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more hilarious. hear thetn they don‘t get Biscuit Dunking Man - any worse.' (Alan a vision in white Y-fronts CTGWfOFd) * * * _ and the household I The Tim Vine Shambles object impressions are (Fringe) Tim Vine. The among highlights in a Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 R I. H l . H . . cy lycd at short notice to mmh'pmkcd hour’ In 6550' until 3‘1 Apg' re )l'lCL‘ the cancelled :hiChtfggllt‘tfi: iltngy ily 7.40pm. £8/t7 (Ewan. I-‘Il'itlml/v [ill/1". Cat A 'scu‘ c I. Theatre Com anv’s lVilt‘ll Asdoponcom. THEATRE REVIEW kaels‘ blcyc'e pumps relationship between Lou. glgnefikkafif fisg‘lgeése' a serial killer hybrid of see. hYou won't: stop _ Tlm Vine: boy with toys Elisa“:H‘lmub‘l' laug ing 0” e emlre Take one skull. a Phili K. svchiatrist. Hannah. John John "39'": "l "W "l. a“, hour- Ellaranleed- Dick storyline. add a dash illitlev‘s plav lilfully . (cathenne Pound) of The 'I'crntinulnr for succeeds ill its exploration *‘."““"'-Y “lam”? ll) mcn‘ . "moo." 3“ so!“ * * * good measure and shake of sexual violence and * * * * $0,": 0,00”?! Show (FrmSC) none too subtly. The result exploitation. but is g . ' “5" 3 "d .' L “H J'meO'" and 80b' Frmge is a headache or at least undermined by the kind ol hcc" wccgss'uny. CIUb (Venue 2) 226 5'38' a familiar mélange in slick. self-conscious - translated Into solid. until 31 Aug. 7.30pm. £7 which convict desperado dialogue mm jars Wm] lhc 1:512:11?“ "mum (Pam (£5'50)‘ You get a lot ofjokes for Conger is beamsd back disturbing stlbject-tttattcr. c ' our mone in the new into the ast to estroy (‘ommentarv oil the '.s.t°"" I" A haw” Zhow l‘rotttiast year‘s The Corgoralion's deadly media‘s obsession with An intense and (lirmgcl BU'FbW winner of the Perrier Best enemy. the harbinger of violence combines with bespectacled stubbly (T”l";'2g'(M‘"w .(lvfiw‘ Newcomer Award. Tim democracy and founder of pttlp horror allusion to fellow, John Hegley looks )8) "8 “2633'”; 40 Vine. He shambles the First Church. further confuse direction. Something like ElViS 7mg ("0} l )- - l - Pm. through his set with the Will he do the dirty but the play is ultimately Costello (Some of his “'50 (U'Sm' aid of numerous props and deed? Do we care? Not salvaged by the intensity works have mentioned the songs. one-liners flying. really despite the odd of the performances by man. so perhaps he's a The stage. strewn with flash of tongue-in—cheek Annie George and fan). toys after only fifteen humour. this stilted director lrvine Allen. He‘s a poet with attitude minutes. resembles a adaptation suffers from a ll't'tt'lt Dut'ltn‘ is an the delivery's slick and children‘s playroom. and lack of pace and some admirable attempt to his ditties are witty when Vine seems almost distinctly wobbly cover difficult ground. bttt rattled out quick. You'd apologetic for his childish American accents. Hardly leaves the audience expect such humour to be pranks. yet the audience edge of your seat stuff. bemused as to its real hit-and-miss. But it isn’t. ' v, v. . groan and then laugh at (Marc Lambert) intentions. (Chris Small) Now he's developed a ' ‘aIdnladwn'lng the predictability of his I The Skull (Fringe) Z I Witch Doctor (Fringe) taste for a physical gag. Ch’MO h" gags. Theatre Company. C at A Theatre C otnpan y. It's not my bag. I 9 Good clean humour Southside (Venue 82) 667 Scottish International Some of it‘s still rag- then. and as Vine points 2212. until 24 Aug (not (Venue 3-1) 220 5606. ged. 118 he would admit. F out. ‘the second time you 20) 7pm. £4 (£3). until 3| Aug. 7pm. £6 (£4).

It seems strange that . ~ "1959 “""S 1"“ 50 Jtmeotn and Bob: sauteed

clownish and feeble. when r the rest of his comedy‘s so . h 1 NATIONAL CHRISTOPHER

cerebral 't it I. \l Rt

hih". n-sllglfld fitréfsw * * * * Catapulting topical fears I at. at "5 LS" pass“ over the infringement of

the test. He even “MEN” AND individual rights into the

improvises a bit and does

requests, next century. Visiting

Christopher sees a man

Which is admirebral. qentcnced to death for (Stephen Naysmuh) going against the political

Dealer’s Choice

Mark Dawson as Christopher fails to arouse our sympathy with a

Laurence Olivier Awards

rabble of stereotypes.

I John Hayley - Poetry .limeoin and Bob‘s surreal. , , . In Motion (Hinge) inspired lunacy obviously gram As Chr'Sllosgféim Patrle Marber Assembly Rooms (Venue owes something to the (Mints ‘an app“ d 3) 226 2428. until 24 Aug. Reeves and Mortimer 33::1‘gitffcgeiglzvilghoi'nane ~ rd . ' ht , 26850 ngosltggiziézguse chatter. talk of campaigns Evening Standard Drama Awards 20 " " ' of a counter. household and plans for the future. . objects and costumes. But ThFFaSl aPProa‘Eh ""5 somehow they manage to ambm‘?“ place w'lh , Writers' Gulld of Great Brltaln Awards 3 * * * make it more accessible. elllggumilsm bu‘dlh; “"0” g A and qum pOWb y a 0 characters come over as a Nommated (i :2

Theatre written directly from personal experience alts ays carries an extra edge -- a little more power. Rellecting this. Michelle Meyer's monologue on date rape is a well layered piece avoiding most cliches.

Making the audience think. Meyer handles her own material assuredly.


convincing portrait of the u a condemned man and the w I I y n play as a whole doesn’t Daily Temgmph make any serious political comment. (Claire first) at... RaUCOUS

ng r up or _ . (Fringe) Face Lift Theatre Company» Roma“ Eagle Atlanta Journal USA Lodge (Venue 21) 225

tttoving from club build- 7226. until 24 Aug. up to rape to court via 6.05pm. £5 (£3). 1

I some interesting

characterisation and theatrical devices. Although a number of scene transitions jar and others feel overlong. the _ ,

clearly enough. ()t'l'ering msmmngly teal: menu“ advice to woinen and a may" In 8'0"" l" “awn


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a a it: Worth seeing a a Below average it You‘ve been warned


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