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The index lists every show alphabetically by title which appears in this week’s List and gives the page number on which the show is covered.

A Pair 01 Blue Eyes Jacquerie Theatre Company v 28 A Play About A Chair TFT Pt‘oduciions 39 All OI Me Legs ()n The Wall 48 All Over lovely Claire Dowie and

Peta l.in 43 An Alien Stole My Skateboard 2 lst Century Fox Youth Theatre 31

Animal Farm Guy Masterson 9, 27 Bartleby Red Shift Theatre Company 35

. . BeMyBabyJaek Klal'l' 27,28 Big Bionde Shirley Anderson 58 Bird Theatre For Africa 45 Bosom Buddies Jack Klat‘t‘ 28 The Bradlord Poisoner Wey Valley

Theatre Company 43

Giowntish Serenade Ciownlish School 48 Crossing The Border Last Gasp Youth

Theatre 32 Damn Damn Damn . . . Innerroom 58 Dead IIours Tmu-Na Theatre 45

Dealer’s Choice Royal National Theatre 41 Big Or Fly Pig Iron Theatre Company 55 The Dissimulators The Shamans 45

Elsinore Robert Lepage 5, 9, 41 Exquisite Sister West Yorkshire

Playhouse 31 The Fever Clare Coulter 35 Ghetto National Student Theatre

Company 27 Glamour Shirley Anderson 58 Gimpel Mist Theatre 55 lloolprints In The Sand Aaron‘s Rod

Theatre Group 38 The House or Correction Pleasance 28 The Interview National Student Theatre Company 32 In The Solitude 01 The Cotton Fields

Trivial Theatre Company 43 Inside Uitiander Likely Lass Productions 29 Judith The Wrestling School 41 Iienny Carries On HH Prtxluciions 35 The liilier In You Alibi Attractions 57 King lear h'lardjanishyili State Academic Theatre 32 lady Bracknell Was A Lesbian Broken Dream Theatre Company 51 lady Macbeth Firmed My Buttocks Reservoir Kittens 24 Macbeth Demarco Foundation 57 Macbeth Teair Ludowy 9, 41 John McGrath 1D Murderer Golden Gate Theatre 43

My Solitary Elegance Judith French 28 Orange: Madness Is A Movable Feast ()range 31 Orlando Royal Lyceum Theatre 9, 13, 41 Parallel lines Theatre Cryptic 28 Portrait Ol A Woman Communicado 55 The Rememberance OI Edgar Allan Poe

Vital Theatre 57 Reservoir Dogs Festival Theatre USC 70 The Rough Guide To Scottish Authors

Scottish International 27 The Scooby Doo Generation White Rabbit Cowboys 54 Section II Pallet Theatre Company 32 Showstopper Assembly Rooms 34 The Sisters Scarlet Theatre 38 Snowshow Slava Polunin 34 The Spirit Voyager Productions 57 Star Wars Trilogy . . . Festival Theatre USC 70 tormin’ Love Theatre Company 32

Texts For llothing Lafayette Workshop 43 Think No Evil Oi Ils HH Productions 35 Top Storey Trestle Theatre Company 31 Trainspotting Assembly Rooms 9

Tribe Bedlam ()7. 45 Two By Two Demarco Foundation 43 Under Milk Wood Guy Masterson 9, 27 The Virgin Mary Show Pleasance 34

All Classical Music Explained Rainer Hersch 48

Bill Bailey Assembly Rooms 9, 53 Bert And Will. . . Bert Tyler-Moore and

Will Smith

Bib And Bob Assembly Rooms 74 The Bible Reduced Shakespeare

Company 27 Jim Breuer Assembly Rooms 54 Ed Byrne Gilded Balloon 55 Scott Capurro Pleasance 9, 53 The Cheese Shop Presents . . . Gilded Balloon ll 35 John Cooper Clarke The Music Box 53, 55 Curried Goat Pleasance 38 Dame Sybille Meets ller Maker Gilded Balloon 51 Simon an Pleasance 57 Dumped And Devastated Geraldine

McNuliy 38

Dry Slopes . . . In The Flesh Nick Ball 31 Jenny Eclair Pleasance 9, 53 Fantastic Voyage Gavin Roberts-on

and Andy Taylor 39 The Giddy Rippers Parsons And Naylor 73 Girls With Big Jests Gilded Balloon ll 55

Rich Iiail Gilded Balloon 9, 57 ilersterics Gilded Balloon 34 Dominic Holland The Honeycomb 58 International Yarn Spinning Challenge Assembly Rooms 48 Jedi Steady Go! Phil Jupiius 48 Kidmarlts Kevin Day 73 late ’n’ live Gilded Balloon 67 The league 01 Gentlemen Pleasance 34, 39 Sean lock Pleasance 54 Dylan Moran Pleasance 53 Nothing To lose . . . McBrier

and Mackay 54 Ardal O'lianlon Gilded Balloon 9,16,17, 53 Planet Pussycat Mel And Sue 47 Greg Proops Pleasance 29

The Pub landlord‘s lock In Al Murray 68 The Duality Shag Armstrong and Miller 39 I Stole Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Cake


lians liberg Pleasance 45 Modern Problems In Science Assembly Rooms 58 Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens Counterpoint 73 IIobby Shanks Pleasattce 35 She knows You know West Yorkshire Playhouse

The Stand Moscow Bar 7O

David Strassman

Beck's Spiegeltent 9, 57, 58 Ten Years In A long-Sleeved Shirt

Greg Fleet 47 Paul Tonkinson Gilded Balloon 74 Twelve Ben Moor 27, 28 Thea Vidale The Starr 58 Tim Vine Pleasance 41 Young, Drunk And Full or Spunk

Danny Brown 58

The Kama Sutra Shakti 6 Ilederlands Dans Theater Playhouse 9, 18 One Road/MOB Frank McConnell/

Brigid McCarthy 45

1820 Fifth Estate 34 All Balls And Ito Willy Gilded Balloon 81 Bancroft-Watts-Pellitteri Henry's

Cellar Bar 81

The Beggar‘s Opera George Square

Theatre 79 The Big Bash Graffiti 7 Big Country Assembly Rootns 79

British Festival Ot Youth Orchestras Central Hall Cut loose And Singing The Blues

Assembly Rooms 82 The Japan Experience Randolph Studio 82 Kadish Assembly Rooms 9, 79 Planet Pop Cas Rock 82 Valery Ponomarev Ouintet Tron Jazz


John Rae Collective Henry‘s Cellar Bar 84 Ritkin Plays Joplin Queen's Hall 81 Russian Ilationai Orchestra Usher Hall 79 Gil Scott-heron Queen‘s Hall 79

Scottish Fiddle Music Greyl‘riars Kirk 81 Bryn Tertel/Malcolm Martinueau

Usher Hall 9, 79 Traditional Gaelic Ceilidh Famous Grouse House 81 Unplugged And Unrugged George Square Theatre 79 1947 Retrospective 75 Bob’s Weekend 76 Cannen 78 David Cronenberg 9, 21, 75 Dealers Among Dealers 78 Dragonheart 76 Fetishes 78 llon Week 77 In Your Dreams 77 Spike Janze Showreel 15 International Shorts 75 letters From The East 77 liilian‘s Story 76 long Alter The Battle 78 Mo’ Wax 15 llaseem 76 The Pillow Book 7, 9, 10, 75, 78 Pizzicata 78 Pulp Videos 9, 14, 75 Mr Reliable 77 Pedro Rohmanyi 14 les Sables Mouvants 76 Short Films About Painting 77 Small Time 78 Tarkovsky Tribute 75 tomato 15 Too Tired To llate 75 Trojan Eddie 75 The Van 76 Waiting For Sunset 77 Who’s Counting 77 Burning Sequins Paul Capsis 7O Cinergy ()deon Cinema 74 Circus Ot Ilorrors l.eith Links 9, 23 Endangered Species The Kosh 41 look At It This Way Leon Rosselson and Ian Saville 58 ART

Boyle’s Bronles Demarco Foundation 7, 85 Glacometti Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art

Callum Innes Royal Botanic Garden 85 David livingstone/George Rodger Royal Scottish Academy 85 Pride And Passion Royal Museum Of Scotland 85

Pulling Ilo Punches Rogues’ Gallery 86 Full Festival art listings 7-91

Edinburgh Club Festival The Honeycomb Full Festival club listings

. 9, 92 91-94

The List 9-I5 Aug I996 5