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It you were just seeking shelter trom the rain, then this might have been a bearable experience, but £7.50 at Assembly Rooms needs to deliver more. Simon Bligh, who last year was nominated tor the Perrier with a completely ditlerent show, seems this year to have opted tor the tast track to Butlins.

Painstakingly pleasant to the stream of Iatecomers and scaring potential hecklers into silence by his obvious niceness, Bligh seemed genuinely worried that he might otlend. But this proved unlikely during a routine so Clttsllig iiiulodi‘aiiia and sale and hackneyed it could only have Simon Bligh; Bumns beckons? CiL'\L‘l'ilL‘\\ about lantasics :::fi::"1~‘lllk‘<l :i't'itgl) “It gel

' ° \ UH \L'il \. l. [L‘ ) icn brought pleasure to the few remaining THE RUTH Nu).\,,,,,h, '

champions o, rem, and Jungstwe experimentation, no challenge. Stand . . . sitcom gags, an extremist sect who "9 “medy Should "8"" be this i\)ill'ilsli\:‘i'ii:(hauntI‘ll-(lllliliiil tI’iiiiiiiii'iiii i-‘oyi (i 1mg“ had somehow managed to intiltrate d?l"ess"‘_9- (Chfis sma'll . . . Ruth nutritiil has (\L‘llllCLI‘N iiius'in'n the audience. Simon Bligh (Fringe) Assembly Rooms cxpcricnccd the lot and Will] 3| Augiinii 2:139)

You know [at w'ong AUg, lL‘iix lilL‘ \Ntil‘iti \ lit ilL‘l‘ iiplli. (£4). .- when you are linding the booting 11.30pm. £8.5a/r7.5a/£7.50/£6.5w.

laugh at the person sitting next to you “"“m' "5' " l""""°'“"“

much funnier than the comedian on REVIBW Star fatins {'lf'j“.'°‘.°."“".‘l' CHM.“ * * stage. In a spectacularly City at Love: An uneasy Lil/Ix! i’iiiiZ‘i-iii unadventurous movetor a stand-up, * t t t * llnmtssable ainance irancaise WMCI'N Numb. Bligh recalled his childhood and t t t * Very good ' recounting loyi‘rs lost. schooldays, informing us that he ‘once * * * worth seeing miiim i'aninxics ;lt‘t't\'L‘\ sought. I'L‘gl‘cllcd (and ran into the girls’ toilet’, which * * new“ avenge it's all got a bit tedious. In sought again). Ah. the Just in case you didn't planted an idea in my head. No * You’ve been flamed the end you tool that how great \xliucl ol lil'c kccps know this play was about anemm at invention. no are a group oi aunt turning and Ruth (loos a mental health. the lalcnlcrl pt‘oplc \\ ho can pi'clly good turn hci‘sclli. A AllKliCHCC ik gl'L‘L‘lCd Will] (I surely (lo sonicthing Illnl'L‘ stcainy \yoinan slcaining backdrop ol‘ 'I‘hi' Si'rt'imi interesting next year. anay. this must be pail ol' M II \Wllld haw but” I i(}rani (joi'iloni Noel ('oyyaril‘s (Icy'iscd by Warhol. \y hilc I City at Love li'l'lllgL‘l. disappearing li'atlition » l l‘il‘L‘tltlic Mercury warble 1 Hera|d An el .»\nticlmk\yisc 'l'hcali'c Iau ’iiL‘ti. crinng at the ill! 0th 10 Illstlntl}: . g Barnard Theatre (USA) (‘oiiipany Roman liaglc l)'l'lz;'\ anil lapped lli\ loci (‘hI'IN hi“ slill‘lcd Award Winner . UBU Lodgc (\I'cnuc 2|)325 almost simultaneously. “L‘éll‘lltg hlx HIUIH'S trucks Castlemilk People's 7236. until l7 x\ug. lt)..‘s() Bring \(llllt‘ l'i'icnils and and urinating into petrol Theatre pin. 18- 3-1 ,»\ug. l|.|(lpin. drink some \yinc. there's a ldllks. iiCL‘illlg‘ trapped by . R R i ‘I‘ ‘. . ‘. . o the best in theatre from Clyjcog H” (M " m" :}§::;,“\'{lfi,’,{[:')"” "“" iiitriiiriiiii-.i‘iiiiiiithk Castlemilk to California GAGGING WITH MINCE & COMEDY REVIEW "WWI? 3"" "'9 I'm“ “’i‘i‘lE‘IE', 2"“; l” W”? ( -iiiigci til i Arno ti and unit. to . pot ilcs cast ol Year TATTIES * * * Nothing liul Productions. cighl DCI'ltil'lll this . Freeway Stage .‘ylomy llousc Kglhlll'cl csti‘cnicly physical piccu Bosnian food (supplied by THE LAST OF THE (\L-niic loin 5560103. or ihcaurc with Vigour but Edinburgh Direct Aid to Bosnia) MBCEACHANS 2:;1illl4.:\iig (no/t 270. 3 l. the sigthinlg plls\i;)ll\ arc Kaos Theatre _ ) 5pm. U) L" too ii [on ( I'U\\llL‘( in a O OFFSTAGE BOOKS CAUGUL A You nnnian‘i hau‘ iL‘S/L‘m. cullccmc wilt (Brian Britain‘s best theatr film booksho ' "‘“l'L-‘l‘l “W :-'"”“"”1-' “P l)"”“'d“”'” ( g p) Dona. O Keuégge’iigx black in Britain “(illiti Ilia" 10 Get 3079*“! P proxitlc many laughs but * * * * * it"mgm- Slil’ll'lcf Timur“ arnassos (Netherlands) |,L.,.L.-\ Pm”, Hm mic,” um [ Company. Marcos thing i)” urhciqu. Thc (VCIIUC 98). 9i '6. Pearl Productions (USA) inatciial is classic stand- until-Aug 35. li).3()piii. WRIGHT FROM AMERICA up gt‘t)\\lltg tip. drugs. \N'til'lh swing tor the L5 “4’- perpetuai Theatre scs ~ but lroni a black outstanding pcrt'orniancc HNE pci‘spcctiyc. . ol Lucy l‘hatc-hcr alone. . .lunior Simpson ( //l(' Milking /.Hl‘(’ is a classic P'ast'cene /\’i'il/ .Ut (int) ilU\lL‘ti the l‘i'lllg'C discovery. ' DQORSLAM owning \\'Ilil gcntlc \\lll(i The entry in the Red Shift Theatre ups .lllti csccllcnl Scan progi'aininc docs ll littlc BARTLEBY (,‘onncry lllll‘l't‘\\ltill\. llhllCL‘. bragging about Scaflet Theatre bcl'orc liiiiiiinnc .lolin iliiliility and ol‘l‘ciisiycncss. Summit hcgutlcti us \\llii ' ' iis isn't for pi'utlus. but THE SISTERS talus ol l-rank Bruno and it is a null-written.

7:84 Theatre (SCOtIand) tlic ()lyinpics Host act by llioughtl'ul analysis of \l.\ THE WAR lN HEAVEN mil“ is .\l.incunian Rogci litlinbtii'gli li'tcntls and

Shocking Pink l). \\llil his casy scally their search for romantic productions siy lo and his ninuiging and sexual l'ultilincnt. It's TRIAL RUN look at l'L'llttH ablc pcniscs. a baulc bctwccn hope and .\'o hum} politics. cyiiicisni. or as one Tmu Na How” Theatre plenty ol‘ lll\L‘l'lL‘(i raL'isni. charactcr puts ll ‘a garlic .‘ A- my . (Israel) and loails ol' laughs. (.lini ol'chcss \\'llil bodily , DEAD HOURS inn-a liuiils‘. ' VENUE (F" 9 - Sat 31 August) Y Touring I Stand Up Black Britain 'nin language and THEATRE WORKSHOP THE GtFT il‘i'ingc) (ilitiL‘ti Balloon contcnl arc powcrl'ul and 34 (\t‘lltlt‘ 33) :30 3 l 5 l. \(l is th' CiiiiCL'l. This is BOX OFFICE ; (0131) 226 5425 until 3| Aug. l().3()pni. gripping theatre on a low £(i_5()(£5.5()). butlgct -- don‘t be misled

54 The List |(i-22 Aug l‘)‘)(i