Rezerection: the running order

On Saturday 24 August, Scotland’s biggest dance event Rezerection will storm Edinburgh’s Royal Highland

Showground, showcasing 56 DJs and live acts in five marquees. Rez V will add drum ’n’ bass and house to its staple diet of tartan techno, bringing together hard-core enthusiasts and Rez converts in twelve hours of dance heaven. The running order begins here . . .

Temple Of Anubis

8-9.15pm Paul. ()nc half of Edinburgh's Lift. playing hard house. Detroit and hard techno. 9.15-10pm Euan. The other Lift resident who complements Paul's set with hard trance. acid and techno.

Ill-10.05pm Outdoor fireworks display. 10.05-10.30pm Euan.

10.30pm—midnight Mark EG. English DJ who plays Detroit techno and writes for underground dance magazine Wax.

Midnight-23m Blake Baxter. Detroit techno DJ and producer who pioneered the acid-techno-house wave in the late 80s.

24am Juan Atkins. Inventor ofthe term ‘Detroit techno' and originator of some of the first Detroit techno music.

4—6am Kenny Larkin. Detroit native who has recently set up his own label ‘Art of Dance'. Played a choonsorne set at Glasgow‘s Sub Club recently. G-Bam Kevin Saunderson. Has had success as an underground techno producer and DJ. and commercial success with Inner City.

Temple Of Amun

8-109!“ Chris and Aaron Liberator. Worked their way up from London squat parties to being international DJs over the last five years. 10-10.05pm Outdoor fireworks display. 10.05-11.31»!!! Kernistry and Storm. Drum 'n‘ bass DJs. residents at the infamous Metalheadz and Speed.

11 .30pm—12.25am Slab (live act). Punky dance band headed by Lol Hammond of the Drum Club and Nina Walsh (Sabrettes).

1225-1530311 Michael Dog. Eclectic international DJ who has been resident at Club Dog for over ten years.

1.30-2.45“ Spring Heel Jack (live act). Collaborated on Everything But The Girl's Walking Wounded album and are currently on their own second album.

2.45-3.45811 Michael Dog.

3.45-4.45am Bandulu (live act). North London band who combine Detroit techno with hip hop and dub. Supported Underworld on tour.

4.45-6.30811 LTJ Bukem. One of the leading exponents of the drum ‘n‘ bass movement. Head of Good Lookin/Looking Good Records.

630-8811 Evolution. Underground DJ with eleven years‘ experience under his belt. Another Megadog resident.

M08 Teabag.

Temple Of Isus

8-10pm Gareth Somerville. Yip Yap (Edinburgh) resident DJ playing garage and deep house. 10-10359!!! Outdoor fireworks display. 10.05-mitlnight Harri. Legendary figure in Scottish clubbing who has been a permanent fixture at Glasgow's Sub Club for ten years.

Midnight-28m Billy Kiltie. Records as Mukka for Limbo records and has DJed with the likes of Josh Wink and Lisa Loud.

2-2.1Sam Yosh (live act). Commercial, pumped up house band who had chart success with ‘lt‘s What's Upfront That Counts' and ‘The Screamer‘. 2.1543581! Michael Kilkie. Friday night at the Tunnel regular house DJ and the man responsible for last year's club hit ‘Cry India' by Umboza.

76 The List 23 Aug-5 Sept I996

4.15-6.15“ Scott Gibson. Epic house and trance DJ who supported Primal Scream on tour. 5.15-8811 Yogi Haughton. Purist DJ known for his uncompromising musical tastes. playing nu soul and funk.

Temple Of Hathor

8-103)!!! The General and MC Feelrnan. Borders- basedjungle duo playing their first Rezerection. 10-10.05pm Outdoor fireworks display.

10.05-11pm Kid.

“pm-midnight Vibes. Happy hardcore DJ providing the best in happy beats and breakbeat anthems. Midnight-1 am Seduction. Runs lrnpact Records. one of the UK's most prolific four beat companies. Also promotes his own hardcore heaven parties. 1-2.30811 Rap. Runs her own jungle label Low Key and has DJed at such huge events as the World Dance. playing to over l().()0() people.

230-4811 Randall. DJed on London's first hardcore pirate station ‘Centreforce FM' and is now a regular at AWOL.

4-58"! Dougal. Hugely popular international hardcore DJ who has been dubbed ‘the Sasha of hardcore‘.

5-6308“ Force and Styles. DJing team that grew out of a production partnership and mutual respect for hardcore.

6.30-8811 SS Jungle and Hardstep DJ and producer who owns his own label. Formation Records.

MCS Warren G. Sharkey and MC Pressure.

Temple Of Gerris

8-9pm Bass Generator and Technotrance. Bassy G. is a hardcore DJ. producer and record shop owner while Technotrance has worked as a DJ and producer extensively on the Scottish scene. 9-1090] Scott Brown. Scottish hardcore techno

DJ and producer who is a strong name on the world DJ circuit. Also a member of Q-Tex. 10—10.05pm Outdoor fireworks display. 10.05—11pm Producer. Pioneering UK techno DJ who ran the Revelation events in Devon.

11-11 .30pm Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo (live act). Two of Holland‘s tnost popular DJs who also produce massive rave anthems and own eight record labels. 11.30pm—12.30am Marc Smith. Voted Scotland's number one DJ five years running / and owns his own I Glasgow-based record label. Notorious Vinyl.

12.30—1an Dye Witness (live act). Misjah Van Der Heiden‘s Rotterdam- based band who entered the UK top twenty this year with ‘Access‘.

1-2.308ll Lenny Dee Vs Manu Le if» Malin. Dee is hailed “2:" 1'4. as the finest hardCore DJ and producer playing

back-to-back with Manu Le Malin. resident at Paris's Rex club.

2.30-3am QFX (live act). Scottish hardcore band who had UK chart success with a cover of Moby's ‘Every Time You Touch Me' earning them an appearance on Top OfThe Pops.

34am Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo. DJ set. H.303!" Q Tex (live act). Scott Brown in his producer guise blending hard house and techno. One of the biggest acts on the international rave circuit. 430-53031! Tom Wilson. Host of Scotland's favourite dance show on Forth FM and huge chart- topping producer.

5.30—6am Ruffneck Alliance (live act). Another Holland-based act taking time out of the recording studio to play the Rez.

G-Bam Sliprnatt and Brisk. Sliprnatt was a member of SL2 who kicked the charts with ‘On A Ragga Tip' and Brisk is resident at Club Kinetic in Stoke-on- Trent and produces for Man From Uncle Records among others.

MCs Sharkey and Ron.

Razet‘et'tion is at the Royal Highland Showground. Ingliston. lidinburg/t on Saturday 24 August. 8pm—8am. Tickets are [29. subject to booking fee. and must be purchased in advance. Call the Rez. V Information Line on 0/66! 844449jor details.


Kenny larkln, temple or Anubis