Well, have you ever seen them in the same room together? By day pomp-

metal ballads with distinctly operatic overtones; by night he haunts the

ot Welsh bass soloist Bryn Tertel. As Bryn, he visits the Edinburgh international Festival next week to yodel Mendelssohn’s Elijah under the baton of Sir Charles Mackerass. This is a strictly classical gig, so no shouting out for ‘Bat Out at llell’.

rock star Meat Loat knocks out heavy

concert halls oi the world in the guise

performer’ s

Heroin addiction provider. Aussie comic Greg Fleet with a fresh vein of humour. Now clean, Fleet chooses five shows to see while in an altered state. (He plugs his mates, but hey, it’s as well to be with friends at a time like that.)

I Dame Sybille Meets iler Maker Over the past 50 festivals the Dame has met more celebs than anyone and drunk and smoked all of them under the table. (Ii/(led Balloon. until 3/ Aug. 6. l5pm.

I Dylan Moran He may threaten to eat apples. but I know he doesn‘t. A man whose surreal. subconscious throwaways are funnier than most people's whole act. The I’Ieasanee. until 3/ Aug. 9.15pm.

I Rich llall Because he’s a twisted genius. Because he lives quite near Hunter S. Thompson. Because he has a

13?; ‘E .933

voice like crushed glass and honey. (Ii/(led Bill/(inn. until 3/ Aug. /()/)in. I John Cooper Clarke A great artist who makes Robbie Burns look like a dead Scottish bloke. Music Box. until 26 Aug. 8.30/mt.

I In Love (No One Can Here You Scream) Janie Anderson is my ex. so she's used to being in the same room as t)ul-0l--ll people. (ii/(led Bill/(HUI. until 3/ Aug. 5.30pm.

(ireg Fleet - Ten Years in a Long- S/eet‘ei/ S/tirt is at The (Ii/(led Bill/(NIH. until 3/ Aug. 7.30pm.



This year there are over 1000 media organisations accredited to the Festival Fringe, as Edinburgh in August becomes a magnet tor blaggers and ireeloaders the world over. The List conducted a straw poll among accredited journalists from tar-llung locations in the hope oi uncovering an alternative view oi the Fringe.

All the way from Caliiornia is Juice. Subtitled ‘The Journal of Eating, Drinking and Screwing Around’, this wacky west coast glossy seems extremely well qualitied to report on the Fringe. ‘I might do Chinese State Circus because it’s dillerent and colourtul,’ said Juice’s Edinburgh correspondent Carol Zall. ‘0r i might just lind a really weird Fringe perlormer and do a piece about them.’ Like, cool.

In total contrast is the mighty Wall Street Journal which is also in town to catch the vibe, though the European edition oi America’s iinancial bible has slightly loitier ambitions. ‘We have a problem with the Fringe programme in that it arrives too late,’ said senior arts

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’Tis the season to drink lager which, inevitably, leads one in the direction oi the curry house. Several performers realised the tutility oi resisting this urge and have added an Indian llavour to their act. We give you the tandoori live:

I. Curried (ioat (l’lcasancc)

2. The Full Blruna; Ford Kicrnan and John Paul Leach (Gilded Balloon)

3. 'li‘rtrlitiriiiii/ .llrisir‘ am/ I-‘om/ of Bengal (Raj Restaurant on the Shore) 4. Nu Sex I’lease.’ I'm ('ooking A (‘urry (Marcos)

5. Proiscact Nan lialan (Famous Grouse House)


contributor Paul Leavey, explaining his paper’s international Festival bias. Leavey’s twice-weekly column (which also appears in the 08 edition) combines specilic critiques at big productions with analysis oi the Festival’s place on the world arts stage. ‘My big international audience is more interested in that than individual reviews,’ be explained. ‘That is what will encourage them to come next year.’

And so to the joyously named Haleakala Times. Leaving behind the sun, sea and sand ol his native Hawaii, cultural correspondent Leonard Pinsky has been this paper’s man in Edinburgh ior several years. ‘Dur coverage is oriented towards encouraging Hawaiians to travel, although I don’t encourage them to come here tor the weather,’ Pinsky explained. ‘lt’s the excitement, buzz, the street-lite and variety of people. Hawaii is pretty insular, so it’s really encouraging them to come into a more creative, lertile environment.’ Portobello beach must prove something oi a disappointment, however. (Ellie Carr)

dancer Terese Capucilli. ‘l have to continually listen to the voice of Martha inside me.‘ However it turns out that the woman who revolutionised modern dance was as at home with the physical as the spiritual. When Madonna studied at the Mantra Graham school in New York she dubbed it ‘The House of Pelvic Truth‘ in recognition of the founder‘s preferred exercise regime.


A word to the guy with the weird beard please. please. please make sure the Glastonbury festival happens again next year so we don't have to put up with all these damn jugglers. Michael Eavis. organiser ofthe New Age shindig declared I996 a ’fallow year'. leaving thousands of cider-swiggers and crystal-huggers short of a field to roll around in. Edinburgh. it seems. has been declared the next best thing. Closing off the High Street to cars in an attempt to create a bit of that old Continental pavement cafe’ atmosphere was a nice idea until the crusties moved in. So remember. kids: just say no to hair braiding and avoid giving money

to anyone wearing one of those pointy jester hats with bells on. They‘ll only spend it on sandals.


Left-wing lifestyle mag Liring Marxism is in town to subvert the Festival. man the barricades and generally get up the nose of the bourgeoisie. The comrades are currently steamed up about the way Princess Di has cast herself as a ‘victim'. taking out a restraining order on a pesky paparazzi. ‘lf the royals had their way there would be no freedom of the press and more restrictions on all of us,’ claimed a member of the collective. Now Li ring Marxism has announced an award for Fringe shows promoting ‘victim art‘. with a winner to be announced next week. Just to show that these are no bleeding heart liberals we‘re dealing with. this is how they describe Bloom at the Japan Experience: ‘Disabled performers attempt to convince us they can dance. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves but let‘s not pretend this is Ballet Rambcrt.‘ No wonder the contact name given for the awards is a Michael Savage.

hardy perm

. a regular I estiral llS/IUI contemplates yet another August in Edinburgh. This week it's. . .


Well, bloody hell - it you’ll pardon the expression - here we go again! You’d think damnation would have gone out oi lashion, considering the penalties involved. But oh no - give .loe Mortal a little whilt oi brtmstone and he’s gagging to sign on the dotted line. And guess who has to nip upstairs and deal with the paperwork, eh? Yours ialsely, oi coume.

People ask me - don’t you enjoy the chance to get out and about? Talk about missing the point! It’s just out at the tire into the trying pan tor me. It I go back empty-handed I’ll get a proper roasting irorn the boss.

So I’ve come to know Edinburgh pretty well over the past 50 years. Dear Chris Marlowe set me up with a job tor lite (all eternity, in my cue).

”"1 .Vm {’13" “t , '

Devil may care: Rough Maglc's Andy 'I as Mephistophilis

That Goethe on the other hand . . . what with all the hot air, that soul’s halt-kippered beiore I get my mitts on it.

One big consolation oi the Festival is I get to hang out with my pals the Seven Deadly Sins in the Assembly llooms club bar. Vice is the spice oi lite, I always say, and there’s plenty to go round at Festival time. Let me know what you want and I’ll get it - at a price.

This years three versions of Doctor Faustus are on pages 65, 94 and 102 o! the Fringe Programme.

The List 23 Aug-5 Sept l99611