BARBARA BOYLE doesn't sell The Big Issue, but she’s been homeless, and she‘s involved with the organisation. llow she's embarking on a musical career - her debut 00, Young Girl (In The Streets comes out this month, and you can hear her play at The Big Bash, the first at three Big issue Festival events, all designed to get vendors and other homeless people involved in performance, as well as raising money tor the organisation. Other pertormers include eclectic singer Jane Bom-Bane and horny-mouthed musician Earl Okin, with Graftiti’s eccentric host Pete Simpson as compete. The Big Bash At Graffiti (Fringe) The Big Issue In Scotland, Graffiti (Venue 90) 557 8330, 9 Aug, 10.30pm, £10 (£8).

EWAN MGGBEGOB is not renowned for his shyness kit off in Sear/er And Blue/t. kit off with Diane in Trains/wrung and now kit most definitely off in Peter Greenaway's T/ie Pillmt' Bunk. As bisexual. multi-lingual translator Jerome. he becomes Vivian Wu's lover by proving his skills at calligraphy. before volunteering his body as a writing pad for her novel. 'lt's interesting that now Ewan is leaping to great heights in Hollywood. The last film I made had Ralph Fiennes and Julia Ormond.‘ reckons the director. 'so maybe. who knows. there's some secret line of success here.‘ A nice thought. but remember - in The Baby OfMuyml. Greenaway had Fiennes gored to death by a cow. while his plans for McGregor involve a full-body flaying. (Alan Morrison)

The Pil/mi' Bunk (Film Festival) Carrier), [3 Aug. 7.30pm. [6(1’4).

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PIPEFITTER Is one ot the powertul new pieces trom In Praise 0! The Iluman Spirit a new exhibition of bronees by Jimmy Boyle. Violence, imprisonment and release are key themes in his work - which also includes the autobiography A Sense 0! Freedom. Former gang- leader Boyle was once known as ‘Scotland’s Most Violent Man’, and spent much of his youth in jail betore a spell at Barlinnie Special Unit in the mid-1970s enabled him to develop his talent tor sculpture. See Festival Art section.

Boyle s Bronzes: In Praise 0! The Iluman Spirit (Fringe) Jimmy Boyle, Bemarco Foundation In Edinburgh I Venue 22) 557 0707, 5-31 Aug, 10am—6pm, tree.


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The List would like to thank all those who appeared at the Opening Festival Party at the Traverse Theatre:

I Jeremy Robins - Slippery When Wet Bath time will never be the same again.

Bet'k's Famous Spiegellenl. / 9—23 Aug.

Jeremy Robins - Slippery When W I Mapapa Acrobats From low-down limbo dancing to high-jinxs of human pyramids the Mapapa Acrobats beam. bounce and backflip to the Benga beat.

Pleasant'e. Thurs 8—3/ Aug.

I The Space Invaders Enough of the 70s it's the 80s revival. A cavalcade of non-stop hits from the decade of Duran Duran.

Gilded Ballrmn Sludiu. Fri 9 and Mrm /2 Aug. 28—31 Aug; Gilded Ballrmn Late 'n' Lire. Tue [3—16 Aug. 26 and 27 Aug.

I The Gadtlys Schmokin‘ blues and hip-gyrating jazz. Blisteringly funky. fast and furious. The Gadllys heat up the Festival.

Bet'k's l’anmus Spiegellenr. Wed 7—SaI /0 Aug. 26—28 Aug.

I The Sativa Drummers

Pounding beats from the masters of rhythm.

The Fringe Club. Tue / 5 and 22 Aug.

Plus club grooves from Tackno‘s Trendy Wendy and Big Beat.

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GREENCINCER alcoholic soda

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