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' Bib Bob’s All New 1994 Show

at Manchester University. where Stex e (‘oogan .lohn Thompson. (I u/ also made the switch to comedy. ‘I don’t tell jokes as such. I just try and be as funny as possible with the lanky body (iod gave lllL‘.. (Nell Cooper)

I Paul Tonkinson (l‘ringe) l’aul 'l’onkinson. Studio Theatre. (iildctl

unpredictable. (Alan Morrison)

I Cinergy (Fringe) ()deon Cinema (Venue 80) 0950 682 I73. ll—25 Aug (not IS. 22). llptn. £5 (£4).





Back in the days when light first spilled through a projector and threw images up on screen. short films were part of an all- encompassing variety programme. A century on.

The swearing, shouting, censorious Jewish Glaswegian is back, all bug- eyed and bilious. Jerry Sadowitz, that aggressive Droog ol the comedy circuit, returns with partner-in- comedy Logan Murray to torpedo through a series of ‘X-rated sketches and semi-improvised stull’ - although Sadowitz would say he’s never been away.

“Anything I do is ignored by the press as a rule,’ he says curtly. The tact that his ‘all-new’ show stems from 1994 is testament to the tact that he has not been completely inactive since his flawed television series way back when. Just tairly inactive.

‘We’ve been dicking around on the circuit,’ says Murray, by way at explanation.

The two met back in 1984 and have collaborated casually over the years, including a spell as the Fabulous Falling Over Brothers which involved impressions oi both Turner paintings portrayed in spit and famous people tailing over dead or committing

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Bi: and Bob: ottensive as luck

suicide. llow they’ve moved on to even higher quality entertainment, heckling their audiences and using those bad sweary words.

‘It Jerry is Joan Collins in Dynasty, then l’m the boring blonde one,’ says Murray. ‘The nice thing is that nobody gets to play the straight man and Jerry otten insists on being the butt oi the joke.’

In short, they’re completely oliensive and utterly hilarious. llot that I’d know because I’ve always ignored Jerry Sadowitz as a rule. (Fiona Shepherd) Bib And Bob’s All New 1994 Show (Fringe), Assembly Rooms I Venue 3) 226 2428, 9-31 Aug, 11.45pm, £7. 50/ £8. 50 (£6. 50/ £7. 50).

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383' Dal]

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This superb Scottish restaurant has beten the recipient of many awards for excellence since being established in NW. The newest award is a Michelin Red M, an award never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant.



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it's back to those roots for one of the more distinctive late night cabaret clubs at the Fringe.

Cinergy has been pepping up London's nightlife since last November with a fast- llowing mix ol‘comedy. quizzes. big screen computer games. live music. bizarre bingo and short lilms by students and independent producers. Praised by 'lime ()III for the way it ‘stripped lilm societies ol their dusty old reverence‘. the Cinergy experience moves north to the Edinburgh ()deon. determined to cram its entire surreal oeuvre into twelve shows.

Hosted by l'ormer lVUI'lI presenter Alan Connor. Cinergy glides along with the slickness of a TV show. The bars open late. the seats are comfy. but the rest is totally

. romuusou

A Salford pub probably isn‘t the best place for a bright young undergraduate to begin his standup career. but [his is precisely where physical l’unnyman Paul Tonkinson earned his comedy spurs. So traumatised was he by the locals heckling him to drop his kecks that he didn't do another gig for six months. These days. it's actually such slices ol‘ northern life that pepper his act. a pop-eyed display of flat cap family life and a kitchen sink cartoon come to life.

‘A lot of it's about the fantily.‘ says Tonkinson. ' because that's the thing that shapes you \\ hen you're growing up. ()l‘ course. when things happen you don't think. “Hey! That'd make a great routine in ten years time." They just happen.’

Scarborough born. Tonkinson studied drama

flied: coma-n- 2'21; 5109

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Paul Tonkinson: lanky beanpole

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