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The syncopated ragtime style is one of the great progenitors of early j azz. as well as a vibrant musical form in its own right. and pianist and composer Scott Joplin is its most fatnous exponent. He died neglected lll l‘)l7. bttt his music found a new audience through the soundtrack of The Sting in I973. It led in turn to a revival of serious interpretations of his work. headed by pianist Joshua Rilkin‘s fatnous recordings for the Nonesuch label iii the 70s. Rilklli has" gone on to build a second reputation as a conductor. but Joplin's music retnains on his agenda.

'lt became something of a hobby for me. then took off in wavs I could never have imagined. I like music which is elegantly wrought. which has a depth of feeling to it. and in which that feeling is accessed through the elegance of its making. and Joplin‘s music certainly fits such a categorisation.‘ (Kenny Mathieson) I Billtin Plays Joplin (Fringe) Joshua Rilkin. Queen's Hall (Venue 72) 668 ZOI‘). (5 Aug. 7.30pm. £5/£9.50 (£3/£7.50).


The Acoustic Music Centre is no more long live the Famous Grouse House! Next door to the old AMC. Scottish International are putting on a programme of events celebrating the internationality of Scottish culture. including a broad swathe of concerts. ceilidhs and dances. There you cant hear New Zealand harmonica virtuoso Brendan Power.

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songi ihbel McCasitIli at the Famous Grouse ilouse

English guitarist extraordinaire John Renbourne. and weel-kent artists like Michael Marta and the Poozies.

New arrivals Seelyhoo and Burach vie with established veterans Dick Gaughan and the MacCalmans. and ceilidh dance bands include Hugh hrlacl)iarmid's Haircut. Salsa Celtica. Deaf Heights Cajun Aces and the perennial Robert Fish.

The National Gaelic Arts Project takes over a block ofconcett dates. and presents a once-only event with the superb litte- up of Lewis singers lshbel McCaskill and Iain MacKay. with Capercaillie's piper Fred Morrison. Run Rig's Malcolm Jones. Tannas' Sandra Mac Kay and Fiona Mac Kenzie. and Calum-lain MacCorquodale at the traditional Gaelic ceilidh. (Norman Chalmers)

I Traditional Gaelic Ceilidh (Fringe) Famous Grouse House (Venue 34) 220 5606. 3| Aug. 9pm. £7 (£5).



If you are looking for blistering. no compromise contemporary jazz in this festival. then check out this trio. Phil Bancroft’s powerfttl. sustained invention on tenor saxophone bristles with real ideas and the kind of surging energy found in the work of sax masters like David Murray or Joe Lovano. the dedicatee of Phil's 'l.ovano‘. Bassist

Steve Watts and drummer

Marcello Pellitteri make equally compelling contributions to the group interplay on a mixed set ofjazz standards and Phil's tunes. Not to be missed. but the audience (and staff) noise levels by the end were unacceptable at these prices. (Kenny

M athieson)

I Bancroft-Watts- Pellitteri (Fringe) Henry‘s Cellar Bar (Venue I62) 22l l288. until I0 Aug. l()pnt. £7 (£5).



He's back. Again. For ‘something like' the fifteenth time. John ()tway will be setting out his stall at the Fringe as

. ‘rock's greatest failure'.

And he seems confident his loyal posse of fans will be there to greet him. 'lt’s almost become like panto now. Everybody knows what to expect. and everybody knows the words to absolutely everything so we all have a good time without me having to do much work.’

For the uninitiated. it should be noted that the Dru/r 72'Icgrup/i called ()tway's cheerful brand of musical mayhem ‘one of the funniest. oddest and most entertaining shows on the road'. though the roadie who recently broke his ankle jumping off a ladder during the ‘Crazy Lemmings" section of ()tway's ‘Crazy Horses' might be less amused. The plaster won't be off in time for Edinburgh reckons ()tway. ‘so we're just going to make him head-butt breeze-blocks insteath This year's show will also feature ()tway’s ‘ambidestrous' two- necked guitar. ‘just to prove that I can play the guitar as badly with both ltands.' (Sue Wilson)

I All Balls And Ilo Willy (Fringe) John ()tway. Gilded Balloon Theatre (Venue 38) 326 2 IS I. 9—]2 Aug. l0.45pm. £6.50 (£5.50).

John Otway: lust say no to

the lemmings bit

Acoustic Mania

Antonio Forcionc & Neil Stacy

Scottish Fiddle Music

Following the success of last year's Inclusion of traditional Scots song in the official Festival, this year the spotlight illuminates the Scottish fiddle tradition.

Bonnie Hideout (what a name!) and Jerry Ilolland are Ilorth Americans, the message being that you don’t have to be Scottish to be a great Scottish fiddler.

The five themed concerts attempt to take the story of the fiddle in Scotland from the late 17th century to the present day (although there are no young folk-band fiddlers represented).

The first concert is titled ‘Scotland Takes up the Fiddle 1670—1770’, and performed by Iiideout with Borders fiddler lucy Cowan, who actually inherited the violin of the legendary 18th century Perthshire genius Ileil flow.

‘The Age of Patronage 1770-1831’ pairs Maureen Turnbull with American- resident Scot Alasdair Fraser, and the latter will pair with Itideout for the ‘ilighland Inheritance’ concert. The penultimate event looks at the north east tradition, including Scott Skinner,

Douglas Lawrence, Alastair liardigai

Alasdair Fraser: fiddle demon

Paul Anderson, while the final event brings two of the most dynamic contemporary soloists, both of whom enjoy a good laugh as much as a good tune - from Cape Breton and Shetland - Jerry Holland and Aly Bain. (Ilorman Chalmers)

Scottish Fiddle Music (Festival) Greyfriars Kirk, Candlemaker Row, 25 5756, 13, 17, 19, 24, 27 Aug, 10.30am £10.

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Corner Broughton Street and East London Street 23:30 - 3.00

13-235 E “x3888 mils-mam £353.48; 505...... ULOIJICI ."'—0 '0 "332092": 5.200‘10 CE“ :“hs-rso— GEBPIC‘IN‘: sass-cam; C>s.:—C\lN "E'c’jcusoco 2.30533: acc<<<

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Venue 90

£5 (£4)

The List 9- l 5 Aug I966 81