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For the iirst time, Edinburgh has an oiiicial Club Festival (beware oi cheap imitations). The Fosters Ice Edinburgh Club Festival should certainly cater ior most tastes - with the highest quality garage, house, techno and drum ’n’ bass. Over the course oi iive nights at the lloneycomb, Edinburgh’s newest purpose-built club space, iestival promoter Craig Wood oi In Demand Management has assembled some oi the iinest on irom the linest clubs In the UK.

What sets the Club Festival apart ls Wood’s decision to give the whole night over to respected club names like Manchester’s legendary Ilacienda (the original‘superclub’ - but tor the right reasons), leeds’ iniamous Back To Basics and Sheiiield’s recently

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opened llepublic. Instead oi using ‘big name’ on who turn up (ii they can be bothered) minutes beiore theirsds, play ior an hour (ii you’re lucky) and run oii with ridiculous amounts oi money, Wood is paying tor the toll monty and bringing up posses irom each club as well as their resident 048 to get the real ilavour oi what they’re about.

There’s smoothing ior everyone. The opening Back To Basics night ieatures the iunky underground techno oi Basics resident Iluggy alongside Slam’s Stuart McMillan, while Craig Smith and Colin Cate go with the garage through the back. Other attractions include the American house sounds oi oave Camacho at the Soteiusion night and llocky and biesel’s nu-underground london vibes at The Republic night. Or, at the other end oi the spectrtmr, there’s the Ido’ Wax night teaturing drum ’n’ bass irom Peshay and Andrea Parker. Perhaps the most iamiliar name is Graeme Park who hosts the Ilacienda night alongside Craig Smith and Yogi llaughton.

One thing remains clear - these are all M who pride themselves on being more music lovers than money grabbers, and that’s important.

the Edinburgh Festival may be the biggest arts event oi its kind in the world, but it has never had anything to oiier clubbers . . . until now that is. In the words oi Club Festival patron Irvine Welsh: ‘Illce one.’ (.lim Byers) Fosters Ice Edinburgh Club Festival, The Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Wed 14-28 Aug.


I Silky at Royal Chimes. IOprii—3arrr. £(i. Weekly. Residents Darren Daze (Peaches 'n‘ Cream) and AD. on the party house tip at this phenomenal new club venue which looks like a hotel: two floors. massive chandeliers. httge mirrors. carpets. etc. It tniglrt be outrageously tacky but it certainly beats skanking around iii dirty. sweaty concrete caves like we used to. Dress smartly and arrive early. Pre-club party at Chestet'fields below Chimes.

I Space Shanty at The Attic. l0.30pni—3am. £3. 9 Aug. Fortnightly. Promising night of future funk playing The Chemicals. Goldie. Leftfield. Underworld. etc.

I Sublime at Club Mercado. l0.30pni—3atri. £6 members. £8 tron members. 9 Aug only. One—off Festival date at Mercado for this fierce acidic/trancey/tribal hard house night.

I TLLF. at Club Mercado. Sprii—lOpm. Free. Friday nights have changed forever thanks to Happy Hottr Spin—6.30pm (£l drinks. £10 bottles of champagne) and great. nostalgic music courtesy of Trendy Wendy who manages to get the dancefloor packed arid jumping as early as 6pm!

I Utopia at The Demarco Foundation.

I Ipm-3am. £3 weekdays. £5 weekends. Festival clubbing every night until 3| Aug with DJ Bootsy and guests playing anything from easy listening to funk atrd garage with occasional live acts.

I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse.

l lpm—3am. £3. Price includes entry to Cathouse and Katch. Full of lovely boys (and girls) headbanging to classic heavy metal.


I 0?" at the Music Box. 7ptir— (()prrr. £5. Undcr- l8s night playing a wide range of chart and dance sounds.

I The Cavendish 9pm—3am. £5. See Fridays.

I Century 2000 l lprri-3arrr. £5. See Fridays.

I Clouds at The Venue. (r.3()pnr—- l()pnr. £3 (£2 members). New under le night. Strictly unlicensed. Membership guarantees entry.

I Club latino at Assembly. Midnight—late. £5 (£4). l() Attg and every Fri. Sat and Sun during the Festival. Opening night party for lidinburglr's premier Latin dance night. This year - its third at Assenrbly places the emphasis on Cuba. Latin dance classes on Sat mornings at l().3()anr in the Assembly Supper Roorn with MC Alba. a professional dancer from Venezuela.

I Colours at Club Mercado. ll[)lll-~lttlll. £8 members. £l() riotr members. It) Atrg. Fortnightly. Residents Jon Mancini. Botrey and Kris Keegan for quality house. Watch ottt for Jeremy Healy and Jon Pleased Wirrrmin on the satire night soon! I Disco lnlerno at The Venue. IOpm—3am. £6. l0 Aug. Fortnightly. Your regular disco hosts MC ()tis and (Ms Love and Nick Silver entertain by far the biggest crowd iii the city (800 at the last one) on three floors at The Venue. Prizes for the best 70s attire.

I Earth Iniemo at The Rocking Horse. l0.30pm-3anr. £3. Happy Hour until 12.30am. Goth and industrial sounds.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

I I.3()ptii—4ani. £3. Drinks promos. Weekly. Indie. 60s. new wave and soul. I Energise at Subway. I lprri—3arn. £2.

Weekly. Various party sounds.

I Erotica at Royal Chimes. l()ptir «3am. £(1_l)CJDMT(lIIIglll. £7 after. H) Aug. Fortnightly. New night of house at this unbelievably stuirntrrg new club space. Residents on the night are Darren l)a/e (Peaches 'n‘ (“reatrr Silky) arid Murray Richardson (Finitles Records). plus Al). front Silky. l)tess tip. No trainers.

I FBl at The .laffacake. llprrr .‘rarrr. £4

H) Aug. Exceptionally popular rndie club.“ ith a temporary new lronre during the l‘iesllvttl.

I The lane at The Lane. llprir late. £5. Residents Jon Flowers atrd Key Mc(‘irnley with a wide. dartcc~orieritated playlist.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. lilptlt-aittm. £4 (£3). Two floors w ith African. l.a(tn. salsa. reggae. /ouk and calypso downstairs. losers arid dancelrall upstairs. Sir ()ssie is your selector. dropping the finest in global grooves every week.

I Minus One at The Carlton Highland Hotel. l()pnr~ ‘rarir. £3.50 (free before ll.3()pnr for nierirhers). See Fridays.

I The Nursery at The Attic.

l().3()ptri ianr t5anr during the Festir al) £3. It) Aug, Fortnightly New alternative rock night aiming to ptrt the (on back trrto indie clubbing rotating the likes of Ministry. Nirvana and (iatbage. \Vttlt dritik prorrros.

I 0 at The Mirsic Bos l()._it)prir .‘ianr. £4 before midnight. Residents Key in .lories

(Forth FM) and Billy \\’lii// with a Illl.\ of

cheesy house and popular dance.

I RAW at Negoctants. |()prir 5am. Free. House and garage \\ ith Neil :\lacl)onaltl_ I ROCK Orgasm at The Rocking Horse. l().3(lptii--3anr. £5. (‘lrrnactic nrglit of heavy guitar sounds.

I Sakrade at the lloneycorirb.

llpiri 3am. £8. Still by far the classiest club space it) town. with the highest quality frortr the door arid bar staff to the interior design and soutid sy sterri. Hard house in the main rooiir rs lllt resident Ross chdie atrd funk. disco and garage through the back with Yogi llaughto i. Despite all this. Saturday rrtgltt still rsrr't fulfilirrg its potential. How ever. it's got nrore to offer than most places.

I SIIOQ at Club Mercado.

7.3(lpnr—- l().3()prir. £4 nierrrbeis. £5 noti- members. Busy under- lb's night playing the best in chart atrd dance.

I Soul Underground at The (‘rty (are. ‘)prir~ larir Free. Residents Nick \\'a\ and Norton play R 'n' B. Motown. ('i-Fttnk. hip hop arid rare gr‘oor e in the (‘rty 2, Very busy,

I Teasage at The Citrus. llpnr 4am. £3. Happy Hour llprrr-rrrrdnrglit: all drinks £l. l’optilar indie dance nrglrt. I).l Sarah

jams a superb selection of punk. disco.

Sils and funk fora friendly student- orientated er'ovs tl.

I Yip Yap at in Belle Atigele.

llprir -3arir. £(i. It) Aug. Fortnightly. Residents (jaretlr Sotiitttet'y the and Kev McKay on the .-\nrerican-inliuenced deep house atrd vocal garage \ the at one of Scotland's best nights. Farley and Heller guest soot).

I Utopia at The Detiratco Foundation. llptti-3arrr. £3 weekdays. £5 weekends. See Fri.


I Club latino at Assembly. Midnight—ate. £4 (£3). See l‘ill.

I [live at La Belle Angele. Input—Jam. £3 (£2) before midnight. £4 (£3) after. ll Atrg. Fortnightly. New night front the Fetish/Manga collective offering an explosive cocktail of Heavenly Social style sounds ranging from electro and rap to dtrb. house and breakbeat rrraintaining an underground flavour btrt keepin' it kickirr' at the same time. The opening night was a big success. Future furrksters on the night are G-Mac. l)o|piti Boy atid

quick hits

I Back to Basics First night of the Fosters Ice Edinburgh Club Festival featuring the deep and funky techno sounds of Basics resident Huggy alongside his techno counterpart Stuart McMillan frorri Glasgow‘s Slant. Craig Smith (Solefusiotr) arid Coliii Gate (Boniba) will be offering real garage and tru-soul. sounds through the back . Basics has made a name for itself as one of the country's leading clttbs but has always maintained a resolutely underground edge. The Hmrer't'mnh. Edinburgh. Wit! /4 Aug. '

I Sugar Club Another ‘Festival ()f Dance' with a different line-up of l)Js. ()n offer are the combined talents of Edinburgh's Burger Queen residents Craig and Huggy. and Bubble‘s Marc Jae. The main attractions are however Allistair Whitehead and Tall Paul Newman. botli of whonr are more than capable of rocking the house. The Cavendish. Edinburgh. Wed /4 Aug.


I The Grind at The Lane. I lpnr~3aiir. £3. II Atrg. Fortnightly. Swing and hip hop. I Joy at The Music Box. I l.3()prir--5anr. £4 trienibers. £5 rrorr-inetribers. ll Aug. Weekly dtrrirrg the Festival only. .on frosts a series of mad foarrr parties. Towel and change ofclotltes advised. Beach balls optional:

I The Mothership at The Basement. ‘)pnr~ larir. Free. Chill otrt. jazz-funk style. with residents Gino and Fryer.

I Boots at The City Cafe. 8.30pm -late. Free. Johnny (Rhythm Lab) upstairs with funk. soul and acid jar/.1. and Robbie downstairs with a reggae selection.

I Salsa Viva at Cafe (iraffiti.

ll.3()prrr 3am. £5 (£4). ll Aug. The best If) l.atin datice. Also on Thurs I5 Aug at

I Shake at The Venue. l().3()prrr— 3am. £3. ll Aug. Fortnightly. l).ls Robbie. liric and 'l'orrrriry (Sonia. Canrel Beats) with underground deep house disco on the ground floor.

I Spice at Tire Tap ()'l.auriston.

Spit) Altlll). Free. Techno with residents Bill and Jan plus drinks prorrros.

I Straight From The Pot at Negociarrts. lilpllr 3am. Free. An eclectic fusion of funk. rare ja/J. grooves. soul. hip hop. Br'a/iliarr arid soundtracks with master blender Well Stirred.

I Sunday Ilight Fever at Century 2()()(). llprri—3arn. £3. Drinks at 70p. X()p and ‘)()p. appropriater accompanied by music from the 70s. 80s arid 90s.

I Taste at The Honeyconrb. Ilprrr-3arir. £(i nietirbet's. £7 rrotr-riienibers. Still one of the best places to party in the country. The rtrusic crosses the spectrum from garage to house. trance and techno while the crowd is totally coniriritted. For further details call the 24-hour Taste Events Line on 557 4656.

I Timewarp at The Rocking Horse.

I lprri—3arrr. £2 (free before I2.3()arii).

Classic tunes front the last four decades of

pop. I Utopia at the Demarco Foundation. See Fri.


92 The List 9-l5 Aug l996