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The Index lists shotv alphabetically the title mpearlng a this ureek's List and g ves the page under on which the sheer ls covered.


Adieu Invisible Bouncers

Antlgones 20 To Theatre

The Art Di numbering Asa Productions BoMy. . .BoMyBfiyJack Kiaff

The Bill Reduced Shakespeare Company oosotn Buddies Jack Klaff

Bouncers Aiming The Rifle

Brandod Double Edge Drama

oraveheart iI Lip Theatre Company Cannon Funehre Teatr Biuro Podrozy Catalpa Donal O'Kell

Chloe Poerns lleallng headshotv Pantomime Productions

City 01 love Anticlockwise Theatre Company Closing In Will lng and Mark Evans

The Collected Works or only The Kid Olibec Productions

Contortahle Shoes SPG Associates

Doalor’s Choice Royal National Theatre 9, 35. Dinosaur In My Shoo Ian Saville and Leon Rosselson

Doorslal Colour Clinic

Dreaming Doomsday EUTC

ouhliners EUTC

Elegles For Angels, Punks a Raging Queens Assembly Rooms

Elsinore Ex Machina

Entertaining Angels LookOut Theatre Company

Entertaining hir Sloane Tangerine ' Productions

Everyman Zaoum

Exquisite Sister West Yorkshire Playhouse Tito Feast And After Strangfruit Stageworks The Fever Clare Coulter

Flesh Frantic Assembly

Flour Sables Leicestershire Youth Arts Cherie National Student Theatre Company Slantour Shirley Anderson

God Save lreland Cried The item Sidetrack/Wiseguise

The Gospels Chameleon Theatre Com any The llappy Sang Coos Yankee Doodle on The Hap y Gang

llard As ock Stick It Productions lieadstate Boilerhouse Theatre

Iiic lloc Compagnie Jerome Thomas

The house or Correction MPS

lion To Set Screwed Spotlites Theatre Company

Jahbenvocky Antic Disposition

Jesus My B John Dowie

The last 01 he IlcEachans Freeway Stage like A Virgin Hull Truck Theatre Company Macbeth Teatr Ludowy

Mark Min Dn rAan And ills World

Holl wood Hill Productions

u ng love Prominent Features

Tho les Grey Coast Theatre Company Orlando Royal Lyceum Theatre O'Shakespeare Denis Rafter

Paper Cuts Continental Brechfast Parallel lines Theatre Cryptic

Piper’s Cave Boilerhouse

Plant llunter Theatrum Botanicum Portrait 01 A Woman Communicado 9, OuatraInspottlng Marco’s

llasputln: The llon Devil 2 Theatre Company

Sabina! New Stage Theatre

Sex Tips For Biris Brighton Theatre Events Tho Shani AE Productions

Shining Souls Traverse Theatre 9, Showstopper Jackie Clune

Tho Skull 2 Theatre Company Snowshoe Slava Polunin

Store In A Teacup Bunbury Touring Survlvlng Dosiro Rough Magic Theatre


Target Practice Faux Pas

Three ln Tho errnlng Double Edge Drama Toner DI Biol Theatre Du Jour

Troo Bradford University Theatre Group Upside Down To us Gallus Theatre Visiting Christopher Face Lift Theatre Company

1" 38833333838

833333333 8 33 3333 833 83:

333333 33388 33

a xeeeeaeeese


3 83888

333388 3388

Witch Doctor Cat A Theatre Compan 39 The Wontan Who Thought She Was A hog

AE Productions 71 Wright Front America Pearl Productions 2'] lendo Alartlal Art Show Bonnington

Resource Centre COMEDY

The Arab And Tho Jen Omid Djalili and Ivor Dembina

Bill Bailey Assembly Rooms

oert And Will . . . Ben Tyler-Moore and Will Smith

Simon Bligh Assembly Rooms

Brendon Burns Footlights And Firkin The Candy Jor Aardvark Theatre Company Scott Capurro Pleasance

Slr Bernard Chuntley’s Sang Shoe

Assembly Rooms , Jlnitny Cricket Pleasance

The Cruel lland Di Fate Pleasance

Jenny Eclalr Pleasance

Lee Evans Playhouse

Feminine Wash Aardvark Theatre Company Dan Freedntan Pleasance

Gagging With Atlnce And Tattles Clyde Unity Theatre

Girls With Big .lests Gilded Balloon ii

nave Conan Pleasance

iiiCh liall Gilded Balloon

John liegley Assembly Rooms

llarry iiill Pleasance 9 Hollywood Screams Ken Sharp

Productions 27, Sean Hughes Queen's Hall

I Stole Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Cake Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Jlnteoln Geor e Square Theatre

.llnreoln And oli’s Cooking Show Fringe Club

Milton Jones’ Tho iiead Pleasance

Phill Jupitus Gilded Balloon

Soon lock Pleasance

Nornion lovett Cafe Royal

Judith lucy Gilded Balloon

Alex lyons Assembly Rooms

Mark lAaler Pleasance

Atlas Conceptions Ronnie Ancona and Alan Francis

Dylan hieran Pleasance

ilo Sex Please! I’m Cooking A Curry

Jeff Mirza

Graham Norton Assembly Rooms llothlng Bot Tho Ruth Ruth Arnold Ardal O’IIanlon Gilded Balloon

DWon D'Nolll Traverse Theatre

Alan Parker Pleasance

Parsons and ilaylor Pleasance

Perrier Award

Tho Pod Pleasance

Poetic Cit-licence Hovis Presley

Tho Duality Shag Armstrong and Miller Requiem CMP

Tho SOCOIN llelplng Kendall Mitch Cake 2 Sister Alary lgnatlus Explains . . .

Gilded Balloon

Stand Up olack Britain Assembly Rooms Stand-lip Women Gilded Balloon

Mark Thomas Queen's Hall

Thelve Ben Moor

Thea Vidale The Starr Tent

Til Vino Pleasance

The Virgin hrary Shoe Pleasance

way too hlonde full figure theatre company Words On Tho nun Assembly Rooms

Tho Won Shovr Assembly Rooms

9. 47,

73 5 43 64 43 33 61

338833 8833333

:0 $3 :8

£9 .8

883383 33 3338833


32328238228 neaseaa

hlarlt oaldnln Dance Coupaey Scottish international 35 Yvette oozsik Scottish lntemational/ Demarco Foundation 7 Carlson oanoe Company/Marla Cadena oance Springwell House SC Cocktail In Tho Shy Melanie Stewart Dance 55 15


hiarlt htorrls oanee Conpany

nadlcai m Martha GrahamDanee Company D. 20-21. 35 Range - I From Tho lotus Tomoe Shizune

and Hakutobo

W Di Tho Colts Edinburgh Gaelic Gatherin Scottish let Scottish lntemational

oallhoy South Bridge Resource Centre oattlerlold land Queen's Hall

Tho leggc's Opera National Youth

Music Theatre

olue lloese Beck's Spiegeltent

Alleheile ooYoung Queen's Hall

Freshly Squeezed Henry‘s Cellar Bar

Paul oalhralth Greyfn'ars Kirk

llaydn String Quartet St Cuthbett's Church laddlsh Towering Inferno

Evgeny Kissln Usher Hall

My Friend The Chocolate Cite Beck’s Spie eltent

lleu ork Philharmonic Usher Hall

Opera On A Shoestring Famous Grouse House Orteo ed Eurldlce Mark Morris/Handel and Haydn Society 9.1 Eddie Severn duartot Henry's Cellar Bar War negate. RSNO

Tu White Tron Jazz Cellar

Whose Solo is It Anyway? Famous Grouse House

TheAreeaOtIurder ASunner’sTale

oailot ThenestrearsmOurllves

go 338 33388338 88

8 3333

B, 74,

Flirting With Disaster

The Incredibly True Adventure or Ttvo arm In love



lone Star 74. love Serenade

Mother the: The Turtle-litre

inulholiand Falls

My Friend Joe

lieu Aardnan Animation

Scottish Shorts

SoIe Wother‘s Son

Stealing loan:

The Sun. The can And The Stars Sheet Angel Ilse

33333333333 33333333


99 33333

When The Cat's Anny

rdapapa Acrehats Pleasance 9. Rough outdo To Scottish Authors Scottish



TD Years Di WASPS Assembly Rooms Terry Atkinson Collective Gallery

llelen Chadulck Portfolio Gallery Demarco Eunpean Art Foundation oarhara Ess Stills Gallery

Sateen To Tho Si. need City Art Centre BM Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art

Call. lanes Royal Botanic Garden lienry loore Edinburgh Printmakcrs

Workshop Pooled and WWI Talbot Rice


Reckoning With The Past Fnritmaritet Gallery

Veterans: In Seville National Gallery Of

Scotland Full Festival Art listings


Big neat La Belle Angelo

doing Places Beck’s Spiegeltent

We Was Pity The Honeycomb

The c The Honeycomb The Cavendish

Fa lFeetlval CH listings

9.3.3 3 8 8 33 383338


g :- 33333


The List 16-22 Aug I996 ti