Forbidden traits: The Last Supper Oi Doctor Faustue



Deconstructing Marlowe's patchy Dr I-‘ausms. this devilishly ingenious production presents Faustus at his peak. his demonic contract almost up. To delight and distract hitn. Mephistophilis and his leather-clad Seven Deadly Sins provide a feast of food and entertainment. The audience shares in the final repast of a doomed man. an unholy Eucharist and a re-enactment of his life. When the revels end. we join l‘austus in facing the true horror of damnation.

Adapter Anita Sullivan can't match Marlowe's poetry. and the young cast don't always pull off the boogie-woogie cabaret. but there's a chilling determination to draw the audience into Faustus‘s tragedy which at times is nightmarishly successful. (Andrew Burnet)

I The last Supper 0t Doctor Faustus (Fringe) Rough Magic Theatre Company Scotland. The Garage (Venue 8|) 229 240l. until 3| Aug. 8.20pm. £l3 (£9) includes dinner.



Ed Byrne is a pacificist and reckons drugs are for dickheads. He may be a science graduate but a dull lad he ain’t. His reasons are self-protection he's a crap fighter and drugs. he claims. are known to have a shrinking effect on man's most prized possession.

The heckling started from the moment he shambled on but this wee Irish charmer. at the age

of 24. already knows how to get the audience eating from his palm.

The essence of his talent lies. not in consistently strong material. but in his cheeky chappy out-for-a- laugh delivery. Trading in the bunsen burner looks set to pay off for Byrne. (Claire Prentice)

I Ed Byrne - A Stand-Up In The Making (Fringe) lid Byrne. Gilded Balloon Theatre (Venue 38) 226 2l5l. until 3| Aug (not 29) 9. |5pm. £6 (£5).

Ardal O’Hanlon: love me. love my stand-up



Ardal O’Hanlon exudes love-me vibes. and we do. we do. Never before has a stand-up comedian surfed on such a wave of goodwill. If it's a feel- good factor this country needs. then O'Hanlon is the man to supply it. with a generous side-order of

southern lrish whimsey. But there are signs that all is not well. O'Hanlon seems distracted and slightly off his game. too often falling back on sheer charm to cover up thin patches in his material. Off-stage noises - an occupational hazard at this time of year seem to put him off his stride unduly. as ifhe really wasn't comfortable in the first place. Given 0' Hanlon's ecclesiastical role as Dougal in the hit Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted. this show could be described as something of a curate's egg - good in parts. (Eddie Gibb) I Ardal O’Hanlon (Fringe) Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2l5l. until 3| Aug. 8.45pm. £7.50 (£6.50).



Ifyou like Gouda you'll love this. All things camp and kitsch nylon flares. Engelbert Humperdink. Eurovision. cocktails and fake fur are crammed into this induction day for the Institute of Beige.

Steve Furst is superbly slimy as the groin- gyrating Lenny Beige. outlining all the skills required to he as cool as the King himself(l.enny not Elvis). There are karaoke-style pastiches on the masters of 60s cheese. lnmanesque tailoring tips camped-up beautifully by Oliver Darley and not-so- clever etiquette pointers from Emma Williams.

The World Oflicige doesn't actually go anywhere. but it doesn‘t need to. It’s just sheer hedonism at its truest and tackiest. (Claire Prentice) I The World or Beige (Fringe) Beige. The Cafe Royal (Venue 47) 556 2549. until 3| Aug (not 29) 8.45pm. £6 (£5).

Ed Byrne: cheeky choppy delivery


The Ultimate Rock ’n Roll Groupie exposes herself

'3 I '0


Previews Aug 9 - 10 £5.00 (£4.00) Tickets 226-5138

Shows Aug 1 1 - 31 (not Tues 27th) £6.50 (25.50)


Venue #2

Teviot Row, Bristo Sq.

Montreal 0 Winnipeg 0 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tour 1996

“The Australian Sex Terrorist”

New Music Express

“50 tender,

yet so offensive” “Ferocious and plucky,

positively gorgeous”

The Observer, U.K.

Montreal Mirror

Featuring Ian Goodhue (guitar) ° Craig Lapsley (drums) ° Rich Moore (bass) Directorial Consultantzjim Millan ° Stage/Tour Manager: Erica Heyland

The List 23 Aug-5 Sept I996 43