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Young. nervous and goitig like the elappers. at first I’M/mine qu.\'/I resembled a jet-spray gone loco. Gradually. though. the pressure eased and Bathsheha Doran and Zoe Gardner delivered promising comedy.

Tally is desperate to socialise hut also desperately had company. while live is on a holiday in hell and talking Cosmo. Madonna arid deodorant.

This student show (double-billed with The Candy .lur) definitely has it's moments but litlls‘ down where over- demanding characters relegate delivery to second place. Still. this is a last and lurious first shot at the Fringe. so espeet more of their shai'p tongue-twisters in the luture. (Paul Welsh)

I Feminine Wash (Fringe) Aardvark Theatre Company. Cale Royal .(Venue 47) 556 254‘). until 3) Aug. 4.30pm. £4 (£3.50).


L‘tl'ls ..

Feminine Wash: sharp tongues

I The Candy Jar (Fringe) Aardvark Theatre Company. Cale Royal (Venue 47). 556 354‘). until 3| Aug. 3. l5pm. £4 (£3.50). Double-hill at £6.



l)tirrtlee l'ni\etst(_\ 's Theatre ('onipany nrake their debut at the l-ringe

\\ till a revsoi'ktng ol .\le| (irhson's lilockhuster. replete \\ itli 3| pei'lor‘rtreis including 'lirg \\ttl|lr" \\'a||ace. 'an Irish guy called l’addy arid Rohin

l’er'haps company director. :\llll)l'()\L‘ lludsori. should e\plain: "l‘here’s .l pantomime theme. \\ ilh girls playing ho) s aild hoy s play trig ll.\ .I \.tlli't‘ (til lllL‘ \\.ty Ilollyuood pot'ttayed Scotland and Wallace.‘

Stephen l‘ry. “ho is both patron ol the company arid ~ no coincidence surely Rector ol Dundee lllllyet'sll}. has seen the script arid helplully

(IL‘\Cl'll)c\ it as ‘a hell ol a sltou,‘

According to (lie university nevvspaper. "I‘lle t‘lclllellls ()l pantomiiire. serious drama. ridiculous larcc and penetrating satire are deltly I|l|\|.lptise'tl,i (\hrclt results Ill 'irispired hilarity avoiding monotony ' .-\ dell .lll\l;l[)()\lll(lll indeed. t.-\lan (‘tati lordi I Braveheart ll: Brave iiarder (l't'rnge) Theatre (‘ompany l)l\t‘l'\t‘ Alll'uclltllls 'lheati‘e (‘omple\ (\enue 5| ) 336 J.) I). l‘) 24 Aug. 5 J5pm. [3 r L?)

Braveheart ll: Brave ilarder: no lip service to Mel Gibson

**** ADIEU!

Invisihle Bouncers is a handl‘ul ol'energetic. bilingual performers \\'ll() recreate the complex aftermath of the Battle ol Culloden and Bonnie Prince Charlie's


Director leslie Finlay wouldn’t mind it people start crying during the iinal, tense ‘are they, aren’t they’ throes oi Sabinal. ‘lt’s a bit like a iilm with Cary Grant and Katharine llepburn,’ she asserts. ‘At the end you’re iust rooting ior them to get it together.’

But Sabina! is no ordinary romantic comedy weepie. This is a story oi a girl who just wants to have tun but having a bit oi a downer over the unbearable Scottishness oi being. Disgruntled with a liie clean out oi thrills, our heroine Sandra throws oii her tartan inheritance to rev up the chances oi romance. ‘She has a bit oi a thing ior her landlord so she reinvents herseli,’ explains Finlay. llnder the inspirational guidance oi a Czech dissident ilatmate, Sandra becomes beguiled by his beyond the Iron Curtain and becomes Sabina Vasiliev.

Based on a short story irom Chris

~ a i . Sabina: the unbearable Scottishness oi being Dolan’s 1995 Macallan-winning collection, Poor Angels, Sabina! is getting its world premiere irom Finlay’s Glasgow-based New Stage Theatre. ‘lt’s about how we look at other people’s lives, about our identity and a nation identity,’ believes Finlay. So hankies at the ready, this play could help you get real with yourseli and your nation while allowing yourseli to have a bit oi iun. (Susanna Beaumont) Sabina! (Fringe) New Stage Theatre, The Famous Grouse House ( Venue 34) 220 5606, 19-31mm, 3.30pm, £6 (£4).

subsequent wanderings. rising all the elements theatre has to oller.

The hloody gash

running through the centre

ol the stage is a eonslartt reminder ol' our nation's painlul past. hut rlt/it‘ll.’ is no arid history lesson. Rather. it is a slonking adventure story perl'ormed by ttcltit's til the highest caltht'e. enhanced by inventive. masterlul directing.

Few British coiirpanies dare to he this physical or express such intense emotions. (nipping and magical. ((.‘ati'iona Craig) I Adieu (Fringe) llivisihle Bouncers. Assemth Rooms (Venue 3) 236 2428. until 3| Aug. 4pm. L‘).5ll/£3.5() (£8.5()/L’7.5()).

gossips atid name-drops her way through the too- laced \stll'ltl. Iii)|l_\'\\'()()(l-.\ inst ltrll oi girls like Carole. \vho‘s got her Academy speech prepared and is \vaiting lot that e\er'-elust\e call. ((‘latre l’renticel

I Showstopper ll't'lltg‘t‘) .laekie Clune. Assemth Rooms (Venue .‘si 236 3-123. until 3| Aug (not 37) 1pm. L'H/U (£7/L'6).

Adieuh over the sea to die


(.‘arole James is tired ol being a laceless \vondei. Based on the teal-lite persona ()l stltlgsll‘css Marnie NlMill. who provided the velvety voice lot itlltc-(lenl screen \ittl'lels like Nttlttllc “bud and Deborah Kerr. .larnes takes the audience back lit trtne to the glatnour ol the (ills slttmhi/ sci.

.lackie (‘lune turns II) a liver arid conv incing per loi‘niance as James and manages to keep the pace gorrig despite a rather slight script as she sings.

Showstopper: very odd, indeed

* ii a t e llnmlssable * t t ii Very good i i ii Worth seeing * t Below average it You’ve been warned

Rupert Gavin for Incidental Theatre Presents


"at- .

“oursrAirirtG' vorcrss, smmcm. AND venv FUNNY...


(l: L E A 2; 9 N C E l8 - 26 August (ExceptTTiurs 22)

5 5 .5 0 4.00pm (5.00pm) Tickets £1.50 (£6.50)

DON'T MISS THEM” aubung arming ~"W’ Vim Out


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