After spouting chaos theory in Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum is back in boffin mode in Independence Day. He tells tales of alien invasion to

James Ashwood and Alan Morrison.

t’s the end of the world as we know it. but Jeff Goldblum feels fine. Inde/wndence Day. in which he stars as a mathematics genius whose warnings prove uncannily accurate. has already become the fastest grossing film in history. swiftly knocking off the top of the ladder Jurassic Park. in which Goldblum starred . . . as a mathematics genius

whose warnings prove uncannin accurate. A danger oftypecasting? For sure. especially when you add in his early shots at kooky genius in The Invasion 0/ The Body Snatchers and The Flv.

‘l have seen no other actor who can explain technical things as convincineg as Jeff can.‘ reckons Independence Day’s director Roland

so The List 9-15 Aug I990

Jett Goloblum: ‘makes the Information a part of the character'

Emmerich. who wrote the part with Goldblurn in mind. ‘He makes the information a part of the character. There's also a kind of quirkincss to him. which gives the character so much more than what's'on the page.‘

As David Levinson. a man who monitors satellite transmissions for a New York cable company. Goldblum pr0vides the brains of the film. He’s first to notice that the code the alien mothership is using to link with its massive attack vessels is actually measuring a countdown to world annihilation. David races for Washington in an attempt to pass on the information to President Whitrnore (Bill Pullman) via his ex-wife. White House

Communications Director Constance Spano (Margaret Colin). His good deed for the day doesn‘t end there: before the battle’s over. he‘ll be flying into the heart of the alien craft to place a computer virus that might just give mankind a chance to see tomorrow‘s sunrise.

‘lfl really analysed all the technical stuff. the whole film is a fantasy and completely crazy.‘ says the gangly. good-looking actor who towers over most of his peers at 6ft 4ins. ‘But I had to think about the history of this character. in that he is being challenged by the President of the United States to prove that he's as smart as he thinks he is. So I tried to understand the logic of it all and communicate it.

‘I like what the movie stands for.‘ he continues. ‘It’s about how different people can join together for a common. grand. noble purpose. The alien threat brings out our sense of brotherhood and responsibility. it causes us to connect with what‘s really important.’

What's important off—screen for the instantly likeable Goldblum is a more settled private life following his divorce from actress’ Geena Davies

‘I like what the movie stands tor. The alien threat brings out our sense of brotherhood and responsibility, it causes us to connect with what’s really important.’

a few years ago. Much of his contentment has come from his ongoing relationship with Laura Dern. whom he met on the set of Jurassic Park.

‘Sincc turning 40 in October l‘)‘)2. I have had my happiest of years.‘ he smiles. ‘l have worked on being happy and clearer about who I want to be and where I want to go. Laura is a beautiful and talented girl. and she certainly has brought much to my life. When we met. I was struggling emotionally and wondering about my personal future. Every working Hollywood actor complains that there never seems time for personal relationships - and that is perfectly true. I’m afraid.‘

Nevertheless. Goldblum manages to fit in some extra-curricular activities that might surprise his fans. ‘I play a lot ofpiano and go into a restaurant with a couple of guys including actor Peter Weller [former R()l)()('()// and star of Cronenberg's Naked Lunch]. who plays the horn and present some jazz. I also teach acting in Playhouse West in North Hollywood. Such things are free from pressure and a delight. By avoiding parties and nightclubs. Hollywood does not feel so phony or shallow.‘

Being attached to the two biggest lilms of the 90s has had an obvious impact on his standing in the Hollywood community. Next up. he stars in the boxing comedy The Great White llvpe as a crusading reporter who's investigating the ethics of promoter-tycoon Samuel L. Jackson. Yet for all of the aura of weirdness that he brings to some of his screen characters. it’s refreshing to hear that he still has a little boy enthusiasm for the results of his labours.

‘A lot of people say that I never look excited.

but I am.‘ he says. ‘I go and stand in the back of a theatre to watch my films. slipping in when nobody is looking. If the audience is reacting laughing. getting scared. jumping then that gives me a big kick.‘ Independence Dav goes on general release on Fri 9 Aug. The Making Of Indepemlence Dar by Rachel A/Jer/v and s/fr master Valker lingel is published Irv 77am BOO/(S. priced £8.99.