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,, crystal clear fashion by . . .. . ... . A. the London Philharmonic THE BATTLE ZEL'IJ'i'ngi'g;)'"“""“’ _-.. r . . r“ :3. if? Oldies“. DCMiI'C Four years of filming I Dealers Among Dealers . Kb [,f condenscs lhe Sior)’ 0f condensed into four hours Filttthtiuse. |5 Aug, - —— - "' "Obie DO" 1095‘s moral of screen time. yet this is 3. lspm; 34 Attu, 7,3t)pm_ Vivian Wu writes l’lBT own destiny in The Pillow 300k destruction at the hands of a film filled with a sense £6 (£4). 6 ' °I "‘5 gypsy dime” ""0 a of inactivit . The small g‘aiheetzai: “SW60 mimics» Wiih lht’ town of Altyes Lager iii * * * * . y PaSS'OnS conveyed '" East Germany has a long appmthable ".898 Since The, conk' “(unboyam SCSIUWS and history linking it with the m "1,9,. . ., While "I3 ‘ec'lnlcal exaggerated eye military and. since l945, * ‘k * THE P|Llow confidence with which he builds up movements. This gives has housed the occupying . the multi-faceted visual overlay is the fill" a Strong sense of Russian Arniy. When P|ZZ|CATA Peter Greenaway’s stunning, taken even further than in Prospera’s PP“ and- '" Ge'a'd'm‘ Withdrawal begins in the A" Almeria", mm", sumptuous and sensual film takes its Books and surely points to the future Farm," 3 8“" Who?) “3"? 90-i- ”‘9’ Gem?“ mum.S bch‘ind enc‘m). title from a 1000-year-old milestone in of film syntax in this multimedia age. p;$;;;3:;;‘§g;;g',m a” f,“”",""3‘ffi "‘3‘ , lines in southern Italy in Japanese literature, a secret tome in In total, it’s a remarkable pleasures. No, a los, 3:32;; $512112? I943. His Italian origins which female courtier Sei Shonagon achievement, though a more assured ctasstc. but fu||-b|00dcd depends on Russian Innkc it Possible fur a confided her deepest desires. This central performer than Vivian Wu entertainment nonetheless, custom The SOldie,S "in" mm") in Shelter legacy is filtered into a story of would have earned a fifth star. Always (Alan Morrison) themselves are soon "'f‘." bf” ".5 "9‘ '.""S modern Japan, where the oedipally an articulate explicator of his own I cam... Fttmhouee t 5 disillusioned as they hm"? "*"9 Fifv'd?“ f“? ~ two daunhtels and lllculs challenged heroine becomes fixated work, the director will be in Edinburgh Aug. 8pm. £6 (£4). Also Mum ‘0 h0"‘€""‘d . the jealocusy or a em". on sex and calligraphy - if not the day after the screening to offer a (with Black Narcissus) Wab'c ‘0 COPc ""11"? "'“Y This it- man... ,-,‘,.,,,,,,tlc calligraphy as sex - as part of her own Scene by Scene dissection. (Trevor City C numbers. '6-18 ‘" “‘0 POS‘:C"'T""""}" to rival the success or I/ "gage" ac‘ of cfuflon. Johnston) Aullt IODm. “CC- worlcll‘ Tit Lotzlj‘t.l)l:_:'n ‘r I’uxlilm. The ltllliilltitls Exquisite oriental design and a The Pillow Book, Cameo, 13 Aug, ' ' -' figfifinfon are beauty or l’i:.‘it'u!u's

cinematography. all natural warnl lighting. impresses immediately. However. it's the carefully observed rituals which provide the l'illn's deep. lasting beauty: blood- letting. the launch ol‘ a

narrative structure firm enough to 7.30pm, £6 (£4); Peter Greenaway communicate the welter of ideas (the Scene By Scene, Filnlhouse, 14 Aug, Japanese kanil, for instance, as image 8. 15pm, £8 (£4).

undergoing a search for identity and purpose. That the barren days in Altes Lager are finally regarded as “the best ol'lilnes‘ is a sour thought indeed for the new Europe. (Alan righgoaiter The Battle 29”” WW“; ,, _. anquetmg .tl tlesto. Hmhousc‘ I3 AUg' music 'lllti d'mcinn 7.30pm. £6 (£4). _. ‘. I f“, . signllltantly dances ol

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The darker side of sexuality is revealed in Fetishes

. . . One of those rare gems Gaylen Ross. the director DOCUMENTARY curiosity is teased by bizarre sights of that eettid only be or this docunietitary. . - sexual submission; then, as the unearthed on festival played the female lead In sessions become mow ggaphic and ground, Small 77”“! Dawn ()fT/it’. pearl. Some FETISHES the confessions more candid, we nwnascs ‘0 Cn'nb'nc in 3b“??? "f “"5319 ,m notice a darker current of desperation 5P0"“’"”°"5' ""PmV'Wd ,‘T‘:"g"; Vol.1. 1'?) , I, ,H. After profiling ‘llollywood madam’ seeping through. 'f‘f" °"‘d“_‘ff".‘g . - m" ' , u f" ,‘f ,‘ ‘. .‘j . characterlsatlolis. line AHW'A Bum” burl-“5 J ".m “at”, Nick Bmommmis next A Wall Street broker sllps away from acting and a groovy Wk {cw Zombie.- tn its own foray into the sleazy underbelly of his high-powered job for a lunchtime mundtmck (with - way. Set among the modem-day America is this two-month session depriving himself of oxygen in generating use or the wan- Jewish-dominated long squat in the private rooms of a a rubber suit. A Jewish man wants to wah pedal) all for an diamond trade in NW , llew York 88M parlour. The filmmaking create a concentration camp scenario alleged budget of £5000. York. this impressionistic style is archetypal Bloomfield - he in which he’ll receive racial slurs from A “y-On-thc-Wall look at m'“ “9053‘ "‘9 "'“ma‘c Puma“ Polis'rto Lame, asks questions, a woman in llazi regalia. This isn’t ggnfigh‘z’lfif'figc‘g2; ' prov est voiceover - prompting prostitution, it’s sexual, emotional, . . , ' _' . . R " t t' the dominatrices and their clients into psychological and socio-political hf;:§r:;m(::flfm'érc I s a r dredging up the earliest roots of their therapy taken to extremes. And ,.,,t,‘.;,,.,,,‘ or Mike Leigh - particular perversions. sometimes the depth of degradation is with cheeky humour and a * * * * * ummssable Asthe director wins everyone’s frightening. (Alan Morrison) mischievous- and * * * * very good confidence, we’re gradually allowed Fetishes, Cameo, 14 Aug, 10.15pm; unpretentious attitude to . illillpses of what goes on behind “an168, 21 Aug, 10.30pm, “(24). nttnmakins- Atic_r years * * * Worth 599'"9 closed doors. Pleasure and pain, Nick Brownfield Scene By Scene on if“ 1% * Below average ’0'" and humiliation - "I. ""08 a“ . Fatlmsr FIIMhamr uAugr 6pm: Rmmicly is billed Will] * clearly drawn. At first we giggle as our (£4I- Slim/l nine director-star

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