Jimmy Boyle‘s first l-‘ringe Sculpture Exhibition in 20 years. In two sections, it portrays; "the Streets Where I Lived’ and "I‘he War Zone'. A powerful and eyocatiye experience - not to be missed!

August 5 - 3 I, IOam - 6pm (not Suns)

at Demarco European Art Foundation, St Mary’s School, 3 York Lane/Albany Street, Edinburgh EHI 3HY

Tel :0I3l 557 0707. Entry free.







OI3I 225 5366

festival art


Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by venue. Art listings are compiled by Kelly McMenamin. For details of exhibitions in Glasgow see pages 107-108.

I ARTBANK GALLERY l-‘reeniason's Hall. 96 George Street. 325 5304. Mon-I'll |0ani~5pm1 Stiii IllillllA-lplll.

Alexander Goudie Until it Aug. 'i‘tie distinguished Scottiin painter plucks Burris” famous poetii "I'aiii ()'Slianter‘ from the page and brings it to life on canyas iii this. the bt-centenai'y year of the hilltth death.

I ATELIEH 3‘) llow’e Street. 558 l‘)(i3. Mon~Sat l0am—5pni.

Deirdre Edwards Until 29 Aug. An exhibition of new oil paintings by lidmbtit'gh-based artist Deirdre lzdw ards. depicting tlle trees and facades ot’ Iidinburgli‘s New Town and the sculpture and gardens of Northern l’ottugal.

I ATRIUM TSB Scotland. Henry l)uncan House. l30 (Jeorge Street. liil'o1558 l200. Mon-Sat l0aiii—5pni.

Contemporary Scottish Art Until 23 Aug. An exhibition of paintings and applied art by user 40 Scottish artists including John Bellaiiy. William Btriiie. Barbara Rae. .lohn Byrne and many more.

I OEDLAM THEATRE I In Htisio Place. 235 9873. Vain—9.30pm.

Connie Fairbairn Molt l‘) 34 Aug. Costume designs by lidinbttrgh ('ollege of Art graduate Connie lirirbaii'n.

I BUURNE FINE ART I) l)titltlas Street. 557 4050. Mon- I'll l0ani-—(ipiii: Sat l0am--Ipni.

Arthur Melville 1855-1904 Until 3| Aug. ()i'ganised m coiriunction with The line Art Society. London. the gallery present a colourful collection of 7() oils aitd watercoloui's by the l‘)tli century artist Arthur .‘ylelyille.

Keeley tlalswelte 1822-1891 l’ntil 3t Attg. Paintings by Halswelle created during his time liying in Rome. Also on show. a selection of recent pottery by William Plumptre.

I CALTOH GALLERY l0 Royal TL‘IIXICL‘. 556 I010. Mott-I‘ll |0aiii~-(ipiii; Sat l()aiti--lpiii.

Filty Scottish Artists Until 30 Aug. 'l‘tte Calton Gallery joins in the 50th i-esttyal celebrations willi this wide range of painttngs and sculpture by 50 Scottish artists including John Knos. l-.(.'.li. C‘adell. William MacCieorge and John Maclauchlaii Milne.

CALTUN HILL Still ‘)aiii—7plii.

The 1st Academy 0! The Open Air sun ts Aug. Liberated lroin l)emai'co's gallery space for the day. artists George W} llic. Ke\ ill Dagg alltl I)ei'yck Henley show their work atop (‘alton Hill.


‘A man tied up in his own composition' New wOrk from ADRIAN WISZNIEWSKI



“Artificial landscapes and eccentric IaJders’

A new British C0unctl exhibition of Works On Paper 09464995) by EDUARDO PAOLOZZI plus maquettes for his mayor new (OmmlSSIOn for the University of Edinburgh

8 August-B September Mon-Sat IO-S, Sun 2-5


I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 52‘) 3003. Mon Sat l0airi 5..‘\lltitii; Still noon—5piii. t3 (E3).

Gateway To The Silk Road [Hull 5 ()ct. A major collection of historical relics from Xi'an iii (‘liina (twinned wtllr lidtnburghl. featuring intricate si|\ei' work. ceramics. sculpture. gold and bion/e works. tiitlcli of w liicli has ney er been seen outside (‘Itllla before.

Christina Robertson Until 5 ()ct. Paintings by the l‘)tli century Scottish portrait painter. w ho had a successful career in littiope betoi'e Illoy tlig to Russia to paint members of the Russian

Heartland l'tltil 5 ()ct. 'l'wentletli century Scottish landscape art by \\'illiani Melaggait. the Scottish (‘oloui'ists and many more.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY I'lltc‘ All library. (ieorge |\' Bridge-1430040 .\Ion I'l'l 9am 0pm; Sat ‘)aiii lptii,

Andrew Gilchrist t'nttl an Aug. Recent landscape and still lllt' paintings by attist Andrew (iilchi'lst. inspired by the hull] estuary

I THE CHESSEL GALLERY Moray House ('ollege. Royal Mile. 55b S455. .\Ioll Sat I030aiii 4.30pm.

Festival Exhibition t'nttl an Aug. An eshibitioii of paintings. pi nits. ceiaiiiics. sculpture. ellibiotdei'y and iewelleiy by ineiitlieis ol' the ('liessel (iroup and friends.

I LEONE COCKBURN ARTIST'S AGENT 2| l)eali l’atk Mews. 343 3540. Mon Hi

I 5.30pm; Sat Ilaiit 3pm.

Sally Oyler l3nti| 34 Aug. (‘olouittil paintings of the landscape and wildlife of Scotland. the West Indies .iiid Peru by (iray ‘s School of Art graduate Sally

(I) let.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 2: ZS (‘ockbtii‘n Street. 220 llot). 'l‘ue Sat llam 5.30pm. Terry Atkinson: Histories, Biographies, Collaborations 1958-1996 t'ntil 31 Aug. A t'etl'ospectiye of work by artist 'l'ei'i'y Atkinson. a founder member of the Art aiid Language (Jump. and champion of the conceptual artloi m.

Regeneration t'nttt in Aug. .-\ L'Ullitlitilalne pttttc‘cl between ('ollcctlye Gallery and the liastein (ieneial Hospital. I CONTACT GALLERY Grindlay Court Centre. Griiidlay Street. 22l 0721. l. Mon—Thurs 9arit--3.30ptn; Fri ‘)atn-2.4Spiii.

Stone, Oil And Water Until 4 Sept. An exhibition of drawings and mixed media paintings by Marion Crow'e. Jennifer Macl.eod arid others. created during workshops with artist Miriam Vick'ers.

' I CREELERS 3 Hunter Stttiaie. 330 4447.

ll.30ant-4..i0ptn; 5.30pm -l lptn, Painting By Colour Until .iti Sept. Vibrant tiiixed-inedia paintings and oil on glass by ('aroline Hunter arid John Hunt.

I CYBERIA S4 SS llailmei Street. 320 4403. Mon-Sun llani midnight.

Brent And Jules Festival Exhibition Until (i Sept. Interesting new Ilg'ltl'itln e work by two young artists coyet ing the somewhat di\eise subiect iiiattet‘s ot goldfish and African culture.

I OANISN CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Home Terrace. 225 7|S‘). Mon l-ri ltlaiii—5pin; Sat noon—3pm.

Wiig Hansen Until 2t Sept. A selection of paintings by one of Denmark's most esteemed contemporary artists. who woli the (iuggeiiheini Award iii WM) and has eshibited at major \eiiues around the world.

I OEMARCO EUROPEAN ART FOUNDATION St Mary ‘s School. 3 York Lane/Albany Street. 557 0707. Mon—Sat llaili—(ipm: Stilt 2—~(ipni.

Festival Exhibitions l'ttlll 3t Atig. There's a yei'itable least of art at l)emai‘co's this year. Highlights include recent bi'on/es by Jimmy Boyle; Manresa.

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