V I saw you lovely Lois. smiling sensationally at restaurant reunion. ABC most interested. Better late than never! Fancy a stroll at Yellowcraigs'.’ Can I bring tny bucket and spade? Box No U/286/l.

V I saw you too long ago to remember. Your voice gets on my nerves but let's go for a liquid lunch. Craig. Box No U/286/2.

V I saw you on numerous occasions in Alphabet Video. You. blonde and pretty. me likewise btit tnale. Take me off the shelf and I'll promise to be your rent boy. Box No U/286/3.

V I saw you gorgeous brunette with friend near stage at Bryan Adams. SECC. 2 |/7/96. You: white top. white jeans. Me: white T in the Park T-shirt. glasses. who caught your eye several times. Box No U/286/4.

v I saw you at Glasgow University chaplaincy and Jinty's. You. tall. dark and handsome. I'd love to make you smile. Let's say hello next titne. Box No U/286/5.

V I saw you squirrel leaping around Safeways (Anniesland) on several Saturdays. Can I lure you up my tree? Box No U/286/6.

V I saw you James at Cltib Exchange with your friend Tam. You: bare chested. tattoo. tactile. Me: tall. dark haired. aroused! Get in contact. Paul. Box No U/286/7.

V I saw you Western General Hospital bus shelter. Tue l6th July. Me looking for Botanic Gardens. You helping tne. We talked together invitingly. It was stttpid to part numberless! Call me please. Box No [1/286/8.

V I saw you Venue. Edinburgh. 3/8/96. You: yummy bleach blonde. tattooed left shoulder dancing nearby. Me: sleeveless white top. I drank your water. you made my tummy glow. Can I touch your back'.’ Box No U/286/9.

v I saw you (4/8/96) York—Iidinbttrglt train. You blond architect heading for Glasgow with a passion for bean salads. Me -- your namesake lel't wanting more. were you? Box No U/286/ll).

V I saw you at Giacometti exhibition. 3/8/96. You: navy cardy. fabric bag. canvas shoes ripping at heels. Me: tall. llustered. long hair. grey T-shirt. carrying blue jacket. Brown eyes met tsurreptitiously?) Might \vc'.’ Box No U/Zxo/I I.

V I saw you 4am. 4/8/96. Kelvingrove. We shared a taxi to Maryltill Road. Spoke of small bedrooms and Everything Bill The Girl and giving tip cigarettes. Why not try'.’ Box No U/386/l 2.

V I saw you pretty. tall. blonde lady. neutral or possibly linglisli accent from Garscube ('.’Tct't'acc). We shared taxi to h’lurrayl'ield Bar. ages ago. Me tall. hunky. blue eyes (large case in hand) stniling that day. Box No U/286/l 3.

V I saw you Alec. Sat 3/8. in the park. We kissed in the dark. did you feel the spark? We left at dawn. boy did I like your brawn. Meet again? Alan. Box No U/287/l.

V I saw you looking for Tank Girl fan. Did we meet in Potters a few weeks ago? Me 23. Tank Girl? Box No U/287/2.

V I saw you Oasis. Sunday 4/8/96. last train to Glasgow. Ross. let‘s share another Jammy Dodger or two. Box No U/287/3.

V I saw you Oasis. Sunday 4/8/96. You lent me your shoulders and jacket. Eddie. I will return the jacket if you want to meet again. Box No U/287/4.

V I saw you Thistle Centre. Stirling. Friday afternoon.

2 August. You: lovely blonde. stone Levis (held door for me!) Heading for station. I would love opportunity to thank you again over food and wine. Box No U/287/5.

V I saw you Saturday night 10/8/96. in Coburg Street. You had goatee beard (cute!) and bike - tne brunette who had her car so we parted - regretfully. l'll treat you to a spin! Box No U/287/6.

V I saw you C.C. Blooms. 8/8/96. Blond. red T-shirt. tanned. black jeans. with Mitchell brothers lookalikes. We played cat and mouse. danced. stared and stared again! Saw you once before. where are you now! Write. Box No U/287/7.

V I saw you Ed frotn Ayrshire. stranded after Oasis. Balloch (Sunday). Crazy day. crazy night. You black tnop. floppy hat. Me unnatural blonde. It’d be nice to meet again definitely/ maybe? Box No U/287/8.

V I saw you James. we met at Club Xchange. Sunday 21/7/96. You were with your friend Tam. You: handsome young buck (bare chested with small tattoo). me: totally captivated. Get in touch. Paul. Box No U/287/9.

V I saw you in ice cream shop and health club ages ago. and gave you lift home twice. Where are you? I often think of you. Please get in touch. Box No U/287/l0.

Edinburgh EH1 11E

ro REPLY To A Box NUMBER All. You HAVE 10 on IS ADDRESS voun LETTER 10:

The list Classified,

14 High Street or at the 00A

350 Sauchlehall Street GLASGOW o1 2J2

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP Len-mo CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.


Until further notice,| SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.


0 I saw you 30—31/7/96. Bridgeton Station. I708. Exhibition Centre. l7.l9. You petite. sexy smile. dark clothes. Me tall. cropped hair. denim jacket. white/yellow bike. Let's meet. dinner. drink. movie. must I see you. Box No U/287/l l.

V I saw you returning the two videos in my flat in Broughton Street. about noon. Friday 9 August. You'vejust finished at Sheffield and were stunning in your uniform. Anyway. I think I need some more fine-tuning. if you’re in the area. Box No U/287/l2.

V I saw you the white Peugeot

driver. Your second message is: A chance not taken is a chance

missed. So why not contact me and take a chance. Reply to box number. Box No U/287/l3.

V I saw you with spiders in your hair and a gammy leg. You i drank my lrn-Bru like a pig. Can‘t wait to see you in that little black Conran number. Box ; No U/287/l4.

V I saw you in Ashton Lane. Small. blonde and beautiful. You blow tne away. what can I say. I want you more every day. Wanna go camping? Box No U/287/l 5.

V I saw you Scott on stage at Scott Capurro show. 9 Aug. You are beautiful. so atn l let‘s get together. Dave. Box No U/287/l6.

V I saw you in happier places in your heart and head. and will again. To a talented. sexy writer from a woman lovin' you the best way she knows. Mx. Box No U/287/l 7.

Box No U/287/22.

V I saw you gorgeous Gordon. Kelvingrove. Friday 2/8/96. You. Strathclyde Engineering graduate. working for SP. Me. Stevie. Glasgow Uni Biologist. Fancy a beer somewhere we won’t be disturbed?! Box No U/287/l8.

V I saw you Threshers. GWR/Byres Road corner. Friday 9/8/96. 9.30 ish. You: tall. blonde. devastating. Me: gobsmacked. ()ur gazes locked as you held the door. Can we talk? Box No U/287/l9.

V I saw you gorgeous law student Scott from west coast on stage at Capurro show. Then later I held door open at C.C.'s. You smiled. our eyes met. Be mine. Box No U/287/20.

V I saw you Mr Marketing. sitting on the Basement's sofa. l()/8/96. You said my breeks were faux Burberry. so I forced my friends to smoke all your cigarettes and then we left. Sorry. Are you going to the next ‘Going Places"? Box No U/287/2 l.

V I saw you in Lunn Poly. twice. Edinburgh Travel Centre and Going Places on Saturday. Fancy going somewhere exotic.

V I saw you outside The Netherbow trying to replace your karma. Too tnuch work not enough play? Box No U/287/23.

V We saw you and your brown tummy Bob. Stones. Sun l8 August. We were bopping at the back. Leave your glasses on next time and you might see us. The Foxy Drunk Wolves. Box No U/287/24.

V I saw you in your flat Sam. Sunday morning. Sorry. xx. Box No U/287/25.

O i saw you with your kit off on Portobello beach on Sunday l8 Aug. You lost your shoes. then shorts. Box No U/287/26.

V I saw you ln'sh boy causing trouble outside the Fringe Club. Great left hook. Box No U/287/27.

108 The List 23 Aug-5 Sept l996

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