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When the easy listening ‘craze’ took oii a law years ago, a silent cheer went up irom all the people who tor years had hidden their iavourite bands at the back oi their record collection ior iear oi derision. Suddenly, not only was it okay to like The Carpenters, Frank Sinatra and Burt Bacharach, it was positively encouraged. llot only that, but you could actually go out and dance to them, rather than shimmying coyly in the coniines oi your bedroom, at clubs such as Club Montepulciano in london, World 0i Cheese in Bristol and Going Places in Edinburgh. But wait, it gets better. llot only were these sublime sounds oi the 50s, 60s and 70s available to you in respectable surroundings, but you got to dress up as well!

Since spinning their lirst Tom Jones disc back in November 94, the Going Places team have built up a loyal iollowing. the dub was based initially at the MGM cinema, where cocktail dress-clad ladies and lounge-suited gentlemen were treated to classic iilms such as Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Grease and The Sound at Music, easy listening karaoke, a dressing-up rail and cinema seats which served as cloakroom hooks. But best oi all, there were iour hours oi classic tracks ranging irom ‘Would You Like To Fly in My Beeutiiul Balloon’ and ‘Sweet Caroline' to the theme tunes irom Spiderrnan and Ski Sunday.

ew‘wa places

llo longer based at the MGM, the Going Places team are looking tor a new home, ilnding temporary accommodation during the Festival at the swanky Beck’s Spiegeltent. Set atop the Waverley Shopping Centre, the venue with its circa 1920 Art llouveau decor, polished wooden iloor and panelling and circular dancetloor tlanked by mirrored booths (or ‘niches’ as they otherwise known), serves as the periect backdrop ior tlouncing your outiit and swinging your hips. lleedless to say, there’s no iilm, or karaoke, but what you will iind are two dance iloors, two bars, a barbecue, coconut shy out on the lawn and, bizarrely, Santa Claus and his little elves getting in some early practice handing out giits such as plastic sunglasses to complete your loungecore look. Plus oi course, the company oi Frank, Shirley, the two lleils, Dusty and many more old iriends. (Kelly McMenaniin) Going Places, Beck’s Famous Spiegeltent ( Venue 87) 558 1072, 17 Aug, llpm-3am, £8 (£6 members).

I Utopia at The l)emarco Foundation. llpm-3am. £5. Festival clubbing every night until 3| Atig with DJ Bootsy and guests playing anything from easy- lrstening to funk and garage with occasional live acts.

I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse. I lpiri»—3am. £3. Price includes entry to (‘athouse and Katch. Full of lovely buys (and girls) headbangirrg to classic heavy metal.


I 8PM at The Mtisic Bos. 7--l0pm. £5. tinder- l8s night playing a wide range of chart and dance sounds.

I Burger llueen at Cltib Mercado. llpm—4am. £8 (£7). l7 Aug. Fortnightly. Craig. Huggy and Stella swing their e\peli.sl\'e handbags and kick tip an almighty party at one of the prenrier glarii nights in the UK. Still has enough balls and enough style to make a In! of people ettviotts.

I The Cavendish ‘)prrr--3arii. £5. Over 25s only. Smart dress. Live bands every week. I Century 2000 l Ipm-r 3am. £5. See Friday s.

I Clouds at The Venue. 6.30-l0pm. £3 (£2 members). New tinder- l8s night. Strictly unlicensed. Membership guarantees entry.

I Club latino at Asseittbly. Midnight—late. £8 (£6.50). )7 Aug (and every Fri. Sat and Suri thereafter dtrrirrg The Festival). This year - its third at Assemny Latino places the emphasis on Ctiba. Sonora La Calle all the way front Santiago de Ctrba perform live on their lil'Sl tour outside their home country. The sound is a mixture ol'classic Cuban 'Son' and modern styles. Pltis Latin dance classes on Sat mornings at l0.30am in the Assembly Supper Room with MC Alba. a

professional dancer from \'erre/uela. I Earth lnierno at The Rocking Horse. l0.3()pm—3am. £3. Happy Hour until 12.30am. Goth and industrial sounds. I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar. ll.3()piii«4am. £3. l)rinks promos. Indie. 60s. new wave and soul. I Energise at Subway. llpm- 3am. £2. Various party sounds. I Extra Width at The Jaffacakc. llpm—5am. £4. l7 Aug. New club running downstairs. in conjunction with FBl upstairs. lispch harder. rrrorc alternative sounds. I FBI at The .laffacake. llpiir--5airr. £4. l7 Atig. Exceptionally popular indie club with a temporary new home during the Festival. Check F.\tt'a \\’idth downstairs playing harder sounds. I Going Places at Asbaclr Prrv at Club. Beck's Spiegeltent. llpm-3arir. £6 members. £8 guests. l7 Aug. Tickets available it) advance from the Fringe box office. lixceptionally popular. lirin camp easy-listening.

I l.e Freak at The Attic. l().30pnr~5arrr. £4. l7 Aug. Fortnightly. Please note change of venue. Classic disco frolics lit the refurbished Attic.

I Joy at Royal Chimes. llpm—5am. £6 members. £7 non rireirrbers. l7 Atig. Fortnightly. Alan and Maggie pump it tip downstairs. while Trendy Wendy chills in the disco room upstairs. Scotland's biggest and best gay club.

I The lane at The Lane. llpm-late. £5. Residents .lorr Flowers and Kev :\lc(‘iinlcy with a wide. dance-tirieritated play list.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. l0pnr-4am. £4 (£3). See Fri for details.

I Minus One at The Carlton Highland Hotel. l0piii—3aiii. £3.50 (free before

I I.30pm for members). See Fridays.

I Mischiei Round Midnight at the Asbaeh Privat Cltib. Beck's Spiegeltent.

l l.30piir—3am. £6 (£4). See Fri for details. I llumb And Elevator Paintball Party at Bedlam. Buses leave Wilkie House at 9am. Tickets £20 (including return coach ticket. ftill day's paintball. and BBQ). l7 Atig only. Numb arid lilevator' present something a little different. Following the day's ftrn and games there'll be a free party (outdoor. btit undercover) at I0pirr with l).ls from Lift. Deep and Joy. Anyone is welcome to go. Phone 0l3l 553 579‘) for more info. I 0 at The Music Box. l0.30prir—4arir. £4 before midnight. Residents Kevin Jones (Forth FM) and Billy Whiu. with a mix of cheesy house and popular dance. I MW at Negociants. l0pnt—3arir. Free. House and garage with Neil lvlacl)ona|d. I iiock Orgasm at The Rocking Horse. |0.30piir—3airr. £3. Climactic night of heavy guitar sounds. I Sakrade at The l-loneycomb. llprri-5ani. 2am curfew. £8. Still by far the classiest club space in town. with high quality from the door aird bar staff through to the interior design and sound system. Hard house in the main room with resident Ross Keddie. and funk. disco and garage through the back with Yogi Hatiglrtori. Despite all this. Saturday night \lt/I isn’t l'till'rling its potential btit it's got rrrore to offer than most. I Snog at Club Mercado. 7,_3(l[)lll-~lll.3()plll. £4 members (£5 non- members). Btisy tinder- l8s riighl playing the best in chart and dance. I Soul Underground at The City" Cafe. Uprii-3am. Free. Itesidents Nick Wav and Norton play R 'n' B. Motown. Ci-thk. hip hop and rare groove in the City Two. ’ery busy. _ I Stripped at La Belle Angelc. llpm—4am. £5. l7 Aug. Fortnightly. Hard UK and American house with residents /.ammo and Kris Keegart. Very busy. so get down early. I ieasage at The (int-us. llpiri--4am. £3. Happy Hour llpm -iiiidiriglit: all drinks £ l. Popular indie dartce night. l).ls Sarah jams a superb selection of ptrnk. disco. 80s and frrrrk for a friendly student- orientatedcrowd. I Tribal Funktion at The Venue. l0.30pni -4am. £5 members (£6 iron- rireirrbcrs). l7 Aug. Fortnightly. Residents Simone. H and George T. try and pick tip where Caimere left off. lispect their usual deep and hard US house. With special guest Reach (hit from Seen joining Frosty and H upstairs for the funk. soul. swing and hip hop. l).l l)o\e visits soot). I Utopia at The l)eiirar‘co Foundation. llpm—3am. £3. See Frr for details.


I Club latino at Assembly. Midnight—late. £4 (£3). See Fri.

I Fetish at La Belle Angele. llpni—4arir. £4 merrrbers. £5 non-members. l8 Aug. Fortnightly. Hot 'n' slea/y hotise frorri resident Ci-Mac.

I Joy at The Music Box. ll.3()piii—5aiii. £4 riterrrbers. £5 non-members. ll Aug. Weekly during the Festival only. .loy hosts a series of mad loam parties. Towel and cltattge of clothes advised. Beach balls optional.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. l0pm—4am. £4 (£3). Sec Fri.

I Mischiei Round Midnight at Asbaclt Privat Club. Beck's Spiegeltent. l|.30prir—3am. £6 (£4). See Fri.

I The Mothership at The Baseiirerit. upm—lam. Free. Chill out. jazz-funk- style. with residents Gino and Fryer.

I Boots at The City Cafe. 8.30pm-late. Free. Johnny (Rhythm Lab) upstairs with ftiiik. soul and acid jazz. arid Robbie downstairs with a reggae selection.

I Salsa Viva at C afc Graffiti.

quick hits

I Mo Wax Party Mo Wax take over The Honeycomb for what promises to be a real eye-opener. Dis on the night will be Peshay and Andrea Parker with a special guest appearance front DJ Shadow. Expect an ultra-futuristic fusion of hip hop and drum 'n' bass. This is going to be worth every penny. The Hmreycmrib. Mon [9 Aug. I Big Beat Edinburgh's long-running jazz night serves up a Festival special. The Three Deuces front Leeds play live. having already continued their status as one of the country's leading soul-jazz outfits suppporting Courtney Pine. La Belle Ange/e. Fri [6 Aug.

I The Republic Sheffield's premier underground house night hits Edinburgh with London widcboys Rocky 'n' Diesel (X-Press 2) in tow with their resident Pat Barry. Keeping the thenre of The Fosters Ice Edinburgh Club Festival. this night will be digging deep into the underground side of garage and house. And with drum ‘n‘ bass from Solid State in Room two. can you afford to miss out? The Hmreyt'rmib. Wed 2/ Aug.

I Sugar Club For those who like their house alittle bit harder. check out the talents of Cream's Matthew Roberts alongside Edinburgh’s own Burger Queen residents Craig and Huggy. That‘s not all. Not only can you get pumped up to the sounds of Luvdup. you can also get all hot and sweaty to the King of Fierceriess himself. Tony De Vit who ripped the roof off at Taste not so long ago. The Cavendish. Wed 2/ Aug

ll.30pnr--3airi. £5 (£4). l8 Atrg. Every Stiii and Thurs during the Festival. High quality Latin music front the old classics to the hottest and latest releases in salsa. ctrirrbia. iiierengue and mucho mas. A night you won't forget.

I Shake at The Venue. I0.30piii-—3am. £3. l8 Atig. Fortnightly. |)Js Robbie. liric and Tommy (Sonia. Camel Beats) with underground deep house disco on the top lloor.

I Spice at The Tap 0' l .auristoit. 8pm—lam. Free. Techno with residents Bill and Jan pltis drinks promos.

I Straight From The Poi at Negociarrts. l0pm—3am. Free. An eclectic fusion of funk. rare jazz grooves. soul. hip hop. Brazilian and soundtracks with master blender Well Stirred.

I Sunday Night Fever at Century 2000. llprir—3aiii. £3. Drinks at 70p. 80p and 90p. appropriately accorripaiiied by music from the 70s. 80s and ‘)()s.

I Taste at Tire Honeycomb. l lpm—Sam. 2am curfew. £6 members. £7 non- iirerribers. Still one of the best places to party in the country. The music crosses the spectrum from garage to house. trance and techno while the crowd is totally coirrrrritted. For further details call the 24- lrour Taste Events Line on 557 4656.

I Timewarp at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £2 (free before l2.30am). Classic tunes from the last four decades of pop.

I Utopia at The l)eniarco Foundation.

I lpm—3am. £5. See Fri. _ I Vapours at The Venue. l0.30piir-3ain. £4. l8 Aug. Cutting edge. underground hip hop in the basement.

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