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it t tr iii a Unmissable

THIN] has '0“ his '0” 38 "an" a “can 9", "it"! ‘0 get out * * * a Very good

a mechanic, his girliriend, his best (Alan Morrison) iriend and most oi his sell-respect. jounge, Guinea, 21 Aug, 7.30pm, 4 .

a t it Worth seeing

t * Below average

it You've been warned

when The Cat’s Away

: @ CeLeletg @ opening 2206 August. (p.s. goa’ne ;

“°"“ “W i323:itfiiofi°oiii£im§i the ceiebmtg.) beginning oi World War ii, the :

“flu-6AM (SUNSET AT romantic plot carries greater

resonance with regard to relations

CHAOPBAYA) between the oppressing and Opens Thu RS 00g oppressed nations. This is where Khu- ,

Hopeless romantics will be well 6am iinds its own voice, engaging 2 2 n 6 Aug“ 5t

served by this Taiwanese addition to with cultural imperialism and the

the cinematic love story. There are peculiarly Japanese concept oi duty

numerous thematic similarities to versus love, here typiiied in lisumalin

other classics oi the genre like Bone and llobari’s political marriage, a 0' '

With The Wind and West Side Story. be cynical ploy to reconcile the nations. 5 r with the latter, the lovers come irom Shamelesst melodramatic, Kim-6am . \

rival cultures, linsumalin irom also contains much thought-provoking ,

Thailand and llobori irom invading comment on culture, politics and the

Japan, and consequently they enact a nation against the individual. (Miles 82 500”) B R1599,

love-hate relationship. As with Gene Fielder) @ Ec‘)tr)i)u rng EH1 lHN.

With The Wind, this becomes, in tact, Khu-Gan,16Mg, EFT, 7.45pm, TGIF-phone: 0131 226 3138. _’

a love triangle, a Taiwanese ireedoni Filmhouse, 18 Aug, 8pm; Filmhouse, "elite! being the third part oi the 24 Aug, 1.30pm, £6 (£4). __ ,____- ,,______ ~____, , __ _

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