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them keep their spirits up. Splendid stuff. Glasgow: GFI'.

I Toy Story (PG) (John Lasseter. US. 1995) With the voices of Tom Hanks. Tim Allen. Don Rickles. 8| mins. It isn't just the state-of—the-art images that distinguish Disney's first computer- generated animation feature. it's got a cracking adventure story too. A tale of friendship and self-belief combined with an exciting rescue and against-the-clock tension. 7hr Starr is sprinkled with comic asides. Don't be fooled into thinking these toys are just for the kids. Glasgow: GFT. I Trainspotting ( 18) (Danny Boyle. UK. 1995) Ewan McGregor. Ewen Bremner. Robert Carlyle. Jenny Lee Miller. 93 mins. John Ilodge's screenplay perfectly captures the desperate humour of Irvine Welsh’s novel. keeping the episodic structure ofjunkie scenes for the first half. before concentrating more on Renton in London in the later stages. Fast and stylish direction. creative soundtrack and acting that's off-the-rails excellent. A cinematic blast from beginning to end. which also shows a complex - and true understanding of the lure and fatal consequences of drug-taking. Glasgow: Odeon. Virgin. Edinburgh: Cameo. Filmhouse. UCI.

I The Truth About Cats And Dogsirsr (Michael Lehrnann. US. 1996) Uma Thurman. Janeane Garofalo. Ben Chaplin. 94 mins. An insecure radio host asks her beautiful neighbour to help her woo a British photographer. Modern female take on Cvrmm De Bergerac. which keeps things moving in pleasant romantic comedy manner with plenty of sight gags and one-liners. But the whole concept is guarenteed to split audiences between those who agree beauty is only skin deep and those who reckon it's only right to be disappointed if your date turns out not to be Uma Thurman. Glasgow: ABC Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: UCI. Fife: New Picture House.

I 12 mm (15) (Terry Gilliam. US. 1995) Bruce Willis. Brad Pitt. Madeleine Stowe. 129 mins. A convict from the future is sent to the past to discover the source of a lethal virus that has devastated humanity. but even he begins to wonder if the images in his head are merely delusions. A complex time-travel fantasy. with liberal subplots and a decent mystery edge. that's lifted by Gilliarn's ever-brilliant visual skills. It may at times stumble over its own inner logic. but it's an odd. eccentric creation that engages the imagination. Strathclyde: East Kilbride Arts Centre.

I Twister (PG) (Jan De Bont. US. 1996) Helen Hunt. Bill Paxton. Jami Gertz. 113 mins. A meteorologist and his estranged scientist wife get together again while chasing the biggest tornado to hit Oklahoma in decades. The plot is slight. but the characters are interesting and. of course. the special effects are amazing. But the structure is too repetitive each storm is a little bigger. each encounter a little closer for this to be something really special. General release.

I Went The Day well? (PG) (Alberto Cavalcanti. UK. 1942) Leslie Banks. Elizabeth Allan. Frank Lawton. 92 mins. The original intention might have been to make a propaganda thriller to warn the British public about German infiltrators. but superior filrnrnaking qualities mean that Went The Day We/l.’ has lasted the test of time. A German paratroop regiment invade a remote UK village. but the locals fight back with uncompromising measures. A touch of realism gives the film its edge. Glasgow: GI‘T.

I Will It new (18) (David Lynch. US. 1990) Nicholas Cage. Laura Dern. Diane Ladd. Willem Dafoe. 127 mins. Lynch's much-hyped Cannes prize-winner turns out to be weird and wondrous in its own way. if not quite as cohesive as the earlier Blue Velvet. Cage and Dem are the energetic young lovers on the run. pursued by ultrastrange hitman Dafoe on a sometimes comic. sometimes disturbing. trail towards the ultimate rendezvous with Elvis and the Wizard of Oz. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I wings OI Beslre (15) (Wirn Wenders. W. Germany .1987) Bruno Ganz. Otto Sander. Solveig Dommanin. Peter Falk. 127 mins. Restless angel Ganz on duty over Berlin takes a tip from American movie star and former angel Falk on the possibilities ofcrossing over. and follows his rnentor's path to consummate his relationship with beautiful circus acrobat Dornmartin. Gorgeous black-and-white photography and a sensitive feel for the people and places of Berlin grace this thematically rrcn and uncharacteristically optimistic slice of Wenders enchantment. Highly recommended. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Wltilrail & I (15) (Bruce Robinson. UK. 1987) Paul McGann. Richard E. Grant. Richard Griffiths. 107 mins. Two out-of-work actors surviving 1969 London giro squalor take a break in a picturesque Lake District cottage. where one of them suffers the attentions of the ageing homosexual owner. entertaining British comedy has a second stab at glory. and it's the bleaker end-of-the-decade elements that have lasted best. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.


WEEK OHE Friday 23-Thursday 29

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [11] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates the availability or an induction loop for the convenience of hearing aid users. Film Listings compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I ABC 380 Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 264 I. £2.80 (£2 before 5pm Mon—Fri). Student: £2.20 (Mon—Thurs). Child/GAP: £2.

1. independence Day (I2) 1.45pm. 5pm. 8.10pm.

2. Eraser ( 18) 1.15pm (not Sat/Sun). 3.05pm (Sat only). 5.45pm. 8.35pm.

3. Twister (PG) 3.15pm. 8.35pm.

The Hunchback 01 Intro Dame (U) 2.45pm (Sat only). 2pm (Sun only). James And The Giant Peach (U) 1.20pm. 5.55pm.

I ABC FILMCEIITRE 326 Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592/9513. Two bars. £4 (£3 before 5pm). Student: £3 (Mon—Thurs). OAP: £3. Child: £2.50.

Eraser (18) 1.20pm. 6.10pm. 9pm. Independence Day ( 12) 1.15pm. 5.15pm. 8.30pm.

The Truth About Cats And Dogs (15) 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6.15pm. 9pm.

Twister (PG) 1.45pm. 6pm. 8.45pm.

The last Supper (15) 6. 15pm. 9pm.

The Hunchback 01 Hotre name (U) 1.15pm. 3.45pm.

I CITY CENTRE 0050" 56 Renfreld Street. 332 3413 (24 hour info line: 0142 693 3413). Bar. [D] screens 2. 3 and 4. £4 (£3.25 before 5pm). Student/U840: £3.25. Child/OAP: £2.75 (£2.50 before 5pm). Superior seats (no concessions): £4.50 (£3.75 before 5pm). Advance booking on Access/Visa/Switch hotlirre: 333 9551 and at box office from 1 lam—7pm. Independence Day (I2) 10.30am (Sat only). 12.30pm. 1.45pm. 3.45pm. 5.15pm. 7pm. 8.30pm and late.

Trainspotting ( 18) not Sun. 1.30pm (not Sat). 4pm (not Sat). 6.30pm (not Tue). 9pm and late.

James And The Giant Peach (U) Sat/Sun only. 12.15pm. 2pm. 3.45pm.

Twister (PG) 12.30pm (not Sat/Sun). 3.15pm. 6pm. 8.45pm and late.

The Hunchback 01 Hotre Dame (U) Sat/Sun only. 11.15am. 1.15pm.

Eraser ( 18) 12.30pm. 3.15pm. 6pm. 8.45pm and late.

The Staples (PG) 12.45pm. 3pm.

The Rock (15) 5.15pm (not Sun). 8.30pm. Phenomenon (PG) Sun only. 6pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I GROSVEIIIIII Ashton Lane. Hillhead. 339 4298. £3.60 (£2.50 before 6.30pm. all day MorIfTue and students all perfs.) Child/OAP £1.60. Seats can be booked for last evening and late screenings. Box office open 11am—7pm.

1. Independence nay ( I2) Fri/Sat: 2pm. 5.30pm. 9pm; Sun—Thurs: 1pm. 4.15pm. 7.40pm.

2. Eraser (18) Fri/Sat: 1.45pm. 4.15pm. 6.45pm. 9.15pm; Sun—Thurs: 2.10pm. 5.10pm. 8pm.

I VIBCII CINEMA The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282 Access/Visa bookings. 0541 560562 24 hour information line. [D]. [E](screens 1.3 and 5). £4.10 (£3 before 5pm Mon-Fri). Student: £3 (Mon-Thurs). Child/OAP: £2.80. U840: £2.80 (Mon—Fri before 5pm).

Eraser (18) 12.45pm. 3.45pm. 6.15pm. 6.50pm. 9pm. 9.30pm and late.

80 The List 23 Aug-5 Sept 1996