nights a week. and now the‘man they (mysteriously. some might say) called Sexy Lexy is back in his old home in a this tribute show written by Russel Lane. The man deemed sexy enough to play Lexy is Roberto Bernardi. the international recording star who appeared in many of Lex's shows.


I CUMBEqu THEATRE Kildrum. Cumbernauld. 0l236 732887. [Accessz PUPA. L. ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

80an Frank! Until Sat 24 Aug. 7.45pm. £7/£6 (£4/£3). 01' Blue Eyes extravaganza starring Cumbemauld

Theatre‘s artistic director Simon Sharkey as a club singer who‘s got the old crooner HY "'0 '0 a. “00': Slum sum" '3 "'9 under his skin. The action centres round

5'09" l“ 30'"! "an" The Singer's last performance at the


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Thurs - Sat 10 Aug 96 I Mon 12 - Sat 1 7 Aug 96

Characters live ()1) stage as 80.011011 children's 'I'V What a swell party this is !

'm BOOKCAILTHETICKEH‘CENTRE 0141 287 5511 You might be thinking, ‘The theatre’s not really for me’. But

just look at the range of shows The King’s has to offer. We stage

everything from big West End musicals to Comedy and Contemporary Dance. And when the curtain goes down we like to

think you’ll go home feeling like you’ve been treated to a Royal Command Performance of your very own.

Tue :37 Aug - S2 14 Sept .96 6 LA 5 6

"Nothing can possibly trip this" DAILY ‘l‘l-Ill (llx‘ftl’ll

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