SCDTT CAPIIIIIID Is one ot 41 performers taking part In a single show in Edinburgh this week. Scott’s in town anyway for the Festival, but 28 oi the cast - Including Eleanor Bron,

lindsay Duncan, David llintoul, Michael Pennington and lllm Criswell - are flying In trom all directions to periorrn. And the show? 1‘, The ravzoreviewed scourge; oikpo‘enn: and ; songs, Iegies For Ange , on s Raging . Queens, written by llew Yorker em Ilussell in Wm WM "mt: I m I“ " response to AIDS-related deaths among his Publication ‘0 860MB”! 10!" ' triends. The pertormance Is a benefit tor the 50th Edinburgh Festival.

AIDS and HIV support group Crusald Scotland, whose director David Mcllally has produced the show, a process Involving lots oi Iriends’ address books, which he says has talten two months out of his file. ‘It’s a very moving show,’ says Mcllally, who reckons the etiort was worth It, ‘but at the same time it’s very onous.’ (Andrew Burnet)

Elegies For Angels, Punks And Raging oueens (Fringe) Assemny llooms ( Venue 3) 226 2428, 18 Aug, midnight, £20.


Front Celebratloni: Richard Burton as Hamlet In 1953

I Celebration! so Years In Photographs Ruth Wishart (Edinburgh International Festival/ Royal Bank of Scotland £30 pb/£40 hb) Describing herself as ‘one of the Festival‘s regular groupies'. columnist and broadcaster Wishart lovingly documents half a century of the International Festival. Her text is informed and lively. but what makes this substantial and well presented tome a fitting celebration is its wealth of archive photographs. With both production shots and backstage snaps. this is a handsome addition to any culture vulture‘s coffee table.

I Us And Freya’s Cuide To The Fringe Liz and Freya Lees (Green Light £4.99) The co-authors of this handy little volume are mother and daughter. an enterprising team who have compiled all the information they feel a Festival-goer (performer or not) might need - from planning a day's shows to contacting the Leith police. Hand-produced on lo-tech DTP with illustrations by Liz. this friendly, user-friendly guide should be especially helpful to newcomers. I Fringe And Fortune - The Iiole Di

YVETTE BOZSIK the dance bombshell/glamourpuss from another planet (well . . . Hungary) is back at the Fringe for yet another triple-helping of hot passion and abandon. And that's just her show. Last seen in The Yellow Wallpaper going crazy in a room with dodgy decor (well. wouldn‘t you?). the stunning-in- all-ways dance diva will be busy this year dodging between two venues: one in Edinburgh. the other at Richard Demarco‘s Dundee Fringe annexe. In Edinburgh she unleashes her famoust intense. untamed performance-style on a black. humour-tinged number called Kafka Pieces (Loves ofJosef K ). while Dundee gets a double-biller of two classic Hungarian pieces Two Portraits and Miraculous Mandarin with a Bozsik twist. If you haven‘t seen the Bozsik bombshell explode yet go now. Even if it does mean a trip to Dundee. (Ellie Carr)

Kafka Pieces (Loves Oj'Josef K) (Fringe) Yvette Bozsik, Scottish International (Venue 34) 220 5606. 12—17 Aug, 4.30pm. £6 (£4). Two Portraits/Mirar‘ulous Mandarin (Fringe) Yvette Bossik. Deman'o Foundation in Dundee (Venue 19/ ) 01382 223 530, 20—24 Aug, 7.45pm, £6 (£4); all tickets [3 on 20 Aug.

JIMMY CRICKET is coming to the Fringe. Yes - that Critics In Iligh And Popular Art Jimmy Cricket, the one with the catchphrase, the hat Wesley Monroe Shrum Jr (Princeton and the good, old-Iashloned family entertainment University press £1295 paper/£3 5

values. last time he played Edinburgh It was at the King's Theatre on a bill with the IIon Polys. This time It’s the Pleasance. What’s going on? Jimmy doesn’t

cloth) Professor of sociology at Louisiana State University. Shrum

am much “3'. rpm 3 comic; M 3m. 1 "k. to b. has visited Edinburgh .every .August unpredictable. When the guy at the Pleasance uttered me the for eight years. gfllmnng Widen“ chance I thought “Why not?” With over twenty years ot and collating his study of that most professional daitness under his belt, Jimmy might Ilit it oil angular of eternal triangles, the “I. FF“... CI’DID. a mmn'anca performer/audience/Cfitic relation- "m" M" a“ "m" '°""'° “mm” 0' “W , ship. His time here included visits to younger generation. lle’s also picked up a tip from the offices of The U5." The Scotsman

his juniors. ‘l’ve been watching these young

mipmpmappon a“ It" "cm" to MM and the Fringe, and the outsider may

I out my own video too.’ lot so very dalt find his (mildly fictionalised) records ~ then. (Catriona Craig) of office conversations intriguing. ._ Jimmy Cricket out on The Road Again Although this is an academic book . ("WWI Jimmy click“. Pleasance its style is by no means dry; its WM“ 33’ 556 5550' mm‘ M”! analysis is extraordinarily thorough; 5'“M;27'31‘u" 8M” £7 (“L and its subject matter should be of

interest to all points in the triangle. Wesley Shrum discusses Fringe And Fortune at Waterstone's West End. [28 Princes Street. 226 2666. Wed 21 Aug. 7pm. Admission free.

The List i6-22 Aug l996 7