 WM” perspective. this may be regarded as [iiiglliiit'li‘dgruhitltckiivI) may button. but 3'0"!" doesn’t 880 bordering on the anti-female to more treating punters to a bit or

himself riding on anyone’s coat tails. right-on comedy audiences in the tilt, sharp,’ he says. So how sharp’s his COMEDY PREVIEW show? ‘l’ve worked very, very hard on

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‘The highest compliment you can pay but the sheer force of his stage me is not to compare me to anyone,’ presence is hard to ignore. Fans ot

he says. Oh, well. dumb-ass American comed are in for oreuer’s routine relies heavily on a treat. (Eddie Gibb) y s L k 353.9373;twitgynii‘asiiii-iiziww at battle-of-the-sexes material, Jim Breuer (Fringe) Jim Breuer, last year’s Fringe it’ll be even sharper satirising working class America’s low Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, than that. Catch him if you can. (oanny exnoptattons at marriage and 8-31409. 920m. ease/£7.50 The Fringe hasn’t always gone too Wallace) relationships. Given his laddlsh Elma”). well for Sean Lock. ‘The first time I Sean Lock (Fringe), Sean Lack, went up to Edinburgh. the show I was Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, 7-31 a with only sold one ticket,’ he says. Aug (not 13, 27), 9.15pm, sesame/£4

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featuring the flatmates brother Stuart and mend I50) 220 0900. 17, 33—24, whatsoever taking a show to Sean Lock: nice comedy, shame you love to hate. Sam Oakley, tTheir 30~3| Aug. 0pm. £5 (£4). Edinburgh that’s anything less than about the shirt


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