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Jordanstone College of Art Myer Lacome.

depicting Edinburgh. Paris. Prague. Venice and Andalusia.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 892i. Mon—Sat l0am—6pm; Sun | lam-6pm. The home of a fine collection of works from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. including Rembrandt. Degas and Van Gogh plus Antonio Canova‘s beautiful sculpture The Three Graces. in residence at the gallery unnll999.

Velazquez In Seville Until 20 Oct. £4 (£2.50). Taking pride of place in the Gallery‘s new wing. this major exhibition of work by one of Spain‘s greatest painters is the first to examine the artist‘s early years in Seville. Drawn from collections around the world. the show includes the famous work ‘An Old Woman Cooking Eggs‘. and features many previously unseen works.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George W Bridge. 226 453i. Mon—Sat l0am-5pm; Sun 2-5pm.

A Nation Divided: Scotland and the ’45 Until 3| Oct. The Jacobite uprising of l745/46 was one of the most momentous (and bloody) events in Scotland‘s history and. inevitably. the truth has been somewhat overshadowed by legend. ‘A Nation Divided‘ looks at the real story behind the Jacobites. Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Battle ofCulloden through contemporary writings and illustrations.

Alasdair Dray Until 25 Aug. Work by the multi-talented artist and author of Lunar/t. featuring texts. manuscripts. paintings. drawings and graphic designs.

I NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND 29 Charlotte Square. Mon—Sun 11am—5pm. The Scottish Scene Until 3| Aug. Scottish land and seascapes by selected artists.

I NETHERDOW THEATRE 43—45 High Street. 556 9579. Mon-Sat mam—4.30pm. The Tempest Until 3| Aug. A collaborative collection of etchings and collographs by Alan Chapman and Eleanor Symms. interpreting the major themes of Shakespeare‘s play.

I OLD TOWN BOOK SHOP Victoria Street. 225 9237.

Italy And Scotland Until 31 Aug. Recent paintings of Italy and Scotland by Ronald Wilson.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75—79 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat |0am-4pm.

Eye To Eye Until 29 Aug. Paintings. drawings and prints by one of Scotland‘s most original artists. Willie Rodger ARSA RGI.

A Beastly Show Until 29 Aug. Humorous figurative ceramic sculpture by Laurance Simon.

It Music De The Food DI love Until 29 Aug. Taking Shakespeare‘s famous line as their starting point. six of Scotland‘s leading contemporary artists celebrate 50 years of the Edinburgh Festival. with work by John Bellany. Leon Morrocco. William Birnie and more.

James Griffin Until I8 Sept. A collection of new silver and gold jewellery.

Mixed Exhibition Sat 3| Aug—l9 Sept. Paintings by Perpetua Pope. sculpture by Stuart Beaty Arbs and prints by Douglas Muir.

I OUT OF THE NOMAD’S TENT 2| St Leonard‘s Lane. 662 i6|2. Mon—Sat i0am—5pm.

Peshawar To Samaritand Until 7 Sept. A collection of textiles. carpets and jewellery from Afghanistan and Central Asia.

I PHILLIPS 65 George Street. 225 2266. Mon—Fri IOam—Spm; Sat l0am—4pm; Sun 2-5pm.

Ilevr Furniture Until 27 Aug. A celebration of British furniture. with

recent work by over 30 furniture-makers. young and old.

I OUEEN STREET GARDEN via Heriot Row. info: 556 6l37. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm.

Dutside Art Until 3| Aug. The Garden opens its gates to the public for the first time. with this innovative display of site- specific sculpture by contemporary Scottish artists.

I ROGUES’ GALLERY 58 St Stephen Street. 225 5558. Tue—Sat Ham—6pm. Trog And Riddell Until 3| Aug. Lively and entertaining work by two of Britain‘s top newspaper cartoonists on show at this new gallery dedicated to contemporary cartoons and illustrations.

I ROMANIAN CULTURAL CENTRE |st Floor. |66 High Street. 667 3397. Mon-Sat |0am—6pm; Sun 2-5pm. Tolerance Passports Until l5 Sept. Using well-known drawings and photographs from the turn of the century. superimposed with visa documents and frontier stamps. Romanian artist Mircea Valeriu Deaca explores the changing nature of ‘freedom‘.

I ROYAL DOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith House. lnverleith Row. 552 7|7l. Mon—Sun 10am—5pm.

Callum Innes Until 6 Oct. One of the Festival‘s visual arts highlights takes place at the Botanic Garden this year. when work by the Turner Prize- nominated Edinburgh artist fills seven whole rooms of lnverleith House. Featuring both early and recent works. the exhibition includes abstract paintings on canvas. linen and paper. inspired by lnnes‘s current home on Scotland‘s east COEISI.

China - The iiidden Forest Until 15 Sept. Unique and beautifully detailed ink paintings by Chinese artist Lui Yitao.

I ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS 9 Hill Square. 527 [649. Mon-Fri 2—4pm. William Macoillivray Until 3| Oct. An exhibition marking the bi-centenary of MacGillivray‘s birth. and celebrating his work as Conservator of the Museum at the RC5 from |83l-i84i.

I ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. 100 Princes Street. 225 |50l. Mon-Sun 10am—6pm.

Karaoke (The Electric Geisha) Until 27 Sept. Drawing on both traditional Chinese techniques. and modern Western art practises. artist Ming Wong has created a series of paintings exploring the unflaggingly popular bar room craze of karaoke.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY Princes Street. 225 667i. Mon-Sat |0am—6pm; Sun Ham-6pm. £4 (£2.50).

David livingstone And The Victorian Encounter With Africa Until 6 Oct. A fascinating insight into the life and work of Scotland's most eminent explorer. complemented by George Dodger: The African Photographs (see photography). See review.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY l6 Dundas Street. 558 I200. Mon—Fri 10am-6pm; Sat |0am-4pm.

Festival Exhibition Until 4 Sept. The gallery plays host to live Festival exhibitions this year. with new paintings by Alberto Morrocco. including some colourful clown images; glassworks by Keiito Multaide entitled ‘Dry Landscape Garden‘; silverworks by Adrian ilope. who hasjust finished working with distinguished Danish silversmith Mogens Bjorn-Andersen; a collection of contemporary jewellery from the USA by a variety of artists. and a small selection of paintings celebrating the Gallery‘s continued involvement with the Festival for 50 years. featuring works by S. J. Peploe. William MacTaggart. Anne Redpath and many more.

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The Charge, latooita: Sir Samuel White Baker's Image ot Attica on show at the Royal Scottish Academy in David livingstone And The Victorian Encounter With Africa until 6 Dot

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 892 |. Mon—Sat lOam-Spm; Sun 11am-5pm. An impressive collection of 20th century art. including works by Picasso. Matisse. Henry Moore. Hockney and Bellany. plus a recently acquired selection of dada and surrealist paintings by Salvador Dali. Paul Devaux and Picasso.

Alberto oiecotnetti (1901-1966) Until 22 Sept. £4 (£2.50). This major exhibition features some 220 works by the outstanding Swiss-born artist. including 85 sculptures. 40 paintings and a large


selection of drawings.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 892 l. Mon-Sat IOam-Spm; Sun llam—5pm. A stunning collection of portraits of famous faces from the 16th century to present day. plus the national photography collection.

Speaking likeness Until 30 Sept. The Portrait Gallery breathes life into some of its most illustrious residents. with this unique exhibition of audio visual paintings. Not only can you see novelist Irvine Welsh. Labour leader John Smith


13 August - 1 September 1996 Mon - Sat 10.00 - 5.30 Sun 12.00 - 4.30 Admission £1.50 (75p)


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