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(as film it in [91‘

The index lists every show alphabetically by title which appears in this week’s list and gives the page number on which the show is covered.


1820 Fifth Estate 30 A Satire or The Four Estaites Wildcat 39 A Wheelie Bin Ate My Sister Openwide

Theatre Company 20

The Agent Quirk: Theatre And Film 23 All Of Me Legs On The Wall 37 Afters Ken Sharp Productions 45 Animal Farm Guy Masterson 19

Ballyhoo Scrap Performance Group 31 The Bible (abridged) Reduced Shakespeare Company Bird Theatre For Africa Blues Train Mamelodi Theatre Organisation 31

19, 20 39

Caligula Kaos Theatre 45 Catalpa Donal O’Kelly 9, 41 Charlie’s Angel Theatre Paradiso 44 Coriolanus Brave New World 22 Dead Hours Tmu-na Holon Theatre

Company 37

Dealer's Choice Royal National Theatre 9, 33 Don Juan Commotion 29

Elelttrg-lA-lA Ghost Road Company 29 l’EsplEndida Vergonya Bel Fet Mal Fet Caries Santos 6, 41 Everyman Zaoum Theatre Company 34 The Fever Clare Coulter 24 Fine Perpetual Theatre 42 Get Up And Tie Your Fingers Fourth

Wall Productions 21, 23 The Gift Y Touring 20 Great Pretenders Etcetera Theatre

Company 31 Readstate Boilerhouse 9,19, 20

Iieilo Sonya iiew Year ()skaras Kursonovas

Company 47 Ifere lies Henry Da Da Kamera 19 Rio Hoc Compagnie Jerome Thomas 21 Iiildegard First Base 44

Hollywood Screams Ken Sharp Productions 21

Hullabaloo Backlash Theatre Company 20 lady Macbeth Finned My Buttocks

Gilded Balloon 30 The last Supper 01 Doctor Faustus

Rough Magic Theatre 43 leandre lunatic Leandre Ribera G The long Good Friday Central Studio 21 Mad Dog Killer Fiend Indent Theatre Company 23 The Man And The Mountain Hullaballoo Children‘s Theatre 20 Martin And John Stratford-On-Guy Productions 9, 33, 39 The Merchant 0f Venice Lafayette

Workshop 34 Missing Kissinger Uri Hochtnan 49 Portrait Of A Woman Communicado 41 Pretty Vacant Brighton Theatre Events 45 Pure PAF Productions 37 Remembrance 0f Edgar Allan Poe Vital Theatre 49 The Secrets of The Theatre Explained Famous Grouse House

The Servant of Two Masters give your

dog a bone 37 Seven Tenths Walk The Plank Theatre


She Itnows You Know West Yorkshire Playhouse 3, 39 Shining Souls Traverse Theatre 41 Snowshow Slava Polunin 9, 24 Sooans Hicht Castlemilk People‘s Theatre 20 Sundance Ravens' Twilight 23 Target Practice Faux Pas 21 Time And The Room Nottingham

Playhouse 3

Trainspotting Assembly Rooms Trance Studio I08

Trial Run Shocking Pink Productions Ubu The King Barnard Theatre

Uncle Vanya Teatro di Roma/featro Stabile di Parma

Under Milk Wood Guy Masterson Urban Rage Jack Klal'f

Viper’s Opium Starving Artists

The War In Heaven 7:84 Theatre Company

The War or The Worlds Story . . . Only Human

Warten Aui Godot Theater Die Komodianten

Woman On The Moon Whispering Fyes Wright From America Pearl Productions Wyrd Sisters Aiming The Rifle

Yes, My Fuehrer Zeitgeist Theatre

Bill Bailey Assembly Rooms

Bib And Bob’s All New 1994 Show Assembly Rooms

Big Value Comedy SIIOW Screaming Blue Murder

Big White Pants Gilded Balloon Adam Bloom Cafe Royal

The Bongo Club Out Of The Blue Boothby Graifoe’s Midnight Comedy Specials Queen's Hall

Jo Brand Playhouse

British But Sexy Earl ()kin

Ed Byrne Gilded Balloon

Cafe Graffiti

Craig Charles Gilded Balloon

The Cheek or Ian Stone Gilded Balloon Club Seals Southside

The Comedy Zone Pleasance

uame Sybille Meets Iler Maker Gilded Balloon

The Early Aitemoon Show With Eamon Smarm Steve Brody

John Fealey Gilded Balloon Forbidden Flute Porpoise Productions The Fringe Club

Gagging For It Gilded Balloon

GaWIt! Brand X

Kevin Gildea Gilded Balloon

Rich Hall Gilded Balloon

Marvin iiangiider . . . Highly _ Recommended

Richard iierring’s Punk‘s Not Dead Pleasance

Harry Hill Pleasance

37 48 2O 22

1O 19 SO 19 39


29 37 21 48 33, 34


9, 41 47, 49

49 22 42 47

47 47 45 43 47 12/13 I l 42 48

47 37




47 24, 30 48




31 9

History 01 Comedy C orky And The Juice


Dominic iiolland The Honeycomb Sean Hughes Queen's Hall

Mark Hurst Gilded Balloon

Milton Jones’ The Head Pleasance Phill Jupitus Gilded Balloon

Phil Kay Gilded Balloon

Ford lteirnan and John Paul leach Gilded Balloon

Murray lachlan Young Gilded Balloon II

late ’n’ Live Gilded Balloon

The league 01 Gentlemen Pleasance lee And Herring live Pleasance/ Queen‘s Hall

let The Bentley Go Peepolykus Iians liberg Pleasance

Fred MacAuIay Gilded Balloon Men‘s Style And Fitness Pleasance Mischief Round Midnight Beck's Spiegeltent

Modern Problems In Science Assembly Rooms

Dylan Moran Pleasance

Richard Morton Assembly Rooms The liualas Gilded Balloon

Ardal O’Ranlon Gilded Balloon Planet Pussycat Mel And Sue

48 42 41 44 33

9 48

42 SO 47 24

44 21, 23 39 44 29


42 41 48 39 43 34

Rummage James Baclnnan And Matthew

Holness 23 The Secret Police Dog’s Electric Shock Function Haus 5 Sheep Thrills Present On The Box Gilded Balloon

Shouting From The Scaffolding ()wen O‘Neill 9, 49 James Stephens III Assembly Rooms 37 David Strassman Beck's Spiegeltent 9, 47 Ten Years In A long-Sleeved Shirt

Greg Fleet 33

Twelve Ben Moor 19

Sue Vass Out Of The Blue 37 The Virgin Mary ShOW Pleasance 24 What You Can 00 Matt Welcome 44 Whoops Vicar Is That Your uick

Newsrevue 48 Why? Gilded Balloon 45 The World Of Beige Beige 43

34 30

Dansgeaelschap Reflex St Bride‘s Second Hand Dance Assembly Rooms

Amampondo Assembly Rooms 7 Emma Christian 52 Beat Shepherd Famous Grouse Ilouse 57 Edinburgh Celtic Gathering New Street

Car Park 57 Edinburgh Mela Meadowbank Sports

Centre 9, 52 Flamenco Puro Diego Mora's ‘Abaclie' 57 Antonio Forcione/Ifeil Stacey Graffiti 57

The Gogmagogs Traverse Theatre 49 ines de Castro Scottish ()pera 14/15, 52

Iphigenie auf Tauris Festival Theatre 52 Gyorgy Iturtog Usher Hall 57 Iiational Gaelic Arts Project Famous

Grouse House 57 Brendan Power/Frank Itilkelly Famous Grouse House 52 World Cafe Graffiti 57 A Couch In flew York 7 iienri Alekan Scene By Scene 51 The Adventures Of Pinocchio 51 Bastard Gut or Carolina 16, 51 Best or The Fest 51 Breaking The Waves 51 Chaplin’s Goliath 51 The Phantom ut‘The Opera 51

Rough Guide To Scottish Authors Famous

Grouse House

Alighiero Boetti lstituto ltaliano Di

Cultura GD Helen ChadWicit Portfolio Gallery 59 Barbara Ess Stills Gallery 59 Gateway To The Silk Road City Art Centre 59

Giacometti Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art 59

Callum Innes Royal Botanic Garden 59 Outside Art Queen Street Garden 59 Prayer And Despair Edinburgh College of

Art GO Reckoning With The Past Fruitmarket Gallery 59 Velazquez In Seville National Gallery Of Scotland SO Water In The City RIAS so Full Festival Art listings 51-55 Festival Clubs round-up 65 Pure The Venue 9

The List 23 Aug-5 Sept I996 3