‘A man tied w it his own oanpoeflon’ New work from ADRIAN WISZNIEWSKI



‘Arciflciel landscapes and

eccentric ladden’

A new British Council exhibrttm of Works on Paper (l946-l995) by EDUARDO PAOLOZZI

plus maquettes for his major new commission for the University of Edinburgh

8 August-8 September Mon-Sat Ill-5, Sun 2-5


93 West Bow, semi Elli ztltl Tel: 0131 226 7460


12th Summer Festival Exhibition

Paintings by over 60 contemporary artists from Scotland & abroad inc. Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Romania, Russia, Ukraine & the USA with sculptures in bronze, marble & wood, ceramics, jewellery, wooden boxes & prints.

5th-31st August 1996 Mon-Fri 10.30am-6pm; Sat 10am-5pm


TELEPHONE/FAX 0131-556 2181



Poetry and fabulous slides for children and adults


a? W ‘..!.;J.Z.£.‘l£llil



OI3I 225 5366


Garden'; silverworks by Adrian Hope. who has just finished working with distinguished Danish silversmilh Mogens Bjorn-Andersen: a collection of contemporary jewellery from the USA by a variety of artists. and a small selection of paintings celebrating the Gallery‘s continued involvetnent with the l‘estival for 50 years. featuring works by S. J. Peploe. William MacTaggal't. Anne Redpath atld many more.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 892 l. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm (front Sun ll Aug. Sun Ham—5pm). An impressive collection of 20th Century art. including works by Picasso. Matisse. Henry Moore. Hockney and Bellany. plus a recently acquired selection of Dada and Surrealist paintings by Salvador Dali. Paul Devaux and Picasso.

Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) Ullltl 22 Sept. £4 (£2.50). This major exhibition features some 220 works by the outstanding Swiss-born artist. including 85 sculptures. 40 paintings and a large selection of drawings. See lectures and review.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 892 l. Mon—Sat IOam—5pm; Still 2—5pm (from Sun I I Aug. Sutl Ham—5pm). A stunning collection of portraits of famous faces from the l6th Century to present day. plus the national photography collection.

Speaking likeness Until 30 Sept. The Portrait Gallery breaths life iilto some of its most illustrious residents. with this unique exhibition of audiovisual paintings. Not only can you see novelist Irvine Welsh. Labour leader John Smith or comedian Billy Connolly. bill now you can llt’tll' them as well. including a soundbite from William Gladstone dating back to l889. I EDITH SIMON STUDIO Chaplaincy‘} Centre. Bristo Square. 650 2656. Mon—Sat |0.Mam—6.30pm.

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis Mon l2 Aug—l Sept. Simon presents her annual Festival show. featuring paintings. sculpture. graphics and video. backed by the bold proclamation ‘You can see what it is. you don't have to ask or guess' go along and judge for yourself.

I ST JOHN’S CHURCH Corner of l.othialt Road/Princes Street. Info: 66| 6600. Mon—Sat | lam—6pm. Free.

The Great West End Gralt And Design Fair Until 3| Aug. A wide selection of contemporary craftwork. from decorated mirrors to hand-made designer jumpers. with new exhibitors showing each week. I STUDIO ONE [0 Stafford Street. 226 58l2. Mon—Sat l0am—6pm; Still 2—5pm. Living In Eden Mon I2 Aug—7 Sept. Paintings and Raku sculpture inspired by the Eden Valley in Cumbria by artist Lorna Graves. whose work is on permanent display at the Tate. l.ondon and Metropolitan. New York.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY University of Edinburgh. ()ld College. South Bridge. 650 22! l. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm: Sun

2—5 m.

A Man Tied Up In His Own Composition Until 8 Sept. New paintings and prints by Adrian Wiszniewski. highlighting the recent style developments of this exceptional Glasgow artist. See Lectures. Artificial Horizons And Eccentric Ladders Until 8 Sept. A major exhibition of work by influential artist Eduardo Paolo/.zi. tracing live decades of his collage and printing techniques. See Lectures.

I TORRANGE GALLERY 29b I)undas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri l lam—6pm: Sat l0.30am~lpm.

Scottish Watercolours Until 3t Aug.

.}\+\\r\§‘ S o

\v \fik \\\\s\\\ \55 \

Sunhather And Cactus: a new work horn Albert Morrocco on show at the Scottish Gallery

West Highland landscape paintings by Tom Shanks. seascapes by Bill Wright. and still lifes by Norma Hansell. with gold and silver jewellery by Sheana Stephen.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 228 H04. Mon-Sun l0aln—midnight. Danie Until 3| Attg. ()ver I000 pieces of jewellery by 45 major contemporary designers working ill everything from gold and silver to paper and wood.

I 29 CASTLE SWEET osss 2 l 6 0979. Mon—Sat “lam—5.30pm.

Unique And Original Ulltil 3t Aug. The Glasgow Print Sttldio moves east with an exhibition of original prints. paintings and jewellery.

I WASI’S GALLERY l’atl'iothall. off Hamilton Place. 225 I289. Mon—Sun noon—6pm.

IO Years OI WASPS Sat Ill—3| Aug. The Gallery celebrates ten creative years with a joint exhibition of painting and applied art by artists frotn all three WASI’S venues in Stockbridge. Leith and I)a|ry. Work from the sllltlios can also be viewed at Assemby Rooms. George Street and Gilded Balloon. Cowgate.

I ZYW ALLERY 7—9 Bell's Brae. Dean Village. -25 3829. Mon—Sun Ham—6pm. Levan Ghogoshvili: Paintings From Georgia Until 3| Aug. The Zyw’s hand over their gallery space to someone outside the family for the first titne with the arrival of this prestigious Russian artist. whose work captures the nobility and heritage of historical Georgia.


I CITYLAD 35 I)undas Street. 556 7822. Mon-Fri 9am—5pm.

In Partnership With Design Utltil 30 Atlg. Work by, award-winning freelance commercial photographers Stephen Kearney and Paul Wall. featuring still lifes. portraits and panoramic landscapes. I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 22l 6000. Mon—Sun l0am—5pm. Prayer And Despair Sun I I—3l Aug. One of five Festival exhibitions taking place at liCA this year. the show features new photographic work by Pradip Malde. produced during trips to India. Russia. Honduras and Japan;

I KING'S THEATRE 2 Leven Street. 229 48-10. Mon—Sat l0am-8pnl.

The Green light Until 3t Atlg. Documentary photography by Susan Richards. capturing life backstage at a theatre. from local am drums to professional companies. taken during the tinal cue before curtain up the green light.

I PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION CENTRE 68 Great King Street. 4-15 l5l5. Mon—Sat l0aln-8pln; Sun l—5pm. L‘ I .50 (L' l )t. International Photography Sun I l—3l

U The List 9-l5 Aug I996