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SAC Funding

SAC invites applications for the following funds

Combined Arts .

Cross-Media Collaborations

(with Peiflimiin‘t] Arts Department)

Support for the development of experimental and innovative work created through the equal collaboration ol‘artists from more than one artiorm.

Closing Dates: 1 October 1996 8; 31 January 1997

Development and Project Fund

Grants to support arts development such as festivals and combined arts projects especially in rural and urban areas with a high level of deprivation

Closing Date: 31 January 1997

Performing Arts

Gen era]

Promoter’s ‘Go and See’ Fund Assistance to help performing arts promoters to see a wide range of work with a view to developing their venues' programmes.

Applications considered throughout the year


Dance Bursaries

Assistance for professionals working in dance in Scotland to undertake short-term or part-time training or a period of study Closing Dates: 30 August 1996, 18 October 1996 &

January 1997

Drama Playwrights Bursaries

A maximum of two bursaries will be oflered in l997/98 to enable established playwrights to create a script. Closing Date: 22 November 1996

New Writing Development

Assistance for a range of projects providing opportunities for playwrights, such as masterclasses, courses and workshops, script development and rewriting, writing for a collaborative project and community plays.

Closing Dates: November 1996 8: February 1997

Playwrights' Commissioning Scheme Assistance to theatre companies to commission full-length and short-plays by contemporary writers Closing Date: 22 November 1996

Project Awards For Scottish Theatre Companies Support for a range of work by Scottish drama companies to be performed throughout Scotland. This includes touring productions, experimental collaborative new work, reproduction of existing scripts

or co-productions between companies and venues.

Closing Date: October 1996

Touring by Non-Scottish Theatre Companies Support to non-Scottish drama companies to tour new or existing

work to a range of venues throughout Scotland. Closing Dates: November 1996 & February 1997

Visual Arts

Artists’ Awards

Grants (”12000, 1.3000 .-\.\'l) £8000 to enable artists to continue and extend their creative development.

Closing Date: 6 September 1996

Small Assistance Grants to Individual Artists Grants of up to £750 to assist artists with the smaller. more immedi- ate costs involved in creating and presenting new work.

Closing Date: 31 October 1996

Artists Placements Assistance towards artists' lees and materials to organisations wishing

to establish a visual arts placement during 1997/98. Closing Dates: 1 September 1996 & 1 February 1997

Exhibitions and Projects

Grants to encourage and support innovative exhibitions and other visual projects through support for research lees. project costs, tour- ing costs, critical writing and educational events.

Closing dates: 1 September 1996 & 3 January 1997

Touring Exhibition Franchise A substantial grant over two years to support an innovative touring

exhibition for Scotland. Closing Date: 3 January 1997

Hiring Touring Exhibitions

Grants to encourage the wider circulation of touring exhibitions in Scotland and to assist galleries to present more ambitious programmes oftemporary exhibitions by means ol'support for hire fees. transport and travel costs and associated events.

Closing Dates; 1 September 1996 & 3 January 1997

NB However, applications muv be considered (lining/rout the tear

Travel and Training Grants Grants to assist prolessionals working in the visual arts to travel in

Scotland and abroad for purposes specifically related to their work. Applications considered throughout the year

Seeded Posts

Grants to encourage and support the creation of new visual arts posts. particularly in local authority Museums and Galleries. liunding may be provided on a two to three year basis. reducing over that time. Applications should be submitted in the year prior to funding the post.

Applications considered throughout the year

For Further details write to the address below or telephone the SAC Help Desk on 0| 3 l 243 2444 between 10- l2 and 2-4, Monday to Friday.

An outline of all funds and schemes currently available from SAC is available in the publication ‘Guide to Funds and Schemes‘ available from the

Communications Department. 12 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7DD. Tel: 0131 226 605! Fax: 0131 2259833

74 The List 23 Aug-5 Sept 1996