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Psst. Fancy some tips on the hot tickets of the Festival? Well this is just between you and me

but . . .


I Dealer’s Choice A sure-fire safe bet from former stand-up Patrick Marber as he shuffles a top-notch Royal National Theatre cast in this ace black comedy about - guess what gambling. winning and losing. Full house guaranteed. Fringe Club. until 28 Aug. 7pm.

I Snowshoe: Inspired. spectacular clown-show that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the western version with big shoes and a red nose. but that will make you feel all warm and gooey inside. Slava Polunin describes his show as anarchic, and cites his influences. bizarrely. as Samuel Beckett and Norman Wisdom. Snows/tom Assembly Rooms. until 31 Aug. 4.45pnt/ I l . I 5pm.

love and ballet challenged In Shining Soul:

I Shining Souls Scots playwright Chris Hannan’s quick-wilted black farce for our times boasts a talented cast and a multi-layered plot that skips in enough directions to keep even those with a goldfish-sized attention span enthralled. Traverse Theatre. until 3 I Aug. times vary.

I Mapapa Acrobats The Kenyan acrobats with the incredible bending bodies return to dance. tumble and limbo their way through another Fringe. But remember kids don't try any of this at home. Pleasanee. until 31 Aug. 2.30pm.

I Portrait 0! A Vlornan Not your usual courtroom drama here from Scotland’s multi-purpose Communicado Theatre Company. Directed by Gerry Mulgrew and based on real-life events. it follows the high-intensity trial of a young Frenchwoman in the dock for


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Up to scratch: llkeahle Irish/Mullen cornlc Jlnroeln I: rlolng two shows this year

murdering her lover and the noose- happy prosecution baying for her execution. Traverse Theatre. until 3 I Aug. times vary.

I Cannon Funebre Teatr Biuro Podrozy’s take on the war that tore Bosnia apart is a rightly-disturbing. deeply-affecting piece of theatre. heightened by the atmospheric outdoor setting of Edinburgh University Quad. University Old College Quad. until 26 Aug. 10.30pm.


I Phill Jupitus If you don't go and see the man with the name like a planet you'll never split a seam laughing at a shaggy dog story with more tangents than Edinburgh's one-way system. Gilded Balloon. until 24 Aug. [0.15pm. I Bill Bailey The self-confessed hippy materialist and keyboard whizz strikes again with a dazzling array of killer dittys including theme tunes. fllm soundtracks (think Michael Nyman does Pop Goes The Weasel) and Bailey's very own tribute to the boy bands you love to hate. This man is very funny indeed. Assembly Rooms. until 31 Aug. 9pm.

I Harry Hill Egg. Owl. Ch0ps. Door entry system. Cat. Yes it's another act from absurd. suneal. makes-no-sense- whatsoever-but-is-inexplicably- wonderful brothel-creeper-wearing. baldy comic Harry Hill. He's become such a permanent fixture of the Fringe he may as well move into the Castle. But if his huge audiences and devoted fans are owt to go by. he just gets better every year. Pleasance. until 25 Aug, 8pm; Queen 19 Hall. 24 Aug. [0.30pm. I Ariel O’Ilanlon The high priest of comedy continues to pack ‘em in for a post-Father Ted stand-up sermon that gets you closer to heaven. Apparently. Tickets are going like loaves and fishes anyhow. so get in there now. Gilded Balloon. until 31 Aug. 8.45pm/7.30pm.


I Alan Parker The old Urban Warrior has sharpened his sword and is back on the frontlines of comedy with a new. still radical after all these years. act. A word of advice though Alan. lose the leather flying jacket. There’s nothing radical about it. Pleasance. until 31 Aug. 9pm.

I Jlnreoln He probably doesn't want to hear this. but he's cute and cuddly and you could take him home to your mum. Aw. The rubber-faced Irish comic also

' has a rather fine selection of jokes that

will please you. your mum, your granny and your dog. George Square Theatre. until 26 Aug. 9.45pm.

I Radical Graham In a rare visit to the UK. The Martha Graham Dance Company continues to fly the flag for the deeply influential pioneer of modern dance. Recreated by dancers schooled in the true earthy. angular Graham tradition. the two programmes contain a raft of works that span her entire 65-year career. Playhouse. 18-21 Aug. 7.30pm.

I My Friend The Chocolate Cake This lot are huge in their native Oz but relatively unknown here. Not for long. Word of their blend of well-crafted melodies. shimmering pop and heartfelt vocals is spreading rapidly. See them now so that you can be all smug and superior to your pals when they‘re double-chocolate here too. Beck's Famous Spiegeltent. until 29 Aug. 2pm/6.30pm.

I Orteo erl Eurirlice A triple-whammy kind of an affair. with Gluck’s 18th century operatic masterpiece re- invented by a crack-team of leading conductor Christopher Hogwood. top counter tenor Michael Chance and the Festival ‘s favourite dance wunderkind Mark Morris. Orfeo ed Euridice. Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Fri 16—Tue 20 Aug. 7.15pm.

more-co and reconstruction In China: Reckoning With the Post at the Fulturket




Getting their kicks: Kenya‘s Hagan Acrobats are back


I Reckoning With The Past Discover the contemporary art of China. Taiwan and Hong Kong in a stunning show that blends nostalgia with a wicked line in irony. City Art Centre. until 5 Oct.

I Glacouettl Last week of this blockbuster exhibition celebrating the great 20th century artist whose famous skinny bronze figures are affectionately remembered for their one-time star appearance in a Royal Bank Of Scotland TV advert. Scottish National Gallery Of Modem Art. until 22 Sept.

I Breaking The Waves Danish director Lars Von Triers’ movie tells of a young Scotswoman from a strict Calvinist community who suffers at the hands of the church when devotion to her husband drives her to extremes. Highly emotive stuff. Dominion. 16 Aug. 9.30pm; F ilmhouse. 23 Aug, 8pm.

I When The cat’s Away A missing moggy is the subject of Cedric Klapisch's funny. low-key gem of a movie involving the inhabitants of a French town united in their search for the cat that got away. F ilmhouse. 22 Aug. 8pm.

I outed lorthlllo Wax Party More from those enterprising night-persons at the first ever Edinburgh Clubs Festival. Andrea Parker. Peshay and extra- special guest DJ Shadow dish up cutting-edge hip hop/drum 'n’ bass in a mindblowing fusion that’s way ahead of its time. The Honeycomb. I 9 Aug. midnight—tam.

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