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starting to sweep at least parts oi the city by the end oi last year’s run, the team believes that now is the time tor the Space Vixen phenomenon to take oil.

For the uninitiated, Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens is a iuturistic, glam rock space musical. it takes place in a space age disco bar with the audience Vamplng with the Vixens playing the part oi its inter-galactic clientele. A desultory lunge is made at 3 "illde! WSW! P'Ol'lifle. but by the own costumes out oi bubble-wrap.’ iinal chorus any pretence that this is Comparisons with Rocky Horror are

purist, but the producer talked me into having a good man. gets chatty and the backdrop and blow me, it works.’ happy (“when naysmm.)

As to! the '099 Voids. W8" 08' f°°!5 Kevin Day’s Kidlnarks (Fringe) Kevin ‘lazy lournalrsts’ have lumped him in pay, Assembly Rooms (yum, 3), 9.31

with the laddish tendency, but this My (My 20/29), 10pm, £547.50 isn’t going to be one more man (£445.50),

only a play is over as Saucy Jack’s inevitable but not necessarily helpiul. becomes the grooviest disco club in this is a celebration oi high camp (on, iuturism and very tacky iashion Director Michael Fidler is choices. A ticket to the show also responsible tor the theatre to club allows you to shake your space pants mutation and believes that it will into the wee hours. (Catriona Craig) make the show even stronger. ‘Last Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens year people came along tour or live (Fringe) Counterpoint, 8 Too (Venue 4)

times. Some were even making their 225 5105, 8—31 Aug, 10.30pm, £7 (£5).

Portable Productions presents

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ULA truly tasty food & -. an unusual gift shop.

Mon - Sat 10am - 8pm Sunday 11am - 6pm 7 Grassmarket

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card ads. lie is very tall and a bit oi a 0131 - 229 - 7884 #=

ginger, which makes people think that he is the skinny one and his partner, Andy Parsons, is the short tat one. Parsons, who describes himseli as a cross between Keith Chegwin, Mel Smith and a potato, disagrees: ‘ilaylor’s got a massive gut. It you bend him over it almost touches the iloor.’

Parsons and llaylor who have written not going to be best man, which is

Importers of Mexican Fine Jewellery & Hand-crafted

Parson and llaylor: guts

'0' Alas 50"“ And Jones and silimng also true,’ interrupts Parsons. ‘Then I Accessories Image are periorming this Festival in a buy him a present which he rejects. l 50/778 free/y, g0 safe/y show called Two Giddy Kippers, 8 can’t tell what it is.’ phrase that reflects Navlor’s Barnsley At which point llaylor makes suitably 7-17 August _ 56 HIGH STREET IslackgrtLund. ‘l’n: getting :narried in encouraging noises. Go onnn . . . T10.k40 Ulflgllnlalldflhl hot ROYAL MILE

an em er.’ exp ains all or. ‘so we’re ‘Oh alright. It’s a little china plate ic ets _ , :3 putting that in the show. Parsons has with a spitiire on it,’ says Parsons. ( ) EDINBURGH .EH“ 1TB written a spool best man’s speech (Rachel Evans) C, VB" U8 1 9 (next to Scandlc Crown)

which is totally unsuitable and makes rpm Giddy [rippers (Fringe) Parsons reierence to all sorts oi things that l and nay/or, pleasance (Venue 33) 556

tame! “list! it didn’t’ 6550, 9—31 Aug (not 29), 10.20pm, ‘But I don’t actually tind out that I’m 5543,

Tel: 0131 557 9553 . Open 7 Days

100, Princes Street (0131) 225 5105

The List 9-l5 Aug I996 73